Bettas (Bettasplendens): Temperament and Beauty

Bettas (Bettasplendens): Temperament and Beauty

Bettasplendens are one of the common aquarium fish on the planet. It might be discovered all over the place within the aquariums of each amateurs and professionals. And if the previous worth primarily the gorgeous coloration, unpretentiousness in content material, fascinating conduct, and ease of breeding of cockerels, then the latter comprise a lot of breeding types, a lot of which turn out to be laureates of specialised exhibitions.

General Information

Bettasplendens belong to the suborder Labyrinth fish. Their characteristic is the presence of a particular respiratory organ known as a labyrinth. This organ is represented by plates, densely penetrated by blood vessels, and is positioned within the accent supragillary aircraft. Thanks to it, Bettasplendens can use atmospheric air for respiratory. This kind of respiratory is important for aquarium fish, subsequently protecting in a closed vessel, even effectively saturated with oxygen, results in the dying of the fish. Bettasplendens developed the labyrinth as an adaptation to residing in oxygen-poor water our bodies.

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The physique form of Bettas is oval; it’s elongated and barely flattened laterally. Bettas are medium-sized fish. The common size is 5-6 cm, whereas the females are smaller.
The pectoral fins are pointed, whereas the dorsal and caudal fins are rounded. In male cockerel fish, fins are extra developed than in females. Upper mouth. The pure coloration is normally darkish brown with rows of shiny inexperienced specks, however within the aquarium, the richness of the coloration of those fish is unmatched. The coloration of the cockerel scales can change relying on the encompassing situations: throughout spawning or clashes with different males, the colour depth will increase, and through relaxation, it weakens.

Modern breeders have bred greater than 70 breeds of those fish, differing in coloration and form of fins. In aquariums, you could find varied variations of black, emerald, blue, crimson, pink, and white tones. Bettas scales can typically be seen taking part in and shimmering when transferring and in brilliant mild.

Depending on the form and dimension of the fins, there are about ten styles of aquarium Bettas. For instance, crown-tailed, delta-tailed, double-tailed, and lots of others.


Bettas are house to Southeast Asia. It is right here that nondescript pure types stay, which might be present in slow-flowing or stagnant our bodies of water in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Malay Peninsula. Everywhere Bettas are discovered within the murky and oxygen-poor waters of rice fields, and sometimes even within the sewers of enormous cities. An further respiratory organ – the labyrinth – helps Bettas survive in such excessive situations.

Bettas’ breeding types have turn out to be true cosmopolitans. They might be present in hobbyist aquariums across the globe. Local and worldwide exhibitions and competitions are held regularly, the place you may meet essentially the most uncommon and excellent representatives of the Bettas aquarium.

Care and Maintenance

Many hobbyists have began their first steps in an aquarium with the acquisition of Bettas fish. This is because of the great endurance of Bettas, the flexibility to maintain an aquarium in small volumes (from 3 liters), and the absence of the necessity for aeration. However, protecting Bettas within the aquarium ought to take note of among the traits of this fish.

First of all, it’s essential to resolve on the amount and configuration of the Bettas aquarium. The most suitable choice can be a basic rectangular aquarium with a quantity of 20 liters or extra. It can have ample quantity for the snug residing of a combating fish, and also will can help you set up and enhance all the required gear. Keeping Bettas in spherical aquariums may be very common.

Bettas shouldn’t be saved in pairs, on this case, an lively male can kill a feminine that’s not prepared for spawning. The aquarium needs to be coated with a lid or web to forestall Bettas from leaping out of it. In this case, females might be saved in teams in a single aquarium.

It is finest to make use of darkish soil, it’s advisable to position it in a layer of 2-3 cm, with such rubble Bettas fish look most spectacular and contrasting.

Aquarium Bettas are heat-loving fish, the snug temperature for them is 24-26 ° С. It is famous that the upper the water temperature, the brighter the Bettas coloration. The optimum parameters of hardness and acidity are 2-12 ° and 6.0-7.5, respectively. As already talked about, Bettas doesn’t want aeration within the aquarium, however it will be important that there’s a fuel alternate with the water floor. It is very advisable to put in a filter within the aquarium to maintain the water clear (mechanical cleansing) and protected (scale back the probability of accumulation of poisonous ammonia and its derivatives). A weekly change of 25-30% of the water is critical, in very small aquariums it is suggested to vary extra typically – 2-3 instances per week.


The cocky nature of aquarium Bettas doesn’t imply in any respect that the trail to protecting them in a standard aquarium with different fish is totally closed. There are a number of teams of fish for compatibility with Bettas:

  • Species that get alongside effectively: viviparous peciliaceae, corridors, thorns, rasbora, iris.
  • Species that get alongside, however can pinch fins: barbs, scalars, neons, minors.
  • Completely incompatible species: massive cichlids, piranhas, tetraodons, goldfish.

It is vital to keep in mind that protecting Bettas with different species is simply potential in an appropriately sized aquarium. When placing Bettas right into a group aquarium, it’s essential to fastidiously monitor the conduct of the fish. If different fish are attacking the fins, or the Bettas itself assaults among the inhabitants, it is suggested to plant it in a separate container.


The foundation of meals for Bettas in nature is aquatic bugs and their larvae, zooplankton. Fighting fish don’t disdain particular person algae. When saved in an aquarium, feeding issues for these fish normally don’t come up. The finest staple meals are Tetra’s full dry meals. The firm’s specialists have developed particular meals for combating fish that meets their dietary wants.

Reproduction and Breeding

Breeding aquarium Bettas is simple, even for freshmen. Fighting fish have a pronounced gender dimorphism, i.e. there are important variations between men and women: males are bigger, with well-developed fins and brilliant colours, females are rather more modest in look. Bettas turn out to be pubertal at 3-4 months. It is price noting that in a feminine that has not multiplied for a very long time, eggs can flip right into a tumor and result in dying, so the fish typically have to spawn. In males which have participated in inbreeding, the fins turn out to be longer. It will not be advisable to plant aged cockerels for spawning.

Fighting fish can spawn in a standard aquarium, however it is suggested to have a separate container for this goal. Bettas fish are positioned in a spawning field with a quantity of 20 liters or extra. The water degree within the aquarium needs to be 10-15 cm. Using the thermostat, increase the water temperature to twenty-eight ° C. You also needs to add some floating vegetation with small leaves (duckweed, pistia) and small shelters for the feminine. It will not be advisable to place soil on the underside: male Bettas
it is going to be troublesome to choose up eggs which have fallen from the nest. Aeration can also be pointless, the jet of air bubbles can destroy the nest. Up to 200 eggs might be laid throughout one spawning, however normally, not more than 1/3 survive.

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