Rooster Fish – Temperament and Beauty

Rooster Fish – Temperament and Beauty

The Siamese cockerel, or Betta splendens, is likely one of the hottest aquarium fish on the earth. It will be discovered in every single place within the aquariums of each amateurs and professionals. And if the previous worth initially the gorgeous coloration, unpretentiousness in content material, fascinating conduct, and ease of breeding of cockerels, the latter include a lot of breeding varieties, a lot of which develop into laureates of specialised exhibitions.

General data

The cockerel fish belong to the suborder Labyrinth fish. Their characteristic is the presence of a particular respiratory organ known as a labyrinth. This organ is represented by plates, densely penetrated by blood vessels, and is situated within the accent supraciliary airplane. Thanks to him, bettas can use atmospheric air for respiration. This sort of respiration is significant for aquarium cockerels, subsequently protecting in a closed vessel, even properly saturated with oxygen, results in the dying of fish. The maze appeared in cockerels as an adaptation to dwelling in reservoirs which are poor in oxygen.

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Cock fishes are extraordinarily quarrelsome with one another, and fairly often a collision of two males results in the dying of one in all them. This characteristic has been used since historic instances by the inhabitants of Thailand for match battles for cash. In some provinces, this custom continues to be alive.

Interesting preparation strategies are used to arrange cockerels for tournaments. To enhance endurance, the cock is positioned in a tall bottle and compelled to swim up and down for a very long time. A mirror is moved alongside the glass, by which the betta can see her reflection. Creating a whirlpool in a spherical vessel additionally permits the cock to develop its power. The preventing method is refined when the cock is positioned subsequent to youthful, weaker males.

Despite the fierceness of the clashes, “cockfighting” will not be devoid of the Aristocracy. A male cockerel won’t ever assault an opponent whereas he rises to the floor to swallow the subsequent portion of air. Also, if three males crossed in a single place, the third doesn’t intervene within the battle between the opposite two however prefers to battle with the winner.


The physique form of cockerels is oval, it’s elongated in size and barely flattened from the perimeters. Betta is a medium-sized fish. The common size is 5-6 cm, whereas the females are smaller.

The pectoral fins are pointed, whereas the dorsal and caudal fins are rounded. In male cockerel fish, fins are extra developed than in females. Upper mouth. The pure coloration is often darkish brown with rows of shiny inexperienced specks, however within the aquarium, the richness of the coloration of those fish is unmatched. The coloration of the scales of cockerels can change relying on the encompassing circumstances: throughout spawning or clashes with different males, the colour depth will increase, and through relaxation, it weakens.

Modern breeders have bred greater than 70 breeds of cockerel fish, differing in coloration and form of fins. In aquariums, you will discover varied variations of black, emerald, blue, pink, pink, and white tones. You can typically observe how the scales of cockerels play and shimmer when transferring and in shiny gentle.

Depending on the form and measurement of the fins, about ten kinds of aquarium cockerels are distinguished. For instance, crown-tailed, delta-tailed, double-tailed, and plenty of others.

History of look

At the start of the nineteenth century, the inhabitants of Siam (trendy Thailand) started to concentrate to ordinary-looking fish, which had been distinguished by extraordinarily aggressive conduct in the direction of their kin. They started to be often used to arrange fights for cash, which prompted particularly enterprising residents to breed wild Betta people. The fish obtained on this approach had been known as Pla Kat, which suggests “biting fish”. Some of probably the most profitable specimens had been introduced to the King of Siam and lived in his palace.

In 1840 the King of Siam introduced a number of useful specimens of cockerels to the Danish doctor and naturalist Theodore Cantor. In his scientific works, Dr. Cantor referred the brand new species to the genus Macropodus. However, already in 1909, the world-famous ichthyologist Charles Tate gave the species a brand new identify – Betta splendens. Most doubtless, the identify of the genus is a reference to the militant tribe Bettah that existed at the moment, and the particular identify is a modified “splendid” (stunning, stunning).

The first inhabitants of Europe who noticed the cockerels had been the French and the Germans. A bit later, in 1910, the fish got here to the United States. It was introduced right here by Frank Locke, who turned one of many first breeders who obtained a brand new coloration variation of the aquarium cockerel (though he mistakenly named it a brand new species – Betta Cambodia).

The look of the betta fish in Russia is related to the names of home aquarists V.M. Desnitsky and V.S. Melnikov. The first of them introduced an intensive assortment of unique fish from Singapore, and the second, in the beginning of the twentieth century, was the primary within the nation to breed various labyrinth fish. A prestigious competitors for the most effective preventing fish was named in his honor.


