Cockatoo: Charming, Incredibly Beautiful, and Smart Parrot

Cockatoo: Charming, Incredibly Beautiful, and Smart Parrot

The cockatoo is a captivating, extremely lovely, and clever parrot. Looking at his majestic crest and humorous habits, virtually each lover had the considered buying it. Cockatoo differs from different parrots not solely in look but additionally within the specifics of care.
Many homeowners of those beauties, confronted with difficulties in care and schooling, return the pet again to the breeders or promote it to different palms. We will attempt to introduce you as carefully as attainable to this troublesome species of parrots in order that the acquisition resolution doesn’t develop into a mistake.


Depending on the species, cockatoos are medium-sized with a physique size of 30 cm and enormous – as much as 70 cm, a parrot can weigh greater than 1 kg.
Their most distinctive characteristic is the elongated feathers on the crown and brow, the so-called crest. The coloration of the “crown” normally contrasts with the principle coloration of the parrot. The coloration of cockatoo feathers incorporates all kinds of colours and shades: white, yellow, pink, pink, and even black. But, oddly sufficient, you’ll by no means discover the shades of blue and inexperienced which might be standard with different species of parrots.
Another distinctive characteristic of this kind of parrot is its uncommon beak. It is very large, lengthy, and really curved. The mandible within the widest half is wider than the mandible and due to this fact the perimeters of the mandible are discovered on a narrower mandible, forming a sort of bucket.
This beak construction is discovered solely within the cockatoo. At the identical time, the beak may be very robust and highly effective. The parrot can simply flip the wood rods of the cage, items of furnishings, and far more that will get in his means right into a pile of chips.
The tip of the fleshy tongue is roofed with a darkish, virtually black cornea. The tongue has a sort of hole, which the parrot makes use of very skillfully, like a spoon. The eye rings are naked and feathered. Cockatoos fly fairly nicely however climb timber a lot better. They additionally transfer in a short time and elegantly on the bottom.

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Cockatoo within the Wild

In nature, the cockatoo is present in New Guinea, Australia, the Philippine Islands, and Indonesia. This parrot is ready to adapt to many varieties of environments, as evidenced by the territory of their distribution.
Australian cockatoo species favor to settle in open areas in massive flocks. This subspecies makes use of timber just for lodging and nesting, and the remainder of the time the birds commit to the limitless savannas of Australia.
Other species have a tendency to cover in tree crowns and reside in small flocks or pairs. As for the Indonesian cockatoo, these birds reside within the tropical and subtropical forests of the nation or at their edges in wetlands.
Absolutely all varieties of cockatoos favor hollows in tree trunks or crevices in rocks for nesting. Birds select a ready-made hole and regulate its measurement to a extra appropriate one with the assistance of their beak, and canopy the underside with tree bark.
Despite the truth that the variety of parrots in teams is kind of massive, in the course of the breeding season, the nests of those birds are dispersed over very massive distances (as much as 500 ha). The couple turns into extraordinarily aggressive and doesn’t enable different cockatoos to intervene of their territory throughout this time.
In the wild, cockatoo parrots feed efficiently, each hiding in tree crowns and on the bottom. They hunt bugs, larvae, eat fruits, berries, fruits (melons, wild figs), capers, flowers, tree shoots and leaves, grass seeds, roots, and nuts (almonds, pecans). Some species willingly eat grains of cultivated vegetation (oats, wheat, corn), tree seeds (acacia, cones, eucalyptus).
Since the principle supply of meals for Australian cockatoo species is on the bottom, a few of the birds within the flock are very cautious about security, whereas the remainder are consuming nuts and seeds.
Cockatoo is just not alone. Any subspecies of those parrots reside in a flock. The must unite in teams is to some extent defined by survival (the intuition of self-preservation): solely by uniting, birds can present themselves with safety from predators and good vitamin.
Cockatoos are additionally very social: they consistently talk with one another, distinguish the cries of their kinfolk, consistently speak with one another, deal with one another. Feather cleansing is a crucial a part of a parrot’s hygiene and psychological well-being. The lovely plumage of a cockatoo in a flock is the results of the care of its kinfolk.
Cockatoo parrots are monogamous. Having met the “bride”, the male spends his entire life along with his companion, usually after the loss of life of one of many companions, the opposite stays alone. The cause for this devotion is intimate attachment.
Male and feminine take care and defend one another. The fowl can clear and easy feathers for its chosen one for hours.
Cockatoo spends plenty of time collectively and after the breeding interval, the pair is lastly shaped. Parrots deal with their offspring virtually equally: the male additionally actively helps the feminine to feed the chicks.
The feminine incubates eggs for 20-30 days, relying on the species of cockatoo. Chicks are born bare and blind, however after per week their eyes open, and “stumps” of future plumage seem. Cockatoo chicks are very depending on their dad and mom and at first, they’re fully helpless.
In the wild, chicks depart their nest after 12 weeks, however dad and mom proceed to guard their offspring till puberty. Having flown out of the nest, a younger fowl will get acquainted with the encircling world and its guidelines by the instance of its kinfolk.
It occurs that later the cockatoo joins a neighboring flock, however extra usually the parrot prefers to remain within the firm of kinfolk and amongst well-known locations.
Depending on the species, cockatoos attain puberty at 3-5 years of age. Cockatoos can reside 90 years in captivity, however this isn’t the case for wild parrots of this species. Predators, pure disasters, and pure disasters considerably shorten the lifetime of birds residing of their native locations.


The content material of the cockatoo is just like that of different massive parrots. This ought to be a big cage or aviary. Their high will be with a domed high, robust metallic rods, which the parrot can not break with its highly effective beak and dependable, ideally two, locks. The measurement of the cage ought to be not less than 120 * 90 * 120 cm, and the aviary ought to be 6 * 2 * 2 m.
The parrot cage ought to have a retractable backside in order that it may be simply washed and cleaned. In the aviary, it’s crucial to supply a home fabricated from wooden, the place the parrot will sleep.
Cockatoo likes to swim and does it with pleasure day-after-day. If the air temperature within the room is adequate, put a container with heat water for the fowl or spray the parrot from a twig bottle – this may fully substitute the bathhouse.
A big cat tray is ideal as a washing go well with, if the cockatoo doesn’t acknowledge this methodology, provide him a bathe, as a result of in nature they willingly bathe within the rain.
When retaining a fowl, it is rather vital to maintain its house clear. The consuming container and feeders have to be cleaned day-after-day. Perches and toys are finest washed and changed as they develop into soiled and destroyed.
The cage have to be washed each week, and the aviary as soon as a month. The backside of the cage is cleaned day by day, and the underside of the enclosure is cleaned twice per week. The optimum temperature for retaining cockatoos is taken into account to be 18-20 levels.
Cockatoo very skillfully makes use of their beak: they can open virtually any locks. This have to be borne in thoughts when selecting a technique for closing the cage: the lock ought to solely be opened with a key. The robust beak of the cockatoo can be able to gnawing and splitting a lot that it comes throughout.
Therefore, if you let him fly across the house, don’t depart him unattended. He can start to gnaw furnishings, the place toxic paints and varnishes are current, or climb on a desk, the place there are lots of small components that he can choke on.

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