Top 10 Aquarium Cichlids

Top 10 Aquarium Cichlids

Cichlids are an unusually large group of freshwater fish discovered on nearly each continent of the planet. Currently, nearly two thousand species have been described, and plenty of scientists agree that that is removed from the restrict. Among the Tsikhlov household, you will discover all kinds of fish, differing in dimension, physique form, coloration, and kind of meals. It is no surprise that lots of them have develop into well-deserved aquarium favorites.

Acara turquoise

An wonderful consultant of the big South American cichlids. It is prized, to start with, for its uncommon coloration: bluish-green scales and spots flaunt on the silvery-gray physique, and the tail and again fins have brilliant yellow or white edging.

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The fish can develop as much as 25-30 cm, subsequently, to keep up a pair of cancers, you’ll need an aquarium with a quantity of no less than 300 liters. Unfortunately, this stunning fish has an absurd character, and it isn’t with out purpose that it’s referred to as the “inexperienced terror”. Very usually, akara reveals aggression in direction of neighbors within the aquarium, particularly through the spawning interval. Therefore, it’s essential to hold them solely with commensurate cichlids, and the aquarium ought to have enough quantity and numerous shelters.


Astronotuses discovered their means into hobbyist aquariums from rivers in South America. It is sufficient to have a look at this fish to right away establish an actual predator in it: a streamlined physique form, a pointed mouth, highly effective fins. Small fish and invertebrates type the premise of their weight-reduction plan in nature.

Astronotuses belong to giant cichlids: in an appropriate quantity, a fish can develop as much as 25-30 cm with none issues. Their coloration may be very stunning – on a black physique, brilliant orange spots are evenly situated, typically forming stripes. The anal and dorsal fins are introduced shut to one another, forming a form of “fan”. Thanks to the efforts of breeders, numerous coloration types have been obtained. You can discover purple Astronotuses, during which the orange-red coloration is evenly distributed all through the physique, or albinos with purple spots on a white background.

It is fascinating that no less than 100 liters of a waterfall on one grownup. A species aquarium is finest suited to astronotuses, however typically, the fish get alongside effectively with different commensurate cichlids.

Aquarists notice the extraordinary courtesy of astronotuses, they rapidly bear in mind their proprietor and observe with pleasure what is occurring within the room.

Blue dolphin

The blue dolphin is native to the African continent and is without doubt one of the largest cichlids in Lake Malawi. The fish received its identify for the extraordinary similarity of grownup males with recognized marine mammals. The cichlid is distinguished by a wealthy blue physique coloration and a attribute fatty build-up on the top.

It is finest to maintain fish in teams of 1 male and a number of other females. In this case, it will likely be attainable to keep away from conflicts between males. The blue dolphin isn’t very aggressive and coexists effectively with African cichlids of the corresponding dimension.

The water in Lake Malawi is clear and fairly arduous, which should be taken under consideration when retaining blue dolphins.


Discus is attention-grabbing cichlids from South America. Their distinctive options are, to start with, an nearly rounded physique form and a tremendous coloration. Over the years of breeding, an astonishing variety of coloration variations of discus have been obtained, so each aquarist will certainly discover a fish to his style.

But retaining discus at residence has sure difficulties. The factor is that they’re very delicate to water parameters and feeding. Best of all, if the discus lives in teams of 6 or extra, the optimum aquarium for such various inhabitants shall be a capability of 400-500 liters. The water within the aquarium ought to be gentle and heat sufficient – 30-32 ° C, which narrows the vary of attainable roommates, as a result of not each species can stand up to such a excessive temperature. Of course, high-quality filtration and aeration are required, in addition to common water adjustments.

Particular consideration ought to be paid to feeding. With an unbalanced weight-reduction plan, fish can get digestive issues and lose their great coloration. Therefore, it’s best to decide on specialised dry meals for discus – Tetra Discus.

Discus might be bred at residence, fish have very developed look after offspring. Of specific curiosity is the feeding of new child fry with a particular secret, which is launched on the pores and skin of each the male and the feminine.

Labidochromis yellow

Already within the identify of this excellent cichlid its major characteristic is mirrored – “yellow” in English means “yellow”. After all, it’s in a brilliant lemon-yellow coloration that this inhabitant of the African lake Malawi is painted. Dark pectoral and pelvic fins, in addition to a black stripe on the lengthy dorsal fin, give extra expressiveness.

In addition to its flamboyant look, labidochromis yellow is peaceable in comparison with most of its different relations and sometimes will get alongside effectively with many medium-sized species.

It is finest to maintain fish in teams of a male and a number of other females in aquariums from 100 liters. It is finest to design an aquarium in a minimalist fashion: sandy soil, driftwood, stones, a minimal of residing vegetation – which is closest to the pure landscapes of Lake Malawi.

