Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 3 – 7 kilos (1.36 – 3.18 kg)
  • Height: 7 – 9 inches (17.78 – 22.86 cm)

The Look of a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are small, longhaired canines with stable, well-proportioned frames. They maintain themselves in an erect, assured and proud method. A typical Yorkie has a flat head (with numerous hair), a medium-sized muzzle, alert and pleasant eyes, and a pair of erect, V-shaped ears. Their tails are docked to medium-length whereas their coats dangle lengthy and straight throughout. The coats are often metallic blue on the physique and tail, and tan in all places else.


  • Long, “high-maintenance” coat
  • Small and cute
  • Pretty and dainty
  • Refined
  • Feisty and vigorous
  • Fearless

Ideal Human Companion

  • Singles
  • Families with older youngsters
  • High-energy varieties

What They Are Like to Live With

Often known as toys with terrier qualities, Yorkshire Terriers usually are not your typical sofa companion. They are intelligent, daring and unbiased animals with an lively feistiness that makes itself identified throughout the home.

Easily educated, Yorkshire Terriers have a eager capability to recollect a number of instructions and undertake many obedience expertise. They are top-notch opponents in terms of sports activities and agility. This breed can be identified for its independence. They want a certain quantity of privateness to recharge, but in addition crave exercise, involvement and a spotlight.

No matter how many individuals or animals in the home, Yorkies will assert themselves, involving themselves in numerous hi-jinks which can be principally amusing and enjoyable. This assertiveness often comes throughout as self-confidence, not aggressiveness. They get alongside very properly with different canines and simply adapt to household life. Intensely protecting, Yorkshire Terriers have a fearlessness and a relentless bark that make them nice watchdogs.

Things You Should Know

Yorkshire Terriers can reside so long as 15 years, however they should be dealt with with care. Be cautious when holding them or transporting them and remember to repeatedly feed them stable meals. Health points could embody Portosystemic shunt (liver shunts), tracheal collapse, retinal dysplasia, patellar lunation and hypoglycemia.

Yorkies get alongside very properly with youngsters, however they don’t have the endurance for the sudden strikes and tough play of very small ones. Also, they will typically be demanding and cussed in the event that they don’t get their manner.

Like different small breeds, Yorkshire Terriers have a super-sized confidence. Keep them on a leash throughout walks, as they generally tend to select battle with a lot bigger canines.

They needs to be groomed repeatedly, together with day by day combing and brushing. The hair on their heads grows so lengthy, it’s usually essential to tie it in a band so your Yorkshire Terrier can see and eat with none problem.

Yorkshire Terrier History

Yorkshire Terriers have been bred in nineteenth century England from a mix of Scottish Terriers: Clydesdale, Skye, Paisley and Waterside Terriers; and have been utilized by miners close to Yorkshire to catch rats that had infested the mines. They additionally got here in helpful as looking canines, capable of chase foxes, badgers and different small animals into their burrows. Over the years they have been bred smaller, quickly changing into modern pets and canine present standouts.