African Fat-Tailed Gecko: Basic Information

African Fat-Tailed Gecko: Basic Information

This reptile can also be referred to as “Hemitheconyx Caudicinctus”. One of the genera of geckos with fats deposition on the tail.

This species is widespread in West Africa (Senegal, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon), reaching 22 cm in size. Colored in distinction, with transverse darkish large stripes, it ranks second in recognition amongst gecko followers, second solely to Spotted Eublefar. Fat-Tailed Geckos, bred in captivity or admitted at a younger age, able to adaptation, are simply as unpretentious.

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Up to 20-22 cm – physique size with a tail. In common, this can be a moderately cute and charming creature with large eyes. Body-color is variable, however normally, 2-3 colours are all the time current. Usually, these are alternating spots of sunshine orange and darkish brown, in addition to yellow stripes. The stomach is white, or mild pink. In some circumstances, alongside all the again, a white stripe extends to the very tail. Frightened by one thing, these lizards start to snort very characteristically and attempt to conceal on the identical time. If you seize their tail, they may throw it off. The tail will develop again however might be totally different from the earlier one.


The species is widespread in West Africa, inhabits Cameroon, Togo, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Liberia, Burkina Faso. On such an enormous habitat, it varieties comparatively dense populations, and in some locations, it’s a background species. Leads a twilight-nocturnal way of life. Habitats are confined to dry and rocky areas on the slopes and plains, in hilly areas, skinny forests, and within the foothills. In many locations, it’s common and well-known to the locals. The species will not be included within the CITES utility, since its numbers are fairly steady and in lots of locations don’t want further protecting measures.


There aren’t any elementary variations within the coloration of women and men. In males, numerous preanal pores are effectively pronounced, and after the anal protect, behind the cloacal opening on the base of the tail, there are noticeable paired thickenings (swellings). Males are extra highly effective, with a large head.

Geckos develop into sexually mature at 2-3 years of age, reaching the dimensions of an grownup. Oviparous species. After mating, after 45-55 days, females lay eggs, burying them within the floor of brood burrows. The variety of eggs in a clutch is 1-2 items. After 45-60 days, infants hatch from the eggs, which start to feed after the assimilation of the yolk reserve. Mating of Fat-Tailed Geckos happens from January to May.

During one season, the feminine lays 3-6 clutches, however circumstances of 8 fertilized clutches from one feminine have been famous. For Geckos which have undergone long-term adaptation, have lived in captivity for a number of years, or have been born and raised (particularly those that have modified a couple of technology) in terrarium circumstances, a shift within the timing of wintering and subsequent mating is feasible: wintering in September – mating from October to January, wintering in January – mating with February to June, and many others.
Life expectancy as much as 20 years.

Keeping in Captivity

The content material will not be significantly troublesome. Depending on what number of Fat-Tailed Geckos you intend to position, begin with a ten or 20-liter terrarium. In a 20-liter, one male and as much as 5 females could be accommodated with out interference. The quantity of the terrarium needs to be horizontal; containers with a big backside space are most popular. You ought to by no means home two or extra males in the identical terrarium. These are territorial animals and if two or extra males meet, bloody clarifications “who’s the boss” will develop into a horrible actuality. It is best to make use of coconut fiber together with sand as a substrate. For six people, two or extra hiding locations needs to be supplied within the terrarium. Each shelter should be able to accommodating reptiles. Shelters could be created utilizing each pure supplies (driftwood, stones, and many others.), and synthetic caves and grottoes bought on the retailer.

f because of sure circumstances, elsewhere of the terrarium, there may be some distinction in temperature, then the shelters should be put in within the warmest and coldest locations. Since moisture is of nice significance to this species, a moisture supply needs to be supplied in each shelter. It is perfect whether it is moist moss. Such a shelter will assist Geckos molt, and also will facilitate thermoregulation if the Geckos want it.

If your Fat-Tailed Geckos come from humid climates, they could be within the behavior of swimming. And in the event you discover they’ve such a need, then within the shelters it’s obligatory to depart shallow baths with clear water. Both stay and synthetic crops can be utilized to mannequin the terrarium inside. For illumination, it’s higher to make use of sources with radiation nearer to the UV zone. The optimum daytime temperature is 25-30 ° С, at evening – 20-23 ° С.

If heating is important, it’s higher to make use of a particular thermal reptile mat, thermal wire, or heating stone. Air humidity contained in the terrarium ought to fluctuate between 40-50%. The mould should be managed and prevented, particularly in areas with moist moss.


Fat-Tailed Geckos are insectivorous; they willingly eat cockroaches, crickets, and don’t disdain mealworms. They is not going to quit new child mice both. To keep away from swallowing sand together with the meals (this could result in constipation), you might want to feed both from tweezers or from a specialised feeder. For good diet, it is usually obligatory to make use of mineral and vitamin dietary supplements, particularly when feeding juveniles.

Geckos are fed from as soon as a day (at evening) to 3 occasions per week, every time giving as a lot meals because the animals can eat at a time. If within the morning, you discover the stays of meals within the terrarium, they must be eliminated.

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