Green Iguana: Maintenance and Care at Home

Exotic animals are more and more being introduced into flats due to their spectacular look. It just isn’t simple to create the required for a cushty existence of a lizard, as a result of it’s accustomed to scorching climate with excessive humidity, and its pure food regimen may be very particular. You want particular data to decide on the correct meals.

Reptile Characteristics

Iguanas are particularly giant lizards. The size of the biggest people can attain one and a half meters. The reptile feeds on crops and lives in tropical elements of America. Their distinctive function is a big and laterally flattened tail, the size of which is 2 instances the size of the physique. Adult animals don’t weigh a lot. The physique weight of the male is not more than 4 kg, and that of the feminine is 3 kg.

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The physique of the Iguana is moderately slender, lined with transverse rows of scales. Its higher half has a longitudinal ridge. The reptile’s throat is embellished with a leather-based bag. Its paws are quick, and on the toes, there are big claws that assist the animal to climb timber with out hindrance.

The vivid inexperienced colour helps the Iguana conceal within the rainforest. There are additionally people whose colour ranges from purple and reddish to blue. The colour of the physique is related to the habitat and age of the reptile.

The lizard has good eyesight, so it is ready to see objects at a terrific distance. It can detect ultraviolet rays, which helps management the quantity of vitamin D. In the darkish, Iguana can hardly distinguish objects. She additionally has well-developed auditory organs. Even the slightest rustle of grass won’t go unnoticed. The tooth of the animal are sharp, the jaw is provided with small canines alongside the sides.

Creatures belonging to the Iguana household differ from different species within the means to hold out a salt alternate with the skin world. In such animals, urine doesn’t accumulate within the physique. Excess salts are launched by particular salt glands. They are positioned on the top and appear to be crystalline powder.

Home Conditions

Keeping and caring for an Iguana at residence just isn’t tough, however to ensure that the animal to please the family for a few years, it’s worthwhile to correctly equip the terrarium and care for a nutritious diet. Lizards are very delicate to humidity and temperature circumstances.

Terrarium Volume

For reptiles of this kind, house is vital, so you have to hold the Iguana in a big glass terrarium. The quantity of “flats” for younger people shouldn’t be lower than 200 liters. With progress and maturation, the habitat must be expanded to 500 liters or extra. It just isn’t beneficial to purchase a big terrarium directly. This can negatively have an effect on the event of a younger organism.

It is vital to create snug residing circumstances for the Iguana. In the terrarium, a medium-hard mat needs to be positioned on the underside. It will create consolation, make the motion of the animal extra nice and facilitate the cleansing course of. One-fourth of the terrarium needs to be water. It is required each for ingesting the lizard and for bathing. It should be positioned underneath a lamp that may management the temperature.

Also, a big, branched snag needs to be positioned within the Iguana terrarium. The lizard will crawl together with it, spending its leisure time. Experts suggest selecting an oak department because it additionally acts as a pure antiseptic. The snag should be positioned in order that its edge is underneath the heating lamp. This will enable the iguana to independently management physique temperature.

Heat and Humidity

The weather conditions within the terrarium have a robust affect on the well being of the reptile. The air temperature within the coolest nook shouldn’t be decrease than 30 levels throughout the day, and at night time – 22. In the warmest place, heating above 38 levels is unacceptable. Do not place the snag nearer than 10 cm to the heating lamp, in any other case, the iguana will get burned.

In addition to a heating lamp, additionally, you will want a tool with ultraviolet radiation. Place them on the very high of the terrarium. The UV system should be turned on throughout the day for not less than 10 hours. Such lamps should be changed 2 instances a yr. These measures are taken in an effort to keep away from the shortage of vitamin D within the Iguana’s physique.

The superb humidity for a lizard is 80%. It is kind of tough to realize such an indicator. Moderate humidity is way more helpful for an animal than waterlogged air. To monitor efficiency, it’s endorsed to put in a small fountain or computerized spray within the terrarium. The water trays won’t humidify the house sufficiently.

Ventilation can also be extraordinarily vital for reptiles, so the terrarium needs to be geared up with openings that may be adjusted. Drafts should be averted – they’re contraindicated in Iguanas, so the placement of air flow holes reverse one another is unacceptable. You want to position them within the higher nook of one of many partitions.


In the wild, Iguanas eat the leaves and flowers of tropical crops. To method the difficulty of compiling a food regimen for a lizard at house is a matter of accountability as a result of this can be very tough to make it near pure vitamin.

List of Recommended Foods for Iguana:

  • turnip;
  • blackberry;
  • parsley;
  • pear;
  • grapes;
  • radish;
  • Bell pepper;
  • peas;
  • beans;
  • leek;
  • dandelions.

The reptile’s food regimen needs to be as diverse as attainable. Fresh greens, fruits, and herbs will be given. Food should comprise important nutritional vitamins, minerals, and vitamins, with out which the animal won’t be wholesome.

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