Elvis Dog Names Inspired by Elvis’ Pets, Movie Roles and More

Elvis Dog Names Inspired by Elvis’ Pets, Movie Roles and More

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Are you an Elvis Presley-loving new pet father or mother looking for the proper identify to your “Hound Dog”? From the names of Elvis’s many canine and horse companions to the characters he portrayed on the massive display, you’ll discover that you simply “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with not less than one of many many Elvis-inspired canine names we’ve fetched for you!

Elvis Dog Names - dog names inspired by Elvis movies, family and Elvis' own dogsElvis Dog Names - dog names inspired by Elvis movies, family and Elvis' own dogs

People in Elvis’ Life

Beaulieu —  Priscilla Presley’s maiden identify is a mixture of the French phrases for “pretty” and “place.”

Cilla (or Priscilla) —  Elvis’s pet identify for Priscilla, whose identify means “venerable” and “classical.”  Did you realize that Priscilla Presley is an animal advocate who has helped to shine a highlight on matters starting from pet adoption to the necessity to finish the canine meat commerce? 

Elvis —  If you determine to call your little “Teddy Bear” after the King of Rock n Roll, you’ll be in good firm!  Nick Jonas named his Golden Retriever Elvis, identical to Pink did along with her Bulldog and Pretty Little Liars solid member Lucy Hale did along with her Maltipoo. The identify Elvis means “elf-wise buddy.” 

Ginger — Ginger Alden was the identify of Elvis’s fiancee on the time of his passing.  Her identify means “pure.”

Gladys—  The identify of the King of Rock ‘n ‘Roll’s’ mom means “princess.”

Jesse Garon —  Elvis’ twin brother, who was stillborn. The identify Jesse means ‘God’s reward” or “King,” whereas Garon means “prepared.”

Linda Thompson — A girl love of The King within the Seventies. The identify Linda means “fairly.”

Lisa Marie —  Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s daughter inherited the couple’s love of animals.  During the Covid pandemic she and two of her twin daughters fostered shelter puppies! The identify of the King’s solely youngster (and Elvis’s Convair 880 jet airplane), Lisa means “God’s promise,” whereas Marie means “star of the ocean.” 

Minnie Mae — Elvis’s grandmother.

Presley — You may additionally wish to take into account Elvis’s surname to your new fur child, which is the moniker that actress Debby Ryan (Disney Channel’s Jessie and the Netflix collection Insatiable) selected for her toy Poodle.

Tom Parker —  Portrayed by Tom Hanks within the 2022 Baz Luhrman biopic Elvis, the Colonel was the King’s supervisor.

Vernon —  The first identify of Elvis’s father means “Alder tree.”

Names of Elvis Dogs, Horses and More

Baba —  A Collie with film star seems to be, Baba starred alongside her well-known father within the flick Paradise, Hawaiian Style.

Bambi — The King turned to Disney for the identify of his squirrel monkey, who was given  to the famous person in 1966.

Bear — One of Elvis’s horses.

Beauty — A fan of James Dean, Elvis named one in all his horses after a horse within the popular culture icon’s final film, Giant.

Big Red — The identify of one in all Elvis’s horses this might additionally make an important identify for a Redbone Coonhound!

Bowtie —  Not solely was Elvis a fan of our four-legged buddies, he was additionally keen on our buddies with feathers, like his turkey, Bowtie!

Buckshot — An equine companion whose identify was impressed by Wild Bill Hickcock’s horse.

Brutus —  In actual life Elvis shared his house with Brutus, and in ‘reel life’ he shared display time with a Great Dane who portrayed the canine character Albert in his well-known father’s 1968 flick Live A Little, Love A Little.

Champagne — The identify of Elvis’s Poodle can be a enjoyable moniker for a barking buddy with a bubbly character!

Colonel Midnight —  Vernon Presley’s horse, who was introduced to him by his well-known son.

Domino —  The first horse to stay on the grounds of Graceland, Domino was a present to Priscilla from Presley. 

Ebony’s Double —  Priscilla Presley’s Tennessee Walking Horse.  (Priscilla would go on to be a staunch defender of her equine buddies, lobbying Congress to finish the merciless apply of soring.)

Edmund — Elvis’s Pomeranian.

