10+ Cat Names for White Cats

If you’re in search of a reputation for white cats, you may sit up for all kinds. In the following few traces, you will discover fantastic concepts which might be tailored for all home tigers with light-colored fur.

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Finding a reputation for cats is an thrilling and artistic matter for a lot of future cat homeowners. It doesn’t need to be difficult, as a result of the colour of the fur can present a clue.

White cats are discovered, for instance, within the European Shorthair or Norwegian Forest Cat. To assist with discovering a reputation, this text has 18 names for white female and male cats, which underline the particular coat shade.

Good Names for White Cats

Names for White Cats – Female

A wonderful feminine cat wants an exquisite identify. For magical white cats, you will discover 9 feminine cat names right here.


In a nutshell: The identify Alba has a Latin origin and easily means “the white one”. Alba is a lady’s identify in Spain and Italy.


The French identify Blanchette exudes a contact of romance. It is especially appropriate for petite cat girls as a result of the interpretation is: “The little white one”.


Like a day within the South Seas: The identify Coco evokes associations with a tropical trip. If the colour of a cat’s fur is white like the within of a coconut, then the identify matches completely.


Even the commonest phrases are shortlisted when selecting a reputation – at the least when translated into Italian. Because who would have guessed that Farina means “flour” in German and that the white baking ingredient seems to be a reasonably identify for white cats?


White as a snowflake: This identify for white cats may be very fashionable in Germany. This isn’t a surprise, in spite of everything, fantastic reminiscences of snowy winter days come up.


The Celtic language has some fantastic names on provide – this after all additionally applies to white cats. Gwen is the quick type of the identify Gwendolin and means “the white one” or “the white flower”.


“Bright”, “radiant” and “gentle” – these three meanings of the Greek identify Layna are precisely appropriate for a cat with a white coat.


From the far north: The identify Lumi comes from Finland and has a that means that “whiter” couldn’t be. Its translation is “the snow”.


The identify Phoebe (pronounced: Fibi) has an historical Greek background. The that means scores with “the sunshine” or “the pure”.

Names for White Cats – Male

White male cats are uncommon. For such particular four-legged associates, after all, you additionally want an appropriate identify. Here are 9 names for male white cats.


Bela – additionally spelled Béla – is a Hungarian identify for boys. Since it interprets as “the white one”, it is a wonderful selection for all pale-colored cats.


Bianco is the masculine Italian type of the phrase white. Thanks to the attractive sound and simple pronunciation, Bianco turns into an appropriate identify for white cats.


Fionn means “gentle” or “blond” and has an outdated Irish origin. As a reputation for a white cat, it sounds unique and mystical.


Who doesn’t know the fortunate dragon from the movie “The Neverending Story”? Just like a white male, he has an exquisite, light-colored mane.


This Japanese identify conceals a number of meanings that match a white tomcat. Among different issues, Haku means “white” or “white snow”.


Off to the Wild West: The English identify grew to become well-known, amongst different issues, via the comedian determine Lucky Luke. The identify incorporates the Latin phrase “leucus”, which implies “vibrant” or “white”.


In German, Milky (= milky) wouldn’t be the proper selection for a white cat. On the opposite hand, it sounds all of the extra like an exquisite identify in English, which additionally simply crosses your lips.


A seductive coconut praline and the heartwarming look of a hangover – each are arduous to withstand. If the home tiger has creamy white fur and is sugar-sweet, it is a wonderful candidate for the identify Rafaello.


If a white cat rolls right into a ball whereas napping, it’s paying homage to a snowball.

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