American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse (American Saddlebred, the unique title) is without doubt one of the hottest horse breeds within the United States. The breed is common. Its finest representatives turn into the celebrities of present rings and exhibitions, and the breed itself can be an ideal buy for a steady or a personal proprietor. The Quarter Horse was developed for driving and harness and was extensively utilized by cowboys to work with livestock. As such, it can be utilized in trendy home farms. It can also be appropriate for horseback driving for rent. It has good character, nice trainability, endurance, and a way of stability, in addition to its operating velocity. The most velocity of this breed recorded, 53 km/h, was proven in 1980 by a three-year-old stallion named Albatross Niagara Dream.


It is value mentioning the well-known easy operating which has turn into the entrance web page of this breed. In addition to the usual gaits, the Quarter Horses are ready to make use of two extra gaits – improper trot and rack that are extra handy for a rider. There are particular competitions for them within the USA the place bizarre horses don’t have any entry.

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Improper trot. A gait that’s one thing in between the tempo and the quick stroll. The horse’s legs are lowered in flip, in order that not less than one hoof is on the bottom at any given time. In this case, the velocity is corresponding to a gradual trot, however the rider isn’t shaken as a result of there isn’t a part of suspension.

Rack or, as it’s generally known as, four-beat tempo, is one thing in between the trot and the tempo. The velocity of the rack is corresponding to the gallop.


The American Quarter Horse was bred in the beginning of the nineteenth century in Kentucky, the USA, by a posh crossbreeding of the Canadian Pacer and the Narragansett Pacer with the Thoroughbred, Morgan, and Hackney. It was purposefully bred to fulfill the wants of the rich planters of the American South. They needed to usually go round their estates, and the roads in America have been the worst at the moment. Therefore, there was a necessity for a horse that will mix easy operating, endurance, velocity, and wonderful look, and was additionally appropriate for the carriage workforce.

A particular sort of common Quarter Horse was fashioned by 1776. The new breed was distinguished by its elegant look and wonderful working qualities. Its representatives increasingly usually received first locations at exhibitions which at the moment have been held at horse gala’s.

It is not any coincidence that through the Civil War of 1861-1865 the generals of each armies most popular this breed. This love united the irreconcilable enemies in that battle. Nathan Bedford Forrest, John Hunt Morgan from the Confederate troops, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses Grant, William Sherman, and Stonewall Jackson from the Republican troops fought and rode solely horses of this breed.

After the battle, the breeders, notably Charles F. Mills, started to compile a studbook. This work was accomplished in 1891.


  • The head is slender and has an accurate contour.
  • The profile is straight.
  • The neck is skinny, lengthy, fantastically curved.
  • The nostrils are giant and sensual.
  • The withers are excessive and effectively outlined. The withers peak is from 150 to 170 cm.
  • The again is powerful and quick, and the croup is excessive.
  • Weight – from 450 to 540 kg.
  • Coat coloration. The pedigree choice was based mostly on quickness and softness of motion, so most well-known coat colours are allowed within the look.

The American Quarter Horse within the Show Ring

The Quarter Horses are valued within the present ring for his or her lovely gait and have rightfully earned the favored nickname “peacocks of the present ring” amongst Americans. They are capable of carry out not solely a three-beat gait (stroll, trot, gallop) but in addition a four-beat. The particular factor is a really tough, quick, and exquisite gait – rack.

Usually, they’re utilized in competitions known as “Saddle Seat Riding”. All saddles are utilized in the best way being offset from the common place in order that the rider’s weight is on the horse’s waist. This permits the animal to show the fantastic thing about a stride with out dropping its gait. Special horseshoes are used for efficiency, which protects the pasterns of the entrance legs from being struck by the hind legs, and visually lengthen the legs. This is taken into account lovely, because it gives the look of a excessive touchdown and emphasizes the effectiveness of the gait.

The Quarter Horse Museum

This museum devoted fully to the Quarter Horse breed and its achievements is situated on the Kentucky Horse Park. You solely must pay a $12 park admission price. You can’t solely have a look at the displays but in addition contact them together with your fingers and sit on some.

A statue of Supreme Sultan, a well-known consultant of the breed, stands on the entrance to the Museum.

All of the museum’s displays deal with the position the American Quarter Horses performed in US historical past and the formation of the breed. The exhibitions change usually. There are interactive displays and a kids’s space.

The library of the museum has the most important assortment of literature on the breed which incorporates greater than three thousand books. There can also be all of the details about the bloodlines and the genealogical tree of the American

The museum additionally hosts exhibitions of the Quarter Horses and sells souvenirs.

