Chameleon: Characteristics, Care & Diet

Chameleons are a household of lizards that may change their physique coloration relying on gentle, temperature, stress, and temper. There are about 90 sorts. Most of which stay in bushes. The relaxation stay in burrows and forest flooring. The physique size of most Chameleon species is 25-35 cm, small people 3-5 cm, and huge ones attain 50-60 cm. They stay relying on their measurement: small species for 2 or three years, giant ones for as much as ten years. The physique is strongly compressed from the perimeters, a brief neck, a really lengthy, prehensile tail, able to repeatedly curling like a belt, and five-toed paws. The whole physique of a Chameleon is tough. The eyes are spherical, cellular (rotate 360 ​​levels independently of one another), surrounded by the identical pores and skin with variegated coloured scales as on the remainder of the physique. The small central opening for the pupil isn’t coated by the pores and skin. The tongue has a recess on the finish, because of which it’s a suction cup. Throwing out its tongue sharply in the direction of the prey (at a distance of 19-31cm), it sticks to it.

Chameleons often don’t transfer a lot – they sit in a single place, clasping a department with their legs and tail. But if crucial, they will run and soar fairly rapidly on the branches. Chameleons are simple to coach. Most typically in terrariums, Yemen Chameleons or Panther Chameleons are stored and bred as having the perfect well being and fewer stress.

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Conditions of Maintenance and Care

Vertical terrariums are appropriate. The place for it’s chosen the warmest and protected against drafts. It ought to be borne in thoughts that Chameleons are attempting to undergo the glass and this may injure their face and nostril.

Chameleons are lively throughout the day. They like shiny daylight. Daylight hours ought to final about twelve hours. The terrarium should be illuminated with UV fluorescent lamps. In addition to the UV lamp, it’s handy to make use of a 40-60 W heating lamp for heating the terrarium. Comfortable temperature 27 ° -29 ° throughout the day and 21 ° -24 ° at evening. The every day distinction is required.

The air humidity within the terrarium is completely different for various species. For the Yemeni Chameleon, 30% -50% is appropriate, and for the Panther Chameleon from 60% to 90%. At the identical time, it’s unimaginable for there to be extreme moisture – mildew might type (harmful for the abdomen of the lizard). Sour soil produces disease-causing fumes and should be changed with contemporary soil to keep away from respiratory ailments in animals and vegetation. To keep away from this, it is advisable manage good air flow. To do that, one wall of the terrarium is made from mesh.

Soil: the primary layer is finished by drainage – advantageous gravel or pebbles two to a few centimeters thick, the second to soak up odors – items of charcoal half a centimeter thick, the third layer consists of clay or sandy soil (2.5 cm). Small vegetation with brief roots might be planted immediately into the soil. But for causes of ease of cleansing contained in the terrarium, it’s higher to make use of vegetation in plastic pots that may be simply eliminated or moved. The pots ought to be positioned on a layer of gravel or coal.

Landscaping of the terrarium for Chameleons is a should. You can use each synthetic and stay vegetation (ideally). You can’t use toxic vegetation. Chameleons don’t trigger a lot harm to residing plantations: plant meals for many of them is just a few sort of crucial assist. Greens should not solely ornamental but in addition organic. The chameleon wants a nook the place he may disguise at any second. And no blockages of stones or snags will swimsuit him.

Each Chameleon has its personal character, its personal manners, individuality. Re-education might be mentioned solely with a enough diploma of conference. Some habits are unimaginable to beat.


The important food regimen of Chameleons consists of varied bugs: crickets, cockroaches, flies, locusts, zoophobes, mealworms, grasshoppers, May beetles, dragonflies. Zoofobus and mealworms (fatty meals) ought to not often be fed. It is essential that the meals is various. For some species, some vegetation function extra meals, for every species – its personal. The Yemeni Chameleon can generally be given a new child nude mouse. Do not go away stay meals within the terrarium in a single day, as it may injure your pets.

Drinking water is essential for Chameleons. Its lack results in the speedy dying of animals. Chameleons received’t drink water from a bowl; they lick it off the leaves. Therefore, it’s essential to systematically spray the vegetation contained in the terrarium or put up a fountain/waterfall. The Chameleon can get used to the brand new consuming gadget from someday to a month. If you need to make sure that your pet is consuming, you may drink it from a pipette.

The mineral dressing can also be essential within the lifetime of Chameleons. It is less complicated to make use of dry powder, as liquid nutritional vitamins might be an overdose. Insects are doused in vitamin powder, after which given to the animal. It is very essential to present sufficient calcium to younger and new child chameleons (in any other case rickets are in danger). It is tough to overdose with calcium throughout this era, so don’t spare nutritional vitamins for a rising physique.

Chameleon Family Species

Yemen Chameleon

The Yemeni Chameleon is without doubt one of the bigger species. In size, males attain 60 cm, females are inferior to them in measurement. Their coloring may be very numerous, and the males are extra variegated: towards a inexperienced background, three yellow spots, framed by orange and brown transverse stripes, stand out brightly on the perimeters. The head is embellished with a excessive, developed ridge reaching 7-8 cm (in females it is just indicated). The brief tail is roofed with alternating inexperienced and yellow-brown stripes to the very tip. Males may also be distinguished by their heel spurs, small triangular projections on the again of the leg, simply above the foot.

Panther Chameleon

Panther Chameleons are very brightly coloured, particularly males. There is all kinds of coloration, relying on their habitat. Juveniles are coloured grey, however reaching maturity by 9 months, they achieve a brighter coloration. Oval spots of varied shapes are lined on the perimeters. The size of the Panther Chameleon reaches 52 cm, females as much as 35 cm. They stay for greater than 4 years in captivity.

Breeding Chameleons

The feminine is positioned within the terrarium with the male. If the feminine is prepared for mating, then she behaves calmly and because the male approaches, she is mounted on the department. The feminine might stay prepared for mating for 3 days. After that, she turns into extraordinarily nervous and gluttonous, acquires chocolate and even black coloration with pink patterns on the perimeters, which signifies that she is pregnant.

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