El Poco — One of Elvis’s horses. 

Flaming Star — One of Elvis’s horses, whose identify was impressed by the entertainer’s 1960 Western.

Get Low — Although Elvis was initially involved about welcoming a Chow Chow  into his coronary heart and residential, considering that the breed was too aggressive, The King grew to like his new canine companion, and even leased a Lear jet to hurry Get Low to a veterinarian when the canine was struggling from a kidney ailment.

Honey —  The identify of Priscilla’s poodle.

Lady — One of Elvis’s horses.

Mare Ingram — A  horse whose identify was impressed by the Mayor of Memphis.

Michael Edwards — A canine he named in honor of his character in It Happened At The World’s Fair.

Moriah — Lisa Marie’s pony.

Puff — Lisa Marie’s cat.

Rising Sun —  Elvis’s Palomino. 

Scatter — Elvis’s mischievous chimp.

Scout —  One of Elvis’s horses.

Sheba — One of the King’s horses.

Snoopy — One of two Great Danes who lived at Graceland.

Star Trek —  Elvis named one in all his horses after the unique sci-fi collection!

Sun’s Reflection —  A relation of Elvis’ horse Rising Sun.

Sweet Pea — Well identified for his love of giving items, Elvis introduced a Poodle named Sweet Pea to his mom, Gladys.

Whoosh — One of Elvis’s canine.

Character Names from Elvis’ Movie Roles & Their Meanings

Elvis dog names inspired by movie charactersElvis dog names inspired by movie characters

Boy Dog Names Inspired by Elvis Movie Characters

Blue Hawaii —  This 1962 romantic romp featured the King as tour information Chad Gates, and leisure legend Angela Lansbury as his mom.  The identify Chad means “protector” or “defender.”

Change of Habit —  In his ultimate film function, Elvis portrayed Dr. John Carpenter, a doctor serving to internal metropolis youth. 

Charro! — A departure for the famous person, Elvis stepped into the function of Jess Wade on this 1969 non-musical Western.  The identify Jess means “reward of God” … Charro makes a enjoyable canine identify, too!

Clambake —  Elvis portrayed Scott Hayward, an inheritor to a millionaire, on this 1967 musical romp. The identify Scott means “from Scotland.”

Double Trouble — Elvis portrayed singer Guy Lambert on this 1967 musical farce.  The identify Guy means “information” or “chief.” 

Easy Come, Easy Go — Elvis tackled the function of ex-Navy frogman/deep sea diver/singer Ted Jackson on this 1967 comedy. Short for Theodore, the identify Ted means “wealth” or “riches.”

Flaming Star —  Elvis named one in all his horses after this 1960 western, by which he performed Pacer Burton.

Follow That Dream —  In this 1962 film impressed by the novel pioneer, Go Home!, Elvis introduced the character of Toby Kwimper to life on the silver display.  The identify Toby means “God is nice.”

Fun in Acapulco and Spinout —  Elvis took on the function of lifeguard/singer Mike Windgren for the frothy 1963 musical Fun in Acapulco, and race automotive driver/singer Mike McCoy within the 1966 musical comedy Spinout.  A nickname for Michael, Mike means “who’s like God.”

G.I. Blues —  Just discharged from the military, Elvis as soon as once more stepped into an Army uniform for his function as U.S. Army Speciality 5 Tulsa McLean on this 1960 musical comedy.  

Girl Happy — This light-hearted seaside film starred Elvis as nightclub singer Rusty Wells.

Girls! Girls! Girls! —  This 1962 musical comedy was primary on the field workplace on the week of its launch, thanks partly to Elvis’s portrayal of Ross Carpenter.  The identify Ross means “headland.”

Harum Scarum and Frankie and Johnny —  Elvis took on the identify Johnny for his roles in each Harum Scarum (Johnny Tyrone) and in- Frankie and Johnny.  A shortened type of the identify John, Johnny means “God is gracious.”

It Happened at The World’s Fair —  Elvis named one in all his canine Michael Edwards, his character on this playful 1963 musical comedy.

Jailhouse Rock —  Preserved within the National Film Registry, this 1957 musical drama starred Elvis as lawbreaker turned heartbreaker Vince Everett.  A shortened type of Vincent, the identify means “conquering” and “profitable.”

