Akhal-Teke Pure Gold

The Akhal-Teke breed is the oldest and purest breed of cultivated horses, which has not been crossed with breeds of different species for 5000 thousand years. This breed has one climatic characteristic: regardless of its adaptability to sizzling climates, it’s fairly straightforward to adapt to any temperate or northern local weather.

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“Akhal-Teke” is the title of the breed. The title originated within the Akhal Oasis, the place this breed was preserved in its purest type. The Akhal oasis extends alongside the northern foot of the Kopet-Dag from Baharden to Artyk, the place the Teke tribe lived. Thus, “Akhal-Teke” appeared from the locations the place this breed of horses was first bred.

Akhal-Teke is legendary for its gracefulness and look. It is sort of troublesome to confuse it with the breeds of different horses since outwardly the Akhal-Teke is in comparison with a canine or a cheetah. The stallions are fairly tall, greater than 160 cm tall.

Straight traces predominate in all of the outlines of those beauties. On shut examination, with the bare eye, you’ll be able to see a community of blood vessels, which is seen because of the slightly skinny pores and skin. The disposition of such horses is sort of ardent. All kinds of colours are present in nature: bay, black, crimson, and grey. The rarest are dun, nightingale, isabella, Karak, brown. Absolutely for all stripes, the presence of a sure golden or silver sheen is attribute, which provides the horse a particular gloss. As for the mane, right here the “Akhal-Teke” breed has surpassed all, their wool is easy as silk.

Outwardly, the horses look slightly fragile, however that is only a masks … There are instances in historical past when Akhal-Teke, having a saber wound, may carry away two grownup males in armor on his again over quicksand. As for our days, the Akhal-Teke breed has repeatedly proven endurance in multi-day hikes and velocity races.

Currently, this breed is especially used for velocity races and rightfully occupies a number one place amongst thoroughbred horses, forward of such breeds as English and Arab.

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