The homeland of the cockerel is Southeast Asia. It is right here that nondescript pure varieties stay, which will be present in slow-flowing or stagnant our bodies of water in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Malay Peninsula. Betta is discovered in every single place within the muddy and oxygen-poor waters of rice fields, and infrequently even within the sewers of enormous cities. An further respiratory organ – a labyrinth – helps the maze to outlive in such excessive circumstances.

The breeding types of cockerels have develop into actual cosmopolitans. They will be present in hobbyist aquariums across the globe. Local and worldwide exhibitions and competitions are held regularly, the place you possibly can meet probably the most uncommon and excellent representatives of the aquarium cockerel.

Roosterfish breeds

Due to the truth that breeders world wide have bred an enormous variety of types of cockerels, considerably totally different from one another, there’s a sure confusion amongst aquarists related to using the phrase “species”. All trendy aquarium bettas, it doesn’t matter what physique coloration and superb construction they differ in, are kinds of the identical species – Betta splendens, subsequently it’s appropriate to name them breeds, not species.

It is price noting that within the genus Betta, there are a number of species of cockerels, for instance, Betta smaragdina or Black cockerel (Betta embellish), which, not like their closest relative, are comparatively peaceable fish. Representatives of those species will be stored in teams they usually can typically interbreed with Fighting fish. Some members of the genus Betta don’t construct a nest from bubbles however want to hold offspring within the mouth.

Modern breeds of aquarium cockerels are categorized based on two traits: the colour of the scales and the form of the fins. Giant or royal preventing fish (distinguished by their massive measurement) and cockerels with the “Dragon” coloration (massive physique and a lot of silver-metallic shades on the scales, like chain mail) are distinguished right into a particular group.

Care and upkeep

Many hobbyists began their first steps in aquarium protecting with the acquisition of a cockerel fish. This is as a result of super endurance of betta, the flexibility to maintain an aquarium in small volumes (from 3 liters), and the absence of the necessity for aeration. However, protecting a betta within the aquarium ought to keep in mind a few of the traits of this fish.

First of all, you have to determine on the amount and configuration of the cockerel aquarium. The best option could be a basic rectangular aquarium with a quantity of 20 liters or extra. It can have adequate quantity for the comfy dwelling of a preventing fish, and also will can help you set up and adorn all the mandatory gear. Keeping cockerels in spherical aquariums may be very standard. Disadvantages of such containers: small quantity, difficulties with gear set up and upkeep, distortion via the convex glass. If the need to have a spherical aquarium with a cock may be very robust, it’s endorsed to purchase branded spherical aquariums with built-in gear (they’ve the mandatory set of kit for the lifetime of the fish, in addition to a sexy design). In small aquariums, just one male cockerel will be stored and, if desired, a number of females. If you propose to maintain a number of males, then you have to place them in an aquarium of at the very least 100 liters with a whole lot of vegetation and shelters or use a particular plastic partition, pierced with holes for water circulation. You shouldn’t maintain the cockerels in pairs, on this case, an lively male can kill a feminine that isn’t prepared for spawning. The aquarium must be coated with a lid or mesh to forestall the cock from leaping out of it. In this case, feminine cockerels will be stored in teams in the identical aquarium.

It is finest to make use of darkish soil, it’s advisable to position it in a layer of 2-3 cm, with such gravel, cockerel fish look most spectacular and contrasting.

Aquarium cockerels are heat-loving fish, a snug temperature for them is 24-26 ° С. It is famous that the upper the water temperature, the brighter the colour of the cockerels. The optimum parameters of hardness and acidity are 2-12 ° and 6.0-7.5, respectively. As already talked about, aeration will not be vital for the cockerels within the tank, however it is crucial that there’s a fuel trade with the water floor. It is very really helpful to put in a filter within the aquarium to maintain the water clear (mechanical cleansing) and protected (cut back the chance of accumulation of poisonous ammonia and its derivatives). A weekly change of 25-30% of the water is critical, in very small aquariums it’s endorsed to vary extra typically – 2-3 instances per week.

In addition, the crops will function a pure refuge for the inhabitants of the aquarium. When putting in synthetic crops or decorations, you must take note of the absence of sharp edges, which might injury the fragile fins of the fish.

Sometimes bettas permit their homeowners to pet them. Do not overuse this process, as you possibly can by accident injury the protecting layer of mucus on the scales, which can make the fish extra susceptible to illness.

Quite typically, preventing fish lie on the backside of the aquarium or on its aspect close to the floor itself. This often scares the homeowners of the cockerels, however for these fish, this conduct is typical and never harmful. It is price sounding the alarm provided that such a phenomenon has been noticed for a very long time.

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