My Dog Swallowed A Condom: Here’s What to Do (Vet Answer)

My Dog Swallowed A Condom: Here’s What to Do (Vet Answer)


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If you’re lacking a condom and suspect your canine has eaten it, don’t panic. Dogs will eat all kinds of innocent and harmful issues; fortunately, most circumstances of condom ingestion don’t lead to any points.

Having mentioned that, you is likely to be left questioning just a few issues. Why do canines eat condoms? And what are the indicators that try to be anticipating? Read on to seek out out!



Why Do Dogs Eat Condoms?

This is an efficient query. Ask most vets in regards to the overseas supplies they’ve recovered from canines’ stomachs, and also you’ll doubtless obtain an extended listing of unusual and great issues—underpants, tennis balls, batteries…you get the concept. This does beg the query—why do canines eat this stuff? And why would a canine eat a condom?

We’ve listed some attainable causes under:
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Boredom (one thing to chew on)
  • Anxiety (a technique to relieve stress)
  • Habit (by no means realized to not)
  • Curiosity (simply being inquisitive)

Remember too, that some condoms are flavored or scented, and canines have an unbelievable sense of scent. This would possibly make condoms significantly interesting to canines.

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What Issues Can a Condom Cause?

While most condoms will cross by the digestive tract with out inflicting main points, small-breed canines or canines which have eaten a number of condoms could also be extra prone to develop issues. This is as a result of they’ve smaller stomachs and bowels, placing them at better threat of intestinal blockage or obstruction.

Possible dangers:
  • Irritation of the esophagus (significantly if swallowed in its packet)
  • Blockage of the abdomen or intestines
  • Temporary vomiting and diarrhea (intestine upset)
  • Straining to defecate
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of urge for food

When Should I Be Worried?

Generally talking, it’s best to solely be nervous in case you have a small breed canine, or in case your canine is displaying indicators of being unwell. If you might have a small breed canine, the danger of the condom inflicting a blockage within the digestive tract is increased. A blockage of the digestive tract is an emergency that can require exploratory surgical procedure to be eliminated. For these causes, contacting a veterinarian is a secure guess.

Vets are in a position to give drugs to induce vomiting, which is able to hopefully eliminate the condom earlier than it could trigger points down the road. Similarly, in case your canine is displaying indicators of being unwell, resembling lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, or decreased urge for food, it’s best to search veterinary consideration.

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My Dog Ate a Condom however Seems Fine – What Should I Do?

If your canine has eaten a condom however will not be displaying any indicators of being unwell, it’s cheap to attend and monitor intently. If that is the case, we’ve got some homework for you. You’ll must examine every one in all your canine’s stools to make sure the condom is handed. This might take as much as 48 hours.

Additionally, try to be feeding your canine bland meals, resembling kibble or cooked chicken and rice, and anticipating any indicators of lethargy, vomiting, or diarrhea. We don’t advocate making your canine vomit at house, as that is related to vital dangers until it’s an absolute final resort.

My Dog Ate a Condom and Seems Sick – What Should I Do?

If you assume your canine has eaten a condom, otherwise you noticed it occur, and they’re now displaying indicators of being unwell, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian. This could possibly be an indication that the condom has brought about a intestine upset or a blockage, and your canine may have medical assist. Within 4 hours of the condom ingestion, your vet might advocate inducing vomiting. If not, blood checks and X-rays may be useful screening checks to evaluate your canine’s well being and examine for proof of an intestinal blockage.




Ingestion of a condom is normally extra of a nuisance than anything. Most of the time, the rationale why your canine has performed it should stay a thriller. If you need the condom out of the abdomen to keep away from attainable points, it’s greatest to rearrange a session with a veterinarian. If you might have a medium or large-breed canine, and she or he appears utterly advantageous, it’s okay to attend and monitor intently.

If your canine is displaying any indicators of being unwell, significantly vomiting and/or diarrhea, we recommend contacting your vet. And, lastly, whereas it might appear embarrassing, all the time be sincere along with your vet about what occurred, as this may give them the knowledge they should assist your canine good friend.

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