Kid Galahad —  Presley portrayed pugilist Walter Gulick on this 1962 remake of a 1937 movie.  The identify Walter means “commander of the military.” 

King Creole —  This 1962 drama stars Elvis in his favourite function as highschool pupil Danny Fisher.  The identify Danny (which is a shortened type of Daniel) means “God is my decide.” 

Kissin’ Cousins —  Elvis had double responsibility on this 1964 comedy, portraying distant cousins Josh Morgan and Jodie Tatum. Josh, a nickname for Joshua, means “Jehovah is salvation,” whereas Jodie means “from Judea.” 

Live A Little, Love A Little — The continuously photographed star portrayed shutterbug Greg Nolan on this 1968 musical comedy.  a reputation that will be an excellent match for a protecting pup, Greg means “watchful” and “vigilant.”

Love Me Tender —  As Clint Reno, Elvis crooned a tune that rocketed to quantity one in his first foray in function movies, The identify Clint means “fenced settlement.”

Loving You —  In his second film function Elvis stepped into the function of Deke Rivers, a supply man who, upon being found, rises to stardom. The identify Deke means each “dusty one” and “messenger.”

Paradise, Hawaiian Style —  Elvis’s third movie to function the fiftieth state, this silver display songfest starred the King as helicopter pilot Rick Richards. The identify Rick means “highly effective” and “courageous ruler.”

Roustabout —  Elvis starred as Charlie Rogers, a musician/carnival performer on this 1964 musical.  A diminutive of Charles, the identify Charlie means “free man.” 

Speedway — Once once more steering film audiences into theaters as a race automotive driver, Elvis portrayed Steve Grayson on this 1968 musical.

Stay Away, Joe — The King starred as rodeo rider Joe Lightcloud in his first movie to be launched in 1968.  Short for Joseph, Joe means “God will give.” 

The Trouble with Girls— Elvis’s cinematic profession was coming to an in depth when he starred as Walter Hale on this 1969 interval film. The identify Walter means “commander of the military.”

Tickle Me — Elvis gained an award for his function as bronco buster Lonnie Beale on this 1965 comedy.  The identify Lonnie means “lion.”

Viva Las Vegas —  Perhaps Presley’s hottest function, Elvis starred as race automotive driver Lucky Jackson is that this 1964 musical. 

Wild within the Country —  In this 1961 musical drama the King portrays author Glen Tyler. The identify Glen means “in a valley.”

Girl Dog Names Inspired by Elvis Movie Love Interests

Blue Hawaii —  Actress Joan Blackman’s Maile Duval falls for Elvis’s character on this bubbly romantic comedy. Maile is a Hawaiian identify which means “candy smelling vine.”

Change of Habit — As Sister Michelle, actress Mary Tyler Moore portrayed a doable love curiosity in Elvis’s ultimate function movie.  The identify Michelle means “who resembles God.”

Charro! —  Tracey Winters was Elvis’s silver display woman love on this 1969 Western. The identify Tracey means “fighter.”

ClambakeShelley Fabares starred as a gold digger with a coronary heart of gold on this 1967 camp basic.

Double Trouble —  The character of Jill Conway captured The King’s coronary heart on this 1967 musical. The identify Jill means “youngster of the gods.”

Easy Come, Easy Go —  In this fluffy farce the character of Jo Symington was Elvis’s gal pal. 

Flaming Star —  Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie fame portrayed Elvis’ love curiosity Roslyn PIerce on this 1960 Western. Roslyn means “light horse.”

Follow That Dream —  The character of Holly (a reputation which means “the holly tree”) provides her  coronary heart to Elvis’s Toby on this toe-tapping 1962 musical.

Frankie and Johnny —  Donna Douglas, who would go on to painting animal-loving Ellie Mae Clampett in The Beverly Hillbillies, was Frankie to Elvis’ Johnny on this 1966 Western. 

G.I. Blues —  Juliet Prowse starred as night time membership dancer Lili on this swinging 1960 musical. The identify Lili means “oath of God.”

Harum Scarum —  As film star Johnny Tyrone, Elvis falls for Mary Ann Mobley (who portrayed Princess Shalimar) on this 1965 romp. Shalimar means “abode of affection” or “moonlight.”