We should not overlook that labidochromis fellow belongs to the Mbuna group. These are cichlids, which of their pure surroundings feed primarily on algal growths on rocks, which signifies that plant parts, for instance, spirulina algae, should be current within the fish weight-reduction plan.


Melanochromis are cichlids originating from Lake Malawi. This reservoir is legendary for its large number of cichlids, lots of which don’t also have a scientific description but. However, melanachromis have lengthy gained the hearts of aquarists. First of all, they’re very stunning. The commonest species with yellow and blue physique coloration. Stripes operating from head to tail are a attribute characteristic.

Unfortunately, Melachromis are very territorial and among the most aggressive Malawian cichlids. To guarantee the opportunity of retaining with different cichlids, you must take into consideration a big aquarium, which shall be divided into zones with decorations, so that every fish has its personal territory.

Pronounced aggressiveness by novice wealthy lovers is usually seen as an indication of a predator, and subsequently the fish are fed accordingly – meals with a excessive content material of animal proteins. Unfortunately, this usually results in illnesses of melanochromis, as a result of the premise of the weight-reduction plan of those fish ought to be vegetation.

Melanochromis is characterised by caring for the offspring. After fertilization of the eggs, the feminine incubates it within the mouth, and even after hatching the fry protects her offspring for a number of months.

Pelvicachromis pulcher

Pelvicachromis pulcher, higher often known as the parrot cichlid, is discovered naturally within the rivers of Africa. This fish has a slightly modest dimension (not more than 10 cm), however its coloration is simply an explosion of coloration: you will discover brown, yellow, purple, blue, and different colours. And on the tail, oval black spots are sometimes discovered. It is tough to imagine that these fish fries have an ugly silvery coloration with black heels. However, in nature, this enables infants to cover extra successfully on the backside.

Pelvicachromis are additionally valued for his or her peaceable nature, they’re effectively suitable with most medium-sized decorative fish. The solely time when fish meet up with worry on neighbors is through the spawning interval. By the best way, it is usually fairly easy to get offspring from pelvicachromis at residence.

To hold a pair of pelvicachromis, you want an aquarium of 40 liters or extra. Fish look nice amongst residing vegetation, to which they’re fairly detached.


The parrotfish is the results of the work of Taiwanese breeders who managed to get an attention-grabbing hybrid of a number of South American cichlids, however which of them are nonetheless unknown, it is a business secret. Despite its origins, many aquarists have favored the fish. Their amusing barrel-shaped physique form, slight awkwardness, and attribute “smile” on the face appeal to consideration. The commonest coloration is purple, however fish are artificially dyed in additional unique colours, resembling blue or inexperienced.

For retaining you’ll need a big sufficient aquarium as a result of parrots can develop as much as 25-30 cm. The character of the fish is dependent upon the precise particular person and the circumstances of detention. Usually, compatibility issues with proportional cichlids don’t come up, though typically fairly aggressive people come throughout that survive all neighbors. It is finest to boost fish collectively from a younger age, then the variety of conflicts is noticeably decreased.

Parrotfish are capable of create pairs and even lay eggs, which, nonetheless, are sterile, and it’ll not be attainable to get fry from them naturally.


Scalaria is certainly the most well-liked aquarium cichlid. These stunning fish with an uncommon “triangular” physique form have an enormous military of followers all over the world.

Angelfish reside within the rivers of South America, their flat physique with elongated fins permits them to successfully conceal amongst thickets of vegetation.

For the upkeep of scalars, it’s higher to handle an aquarium of 100 liters per pair. It is on this quantity that the fish will be capable of attain their most dimension and reveal all their magnificence. It is finest to rearrange an aquarium in a pure fashion – with driftwood and reside vegetation.

Scalarians are fairly peaceable cichlids and go effectively even with small species of decorative fish resembling neons or tetras.

At current, by way of the efforts of breeders, many sorts of scalars have been obtained, differing in coloration and diploma of improvement of fins.

Cichlazoma black-striped

Black-striped cichlazomas can’t boast of brilliant coloration or any excellent characteristic. This is a reasonably “commonplace” cichlid with a grayish physique and transverse darkish stripes. However, the recognition of this fish doesn’t undergo from this in any respect. This is almost certainly because of the excessive endurance of the cichlazoma, its small dimension (about 10 cm), and ease of replica. And the aggressiveness of black-striped cichlazoma isn’t so pronounced, particularly if fish are stored in a spacious aquarium.

It is essential that the cichlazes have sufficient shelter, then every pair of fish can have its personal territory. In appropriate circumstances, representatives of this species are capable of reside for 8-10 years.

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