Famous Representatives of the Breed

  • Gypsy Supreme. A winner of the People’s Choice World’s Champion within the Nineteen Nineties. In whole, he received 9 worldwide competitions and plenty of much less precious awards.
  • Lexington. This stallion was ridden by William Sherman, the hero of the American Civil War.
  • (Supreme Sultan). The solely consultant of the breed to have a monument and a private web page on Wikipedia. He received many competitions, together with the celebrated Chicago International and American Royal. His look grew to become the usual for the Quarter Horse.
  • Traveller. A favourite horse of the American Civil War hero Robert E. Lee. He was descended from a thoroughbred trotter Gray Eagle and a mom whose title and breed the historical past didn’t protect.
  • Cincinnati. Riding this horse, the well-known Ulysses Grant received his victories through the American Civil War.


Although the American Quarter Horses have been as soon as widespread working and navy animals, at present they’ve largely misplaced their unpretentiousness and resilience. They are very naughty horses, delicate to upkeep situations, and accustomed to a balanced weight loss plan.


According to the U.S. breeders, horses of this breed are notably inclined to 6 varieties of ailments:

  • Epitheliogenesis imperfecta or pores and skin aplasia. An inherited illness that happens in foals since beginning. The pores and skin on the hooves, head, and tongue can fall off in items. If the lesion is extreme, foals die inside a couple of days from the accompanying ailments, whereas whether it is gentle or reasonable, they lag behind in improvement, though the injuries regularly turn into scarred. The animals with epitheliogenesis imperfecta needs to be excluded from breeding.
  • Diseases of the hock.
  • Lordosis.
  • Calluses on pasterns.
  • Diseases of the iliac bone.
  • Knee ailments.


A horse’s abdomen can maintain as much as 15 liters of feed. Up to 200 liters of feed match fully into the digestive tract and take two days to finish the cycle of its passing. The feed is finest digested throughout not heavy motor exercise.

The American Quarter Horses devour feed leisurely. One feeding can take as much as an hour. The feed is given on the idea of not more than 25 kg per day. This quantity needs to be divided into 3-4 equal feedings. The animals are fed strictly in keeping with the schedule, on the identical time.

Juicy feed (grass and root greens). These needs to be within the horse’s weight loss plan on daily basis if potential as a result of consuming them produces giant quantities of digestive juices.

Even within the summertime, if the horse grazes, different feed needs to be added to the weight loss plan.

If you embody freshly minimize grass within the weight loss plan, be certain it’s not too moist. The hay needs to be dry and inexperienced and have the attribute odor of dry grass. Yellowed and moldy hay that smells rotten or moldy shouldn’t be fed to a horse. The period of hay storage mustn’t exceed two years.

Grains, notably oats, and bran needs to be added day by day. This is roughage which will trigger digestion issues if consumed in its pristine type. Therefore, the grain is never given in its entire type. It is steamed, boiled, floor into blended fodder.

It is nice to offer them corn. It incorporates substances obligatory for the horse’s physique, however its quantity within the weight loss plan mustn’t exceed one quarter.

How to Water Your Horse

An grownup horse wants about 50 liters per day. The actual calculation is made in keeping with the next system – you need to give 0.6-1 liter of water per day per 10 kg of dwell weight.

The smartest thing is when the water is obtainable on a regular basis except the horse has simply returned from dressage and is scorching. A great resolution is automated drinkers with the power to chop off entry to water for so long as the animal’s physique temperature returns to regular. If there are not any automated drinkers, horses needs to be watered 3-4 instances a day earlier than feeding.

If the horse does loads of coaching through the day, you need to water him moreover 20 minutes earlier than the tip of the work.

When there’s a lack of water, a horse’s digestion slows down and protein and fats breakdown merchandise accumulate within the physique which may have a unfavorable affect on its well being.

Other Care

Like all different horses, the American Quarter Horses are inclined to catch a chilly. You must comply with a couple of easy guidelines to stop colds:

  • The air temperature within the steady within the wintertime mustn’t fall beneath 2-3 levels. But it shouldn’t be too scorching both, in any other case, the horse will calm down excessively when it’s taken outdoor. The optimum winter temperature is 5-12 levels.
  • Drafts are categorically not allowed at any time of yr, particularly in summer season.
  • A horse after an intense exercise needs to be lined with a blanket and led in a stroll till it will get again to regular. The soaked blanket needs to be modified within the steady for a dry one. It is really useful to take away the blankets at night time, in any other case, the horse might sweat.
  • At -15 levels, the horse ought to work avoiding intense exertion. Only a relaxed gait of reasonable period is allowed. If it’s lower than -20 levels outdoor, it is suggested to depart the animal within the steady.
  • The temperature of water for watering your horse shouldn’t be lower than -10.
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