Will My Dog Protect Me If I Am Attacked? Facts & FAQ

Will My Dog Protect Me If I Am Attacked? Facts & FAQ

People preserve canines for all types of causes, from companionship to having a piece associate or an excuse to get them out of the home extra usually. Dogs have additionally been stored as guardians for livestock and people for hundreds of years, and many individuals nonetheless preserve canines for cover at the moment.

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The perception that every one canines will shield their house owners is a little bit of a delusion, although. Many individuals imagine that their canine will rush to their rescue at any time when they want it, just for mentioned loyal pup to show tail and conceal as an alternative. This doesn’t imply that your canine doesn’t love you or {that a} protecting canine received’t defend you to the most effective of their potential. It all comes all the way down to the canine’s breed, temperament, and their coaching.

To clear up the confusion, we discover the explanations that some canines shield their house owners and others don’t. We additionally look at frequent ways in which canines attempt to shield you even when they do run away or try and make buddies along with your attacker.



Do Dogs Protect Their Owners?

The query of whether or not canines will shield their house owners is one which’s requested ceaselessly and many individuals assume that the reply is all the time, “Yes, completely!” In apply, nevertheless, that is hardly ever the case. Most canines received’t shield you in any respect if you happen to’re attacked. This could be on account of many causes.


Perhaps the largest consider whether or not your canine will shield you if essential is their breed. While all canines have a pure protecting intuition, some breeds have been developed with a stronger guard-dog temperament than others. Well-known guardians embrace livestock guardians just like the Anatolian Shepherd Dog or historic struggle canines just like the Cane Corso.

That mentioned, having a guardian breed doesn’t essentially imply these canines will shield you. There are loads of different elements to think about too.

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Although breed performs an enormous half within the purpose that some canines usually tend to shield you than others, you even have to think about the temperament of the canine as a person. For instance, German Shepherds is likely to be well-known for being glorious police canines, however not all of them make it by way of K9 coaching. It’s just like how not all Labrador Retrievers have the main focus and dedication to make good information canines.

They’re nonetheless good canines even when they don’t meet the requirements required for police work or different jobs. They merely don’t have the suitable temperament for a job that somebody desires them to do. Your protecting German Shepherd is likely to be petrified of loud bangs or not have the arrogance that makes them a superb guard canine.

While you may prepare a canine to guard you in the event that they don’t have already got that spark, they’ll wrestle to excel as a lot as one other canine would.

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Something you do have to recollect about canines is that from a really younger age, they be taught that people are good. They is likely to be cautious round strangers or aggressive towards every little thing that they’re unfamiliar with, however with correct socialization and obedience coaching, persons are seen pretty much as good issues. Most of all, they’re a supply of meals and ear scratches.

This is partly what makes small canines extra more likely to snap at threats than giant breeds. Large canines usually tend to be taught good manners and to be mild once they’re puppies as a result of they rapidly get larger, stronger, and more durable to regulate. Small breeds keep small and cute, and their aggressive habits isn’t seen as an issue by most house owners till it already is one.

Unfortunately, your canine’s good habits usually leaves them confused about how they’re supposed to guard you. If they’ve been taught to not chew, bark, or soar up at individuals, they received’t know find out how to shield you. However, you may prepare canines to guard you on command. This offers them a course to observe that may inform them when and the place their protectiveness wants to return into motion and when to again off.

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How Do Dogs Protect Their Owners?

Most canines is likely to be inclined to run the opposite approach or sit and watch when somebody assaults you, however a lot of them nonetheless shield you. They won’t be the dramatic, snarling, and biting heroes that you just think about them to be, however they’ll and do shield you in their very own approach.


The proven fact that there are such a lot of misconceptions about canines exhibits that they are often efficient in defending you from attackers. Perhaps not in the best way that you just imagined them to be, however their presence could be a deterrent alone.

Take a breed just like the Great Dane, for instance. Their dimension is intimidating, even to people who find themselves accustomed to canines. Even if you happen to didn’t know that they as soon as hunted wild boars and are devoted residence guardians, they’re more likely to scare away an attacker just by bounding as much as them and barking.

That mentioned, if you happen to’re attacked by somebody who is aware of that Great Danes are large softies, their presence received’t be a lot of a deterrent in any respect. A sort phrase, a deal with, and ear scratches are sometimes greater than sufficient to make a brand new good friend. This is why coaching your large guard canine to make use of their instinctive protectiveness might help.

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Dogs are outfitted with spectacular senses that assist alert them to hassle. Their nostril, ears, and eyes all work collectively to look at their environment and preserve them secure. Your Basset Hound would possibly turn into finest buddies with a burglar, however in addition they received’t be quiet when mentioned burglar walks as much as your again door.

In many circumstances, a canine’s bark is likely to be worse than their chew, nevertheless it will also be a very good deterrent. If your canine isn’t recognized for making extreme noise on a regular basis, the extra noise they make when they should, the extra consideration they’ll draw. For an attacker who desires to make a fast cease and a straightforward getaway, consideration is the very last thing that they’ll need.

Don’t depend on this alone, although. Unless you prepare your canine particularly to react to sure triggers, it’s troublesome to say what units them off. It’s additionally straightforward to quiet them down. After all, few canines will say “no” to a handful of treats or a juicy bone.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Protect Yourself From Attackers?

Hopefully, you and your canine won’t ever expertise a scenario the place you’ll want them to guard you. There are just a few methods you could defend your self and your canine with out relying solely on them to guard you. Here are just a few fast ideas:

  • Invest in guard canine coaching.
  • Stay alert, and keep away from harmful conditions or strolling routes.
  • Carry pepper spray.
  • Take a self-defense course.
  • Walk with a good friend or member of the family.
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What’s the Difference Between Protection and Aggression?

Many individuals don’t notice that there’s an enormous distinction between protecting habits and aggression. This is commonly why a canine proprietor will let their tiny Chihuahua “guard” their lap by snapping at anybody who comes shut—the tiny canine’s overprotectiveness is lovely.

Unfortunately, this habits usually isn’t a response to an precise risk to you; it’s your canine’s response to their jealousy or possessiveness towards you. It may also escalate till your canine is reacting to every little thing with snarls, bites, or different unwanted behavior.

When your canine reacts aggressively to every little thing, even when it’s not a risk, they’re not being protecting, they’re simply reacting. Aggression is a standard downside in canines and must be corrected by way of coaching and socialization.

Conversely, protectiveness is an instinctive habits that every one canines have, particularly the breeds which might be bred for guarding. Most of the time, it isn’t a nasty factor both; it’s simply your canine being loyal, observant, and reliable. Dogs may also react to your emotional response to conditions.

Protectiveness can result in aggression in sure circumstances, however with the suitable coaching, you may educate them to evaluate the scenario and resolve whether or not there’s a risk earlier than they overreact. Protective canines may also again down and calm down as quickly as they notice that there isn’t a risk. This could be after they’ve assured themselves that every little thing is secure or with a command from you.




Despite common perception, many canines received’t shield you if you happen to’re attacked, and these can embrace breeds which might be recognized to be naturally protecting. In many circumstances, canines that shield their house owners are trained to do so and can reply to a command that tells them to behave in a sure approach. It’s uncommon for a canine to guard their proprietor instinctively, and lots of are pleased to make buddies along with your attackers.

Even in case your canine is a well-known guard dog breed, don’t depend on them to guard you. Invest in guard canine coaching, but in addition take steps to guard your self by carrying pepper spray, studying primary self-defense, or strolling with a good friend.

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