Mustang – a Wild Horse

Mustang – a Wild Horse

The Mustang is a wild horse that was once domesticated. There are many legends and tales about this breed. Unfortunately, in the present day the inhabitants of the Mustang is declining.


The Mustang reaches 150 centimeters on the withers and weighs about 400 kilograms. Because of the good interbreeding, the Mustangs will be of any coloration: reddish-brown, bay, brown, or black. The Mustang’s common lifespan is about 30 years. The Mustangs are distinguished from different horse breeds by their brief construct and powerful legs. The Mustang is a clear animal with clear pores and skin and an extended and glossy mane.

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Where did the Mustangs Come From?

The ancestors of the Mustangs are the feral horses of the Spanish conquerors. They had been introduced within the sixteenth century to North and South America by the colonists. The horses that had been lame or not helpful had been launched into the wild. Some horses escaped from the pastures or had been left to the merсу of destiny.

At first, the Indians used the discovered Mustangs just for meals however later they discovered to journey them, and the horses grew to become greater than meals for them. These folks believed that if this horse had a spot on its chest and head, it meant that the animal was sacred and would carry victory in a battle. Such horses of the Indians grew to become mascots for them.

The Mustang Life within the Wild

The Mustangs collect in herds within the wild; they don’t dwell alone. A horse with out a herd is totally defenseless in opposition to predators. The herds select their very own terrain and graze on it. They will be neighbors with one other herd, and in case of hazard, they might even unite with it. A herd consists of a stallion and his harem which can quantity from 2 to 18 horses. The herd additionally consists of younger horses and small foals. The herd has a information mare and a lead stallion. The wild mare leads the herd to security if a harmful state of affairs arises, and the stallion bravely defends himself stopping enemies from following the herd. When attacked by predators, the Mustangs type a hoop within which they place their foals and struggle off wolves, coyotes, or different predators with their hooves. They warn one another with a loud snort and talk with neighing.

Where do the Mustangs Inhabit?

The Mustangs inhabit the steppes of South America and a number of the prairies of North America. But the variety of these animals may be very lowered, they’re nearly exterminated. The Mustangs are nonetheless used in the present day by the Indians as a method of transportation. Because of their nice endurance, the Mustangs are in a position to journey lengthy distances.

What does the Mustang Eat?

The Mustang is a herbivore animal and eats grass. These horses eat grass and the leaves of small shrubs in nature. As a lot of America is sparsely vegetated, the wild horses should stroll a whole bunch of miles searching for meals. The mustang drinks about 60 liters of water in summer season, however in winter, the necessity is lowered to 30 liters.

The Mustang Breeding

The rutting interval for the Mustangs begins from April to July. The Mustangs have one foal, typically two after 11 months. Their infants are born in spring in order that they’re filled with vitality by winter. The Mustang foals feed on milk till they’re seven months outdated after which change to plant feed. The mare doesn’t give beginning within the herd; she goes to a quiet and secluded place. The foal can stroll and even run in simply a few hours after its beginning, and it returns to the herd with its mom in a few days. Young stallions are left within the herd till they’re three years outdated at most after which exiled. A wild stallion can lead a harem of mares in solely 6 years after beginning. Some stallions retake them from older stallions, and a few create a brand new harem.

The Mustang Extermination

During World War I, giant numbers of untamed horses had been killed and plenty of Mustangs had been exterminated for his or her pelt and meat. Despite the 1971 ban on their destruction and persecution, cattlemen and farmers proceed to kill the Mustangs. Many of those horses have been domesticated and farmed. Due to their endurance and unpretentiousness, the Mustangs are utilized in equestrian sports activities. The Mustang horse breed can stroll lengthy distances with out discomfort, qualities which might be vital to the game.

Interesting info About the Mustang

  • “Mustang” in Spanish (mesteno) means “belonging to nobody” or “wild. This translation explains the unbiased disposition of this proud horse.
  • The Mustang has a brief again and neck and weakly obvious withers. This mixture of qualities permits the Mustang to develop excessive pace.
  • It is thought concerning the Mustang that individuals hunted them within the early twentieth century; now this number of horse is below the safety of US legal guidelines.
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