Jailhouse Rock —  Music promoter Peggy Van Alden fell for former legal turned crooner Vince Everett in Jailhouse Rock. The identify Peggy means “pearl.” 

Kid Galahad —  Joan Blackman as soon as once more stepped in entrance of the digicam with Elvis for his 1962 musical, this time portraying the character Rose Grogan.  

King Creole —  Elvis’s character discovered himself in a love triangle on this 1958 drama, which starred Carolyn Jones as Ronnie (which implies ‘ruler” or “bringer of victory”) and Dolores Hart as Nellie (which implies “horn” or “solar ray”.)

Live A Little, Love a Little —  Bernice was Elvis’s gal pal on this carefree flick from the late 60s. The identify Bernice means “bringer of victory.”

Love Me TenderCathy was Clint Reno’s within the western Love Me Tender. The identify Cathy means “pure.”

Loving You — Portrayed by Dolores Hart, “Susie” Jessup made Elvis’s coronary heart skip a beat in his second movie.  The identify Susan means “lily flower.”

Paradise, Hawaiian Style —  Judy “Friday” Hudson caught the attention of Elvis’s character on this 1966 musical comedy. The identify Judy means “praised.”

Speedway — As Susan Jacks, Nancy Sinatra brought on Elvis’s coronary heart to race on this revved up romantic  1968 musical. 

Spinout —  Three younger women (Cynthia Foxhugh, Diana St. Clair and Les) attempt to catch The King’s eye on this 1966 musical comedy.

The Trouble with Girls —  Charlene was a reluctant love curiosity for Elvis’ Walter Hale on this 1969 interval image.  The identify Charlene means “free spirit.”

Viva Las Vegas —  This 1964 homage to The Entertainment Capital of The World is probably Presley’s hottest function presentation, due partly to the efficiency of Ann-Margret as Rusty Martin.

Wild in The Country —  Hope Lange starred as Irene Sperry on this 1961 drama.  The identify Irene comes from Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace.   

Elvis Movie Titles

The titles of some of The King’s many massive display ventures might be doable names to your pup!

  • Blue Hawaii
  • Charro!
  • Clambake
  • Double Trouble
  • Flaming Star
  • Frankie and Johnny (A fantastic combo for those who’ve welcomed two canines into your coronary heart and residential!)
  • Kid Galahad
  • King Creole
  • Roustabout
  • Speedway
  • Spinout

Place Names

Place names associated with ElvisPlace names associated with Elvis

Graceland —  Elvis’s house could solely enable two-legged guests, however shut by at  the four-star Guest House at Graceland your Hound Dog, if he/she weighs 35 kilos or much less, is welcome within the South Tower rooms!

[embedded content]

Hawaii —  Elvis’s love of the fiftieth state led him to aim to recreate a little bit of its magnificence in The Jungle Room at Graceland. (How about Blue Hawaii to your Blue Heeler?)

Memphis — Elvis moved to Memphis along with his household in 1939, and The King remained loyal to the town, shifting to eight completely different addresses through the years earlier than fame allowed him to buy Graceland, the place he lived till his passing in 1977.

Tupelo —  Did you realize that Elvis’s hometown holds the Tupelo Elvis Festival yearly?  The weekend-long Presley-themed get together contains an Elvis pet parade!

Vegas —  Not solely is Viva Las Vegas maybe the King’s most well-known function, Las Vegas can be the town the place he tied the knot with Priscilla.

Various Words and Names Associated with Elvis

Aaron —  Elvis’s center identify.

Jordanaires —  The King’s back-up band.

Marie—  “Marie’s The Name (His Latest Flame)”…and it might be the identify of your new canine companion!  The identify Marie means “star of the ocean.”

Sherlock —  There was no want for a sleuth to infer why the TV viewers watching The Steve Allen Show in July 1956 went loopy for The King when he belted out his hit music “Hound Dog” in entrance of a Basset Hound named Sherlock.

TCB —  Elvis’ motto, “Taking Care of Business!”

Teddy Bear —  Elvis’s 1957 hit single can be an ideal identify for a cuddly canine companion!

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Elvis inspired dog namesElvis inspired dog names
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