Ponies: Breeds, Maintenance, and Care

Ponies: Breeds, Maintenance, and Care

Among the number of home horses, completely charming horses stand out – ponies, that are additionally referred to as little horses. They are diminutive and compact and are able to inflicting all passers-by to really feel affection and want to pet the animal. Ponies are fairly widespread animals in lots of households, on farms, and particularly the place there are kids. But their upkeep may be very completely different from that of enormous horses. Let’s discuss this in additional element.

Pony History

Distinguishing a pony from an extraordinary horse is just not tough – simply have a look at its top. Ponies don’t develop greater than 150 centimeters, and for some, even 1.2 meters is already the restrict. It is due to their top that they obtained such a reputation since in translation from English “ponaidh” means “little horse”. But regardless of their small measurement, such horses require no much less care than actual horses, and subsequently they have to be began solely consciously and with nice duty. All horses, together with ponies and common horses, arose from the identical ancestor, Equus ferus caballus. It is believed that it was in France that these ponies that at the moment are so widespread all around the world had been first found. Now there’s a small nature reserve referred to as Camargue, wherein wild ponies dwell.

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Some researchers take into account Scandinavia and the western European islands to be the birthplace of ponies. On this land, which is dominated by stony soil, the ponies have modified loads of their measurement and have change into a lot smaller, since there may be usually little vegetation there and the animals don’t have anything to eat. In addition, there are a lot of extra options that made horses get used to that local weather – unhealthy climate, frosts may be attributed right here.

Pony Characteristics

Little ponies are fully completely different from horses not solely in look but additionally in behavioral traits – they’re calm, affected person, obedient. This is especially on account of the truth that they purchase these horses for youngsters, so the specialists fastened the mandatory character traits. In phrases of grooming, they require barely much less consideration than tall people.

The look of ponies may be very completely different from tall horses, not solely in measurement however regardless of this, they aren’t inferior to trotters in magnificence and the Aristocracy. The pony’s physique is athletic, sturdy, albeit small. Their traditional lifestyle and dwelling situations led to this outcome. A small creature wants a lot much less meals than tall horses to take care of its well being and talent to outlive.

Also, the small stature of the horses helps to guard them from sturdy chilly winds, as well as, it’s simpler for small ponies to succeed in the grass within the pastures. The legs of those horses are muscular, sturdy, with moderately stiff hooves, due to which they’re able to dig roots within the floor that can be utilized for meals.

Thick wool with heat down protects them from low temperatures. Also, the horse has an extended mane that descends over the eyes, resembling a sort of bangs – it protects the eyes of animals from bugs and mud.

The weight of a pony can attain from 100 to 200 kilograms. Growth in ponies relies on their origin and habitat. So, for instance, Russian horses are not more than 115 centimeters tall, German horses are 122 centimeters tall, and British horses are virtually 150 centimeters tall. There is a classification of horse top, the outcomes of which we are going to point out beneath.

Pony Breeds

In nature, there aren’t so many sorts of ponies – solely about twenty.

Welsh Pony

These people had been acquired at a distant time so as to transport heavy hundreds. This breed was already widespread in historic instances, and solely after the looks of the Romans there, they started to combine with Arab horses. As a outcome, their look has modified loads and purchased a unique look; Now the Welsh mini-horses can develop as much as 125-149 centimeters. The tallest people are taken for horseback driving or sledding; Welsh horses have a reasonably voluminous physique, sturdy legs, small ears, and brightly coloured eyes. The shade of the coat may be completely any, however principally these are stable colours – crimson, chestnut. The Welsh persons are very affected person, versatile, and inventive by nature, which helps them to participate in lots of reveals.

Shetland Pony

This horse was born in Scotland. It is believed that the distant ancestors of the Shetland breed had been found there way back to two thousand years BC. This is without doubt one of the oldest breeds. These ponies are very small in stature, not rising greater than 110 centimeters. They are very type, calm, and completely unpretentious.

Highland Pony

The Highlands had been born within the coronary heart of Scotland – the Highlands. They appeared on account of mixing several types of blood, primarily native ponies with Arab, and generally Spanish and English, horses. These breeds gave the Highlands immense energy and energy, endurance, and exercise. The Highland breed is taken into account probably the most unpretentious, hardened pony breed. Their progress can attain one and a half meters. Previously, these horses had been used to move heavy hundreds. Now they’re meant for leisure: they assist vacationers to maneuver across the mountains, they’re launched throughout participation in competitions, generally they’re harnessed to a sleigh to trip kids.

Polo Pony

This is without doubt one of the tallest pony breeds. They develop as much as 155 centimeters. Breeding of this breed is practiced the place polo is performed. Today, it’s for polo that representatives of this breed are used. This horse is characterised by the nice response, velocity, and developed intelligence. These ponies are educated from an early age.

Exmoor Pony

The breed was born in Britain and embodies all of the traits attribute of their ancestors. This is very true of her jaw form. These horses don’t develop greater than 125-130 centimeters. Some options may be counted of their eyelids, that are additionally referred to as “toad”.

Icelandic Pony-Sized Horse

The Icelanders are descended from Norse horses dropped at Iceland within the eighth century. At that point they crossed uncontrollably, and subsequently the standard of the Icelandic breed solely deteriorated. As a outcome, it was forbidden to cross them with different breeds of ponies. Now, after centuries of isolation from different breeds, Icelandic people are referred to as “pure in blood.” The top of the horses may be from 122 to 144 centimeters. These horses feed not solely on grass but additionally on fish. They have good studying and nurturing talents, can study virtually all kinds of gait, and grasp them effectively within the course of. They additionally study telt and amble.


This breed is without doubt one of the few dwarf pony breeds. Their top can’t be larger than 89 centimeters. Some ponies usually solely develop as much as 45-50 centimeters. The weight of the horses is about 35-65 kilograms. The physique of the representatives of this breed is proportional and fairly lovely: not cumbersome, skinny legs, small head, stately croup. Sometimes these miniature horses are referred to as miniature copies of Arabian horses.

Maintenance and Care of Ponies

Ponies are very cute and type creatures that nearly each farmer needs to amass. But it’s worthwhile to begin them solely after assessing your talents, as a result of you’ll have to take excellent care of them, creating particular situations for his or her dwelling. In addition, you’ll need to offer appointments with the veterinarian, meals, and different essential particulars. Ponies can dwell on common 45-50 years, which should even be taken under consideration – you’ll have to maintain them for a very long time. The worth of horses could also be completely different, however extra usually you should buy a foal from breeders for 60-90 thousand rubles.

Very essential in maintaining a pony is to equip a strolling house. It will take various territory, because the ponies are very energetic and they should transfer loads to remain wholesome. Therefore, along with easy strolling, you additionally must have a spot for pasture, the place you’ll be able to take the animal occasionally.

An essential level. Housing for ponies may be completely something, however it is very important equip it in order that they really feel comfy. The major factor is that the room should be very clear and dry. The chance of drafts should be excluded instantly since they strongly have an effect on the situation of the animal. In the secure, you’ll have to preserve a sure temperature in order that the horses aren’t chilly – for this you’ll need to insulate the ground and partitions effectively in order that the wind doesn’t blow them by means of.

In the northern areas, extra steam heating will have to be carried out in order that the ponies don’t undergo from these frosts. And even this is not going to be sufficient for them: if the times are too chilly, the horses will have to be lined with blankets.

Flea therapy for ponies is just not required as they don’t undergo from this ailment. But however, occasionally it’s essential to comb the horse’s fur – that is particularly crucial for the spring through the molt when the winter undercoat comes off the animals. In order to comb the animal effectively, it’s worthwhile to use particular brushes.


Every month it’s worthwhile to very fastidiously look at the horse’s legs. You can do that extra usually if you happen to discover that the animal has change into unaccustomed to behave: it loses its temper, it’s in fixed apathy, it’s experiencing, probably displaying ache. It is an efficient behavior to verify the animal’s hooves every day. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to shoe your ponies, particularly if the encircling space is paved.

If hooves aren’t cared for, chances are high they’ll begin to crack. The hoof plate turns into uneven and stones or different particles begins to fall below it, inflicting the horse to limp. It is essential to note such an issue in time and take away all of the stones. Hooves have to be lubricated with oils usually in order that they don’t crack.

Pony Hoof Care: Step by Step Instructions

Feet and hoof care may be completed in only a few steps. We will inform you extra about this within the step-by-step directions.

  1. Clean the hooves after coming residence from a stroll from international objects. Check them for cracks whereas cleansing.
  2. Remove filth from the underside of the hooves by cleansing the sneakers effectively – this may be completed with a hook. Never use sharp objects as this may harm the glaze.
  3. Wash the horses’ ft and dry them effectively. This is an important level to assist stop irritation. Particular consideration should be paid to the hooves – the ft themselves can solely be washed in heat climate, in any other case, the horse will get sick.

Bathing Horses

Bathing ponies is commonly not crucial, however there are occasions when it’s inconceivable with out it. Most usually, the filth from the horses is eliminated with brushes, cleansing the hair, but when the animal is sweating loads or it’s simply sizzling climate exterior, you’ll be able to pamper your pony with a bathe or bathtub – after washing, the horses’ hair acquires a particular shine.

In addition, you is probably not afraid of moisture, as a result of water doesn’t hurt the horse in any method, however, quite the opposite, will completely cheer up. If doable, you’ll be able to take the horse to a lake or river and wash it there, or simply pour heat water on it exterior.

To bathe a pony, it’s worthwhile to buy particular shampoo, sponges, and scrapers. When lathering your pet, it is very important be sure that the cleaning soap doesn’t get into its eyes and ears. In normal, it’s not really helpful to clean the horse’s head with shampoo – you’ll be able to merely rinse it with heat water.

Apply shampoo not in chaotic actions, however in keeping with hair progress. Then it’s worthwhile to scrub the wool with a scraper, thereby gathering the froth, wipe it with a sponge and rinse with shampoo with water. The mane and tail deserve separate washing. After bathing, the water should be collected with the identical scraper, after which dry the animal with sheets or a towel.

Pony Feeding

In the wild, ponies feed solely on grass and pasture, and subsequently they’re choosy when saved at residence. But the standard of the merchandise is essential. The following elements should be included within the horse weight-reduction plan:

  • Grass. It types the idea of a pony’s weight-reduction plan. Clover, nettle, and different area vegetation may be added.
  • Hay. They may be fed to a horse in winter.
  • Concentrated feed. It will also be used, however not a lot! It is essential to make sure that the horse doesn’t eat a number of oats at one meal, as issues with the digestive tract could seem.
  • Vegetables, root greens. These elements ought to take up a little bit place within the weight-reduction plan. Only sometimes are you able to thank the horse with an apple or pumpkin.
  • Water. There is a small function right here – not like different animals, ponies drink exceptionally pure water from clear dishes, so you’ll have to change the water extra usually and wash your stock. Ponies should have fixed entry to water.

Miniature horses have a number of options, and this is applicable not solely to their small stature. They are good-natured and candy, they change into nice mates for youngsters and adults. You can breed ponies on the farm for each kids’s enjoyable and walks, and for actual work. Despite their small measurement, ponies, in addition to horses, are capable of assist with the transportation of heavy hundreds and a number of other passengers.

Ponies are long-livers and really choosy creatures, and subsequently everybody can maintain them. The major factor is to have the duty to offer your animals with a snug keep.

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