Why Do Dogs Kick After They Pee? 4 Possible Reasons Explained

Why Do Dogs Kick After They Pee? 4 Possible Reasons Explained

So, you’ve been going out to the toilet along with your canine since they have been only a wee pet. You have been watching their antics and their habits from the start. As they’ve been rising up, you understand they’ve a cool behavior.

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Every time they go to the toilet, they must kick behind them after they’re finished for the grand finale. If it had not registered in your radar at first, you would possibly surprise what this peculiar habits is and why your canine is doing it. Here are some potential causes that your canine kicks after they pee.

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The 4 Possible Reasons Why Dogs Kick After They Pee

1. Your Dog Is Scent Marking

Our canine use their waste to speak with different canines. Some of it says, “Hey! This is my home.” Other issues say, “I observed you have been on the lookout for an admirable suitor. Perhaps I might do the job?”

What our canine talk to others drastically is determined by the way, pheromones, and different elements that come into play. When your canine is kicking after utilizing the toilet, it’s a method for them to ship these messages to any canine passersby.

Scent marking is a very regular factor for canine to do. There are scent glands on the again of your canine’s paws that launch natural chemical compounds that inform a narrative. It is a technique of communication and nothing extra.

Scratching the grass after urination or defecation spreads the scent and sends needed messages to close by canine.

Golden Retriever Dog peeing in the yard outdoors
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 2. They’re Hiding Their Waste

Another apparent purpose a canine could kick after they pee is that they’re hiding their waste, particularly in the event that they’re kicking up dust or sand. They could also be making an attempt to cowl their waste as a approach to disguise their scent from prey, or within the case of small canine, from bigger canine and different predators.

3. It’s a Visual Message

Your canine could kick after they pee as a approach to ship a visible message to different canine. It lets the opposite canine know that they’ve simply peed there and are marking their territory.

white dog peeing on grass
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4. They’re Communicating

Your canine may very well be kicking the bottom after they pee as a approach to unfold the chemical compounds discovered of their pee to let different canine and animals know that they’re there or ship a message. It basically goes again to scent marking , as scientists which have studied the habits aren’t certain precisely what messages canine are attempting to convey.

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A Dog’s Sense of Smell

A dog’s sense of smell is far superior to ours. In truth, it’s estimated to be 1,000 to 10,000 instances extra acute than people. Dogs can inform all kinds of details about their environment and people they work together with by scent alone.

Three Dogs greeting each other by sniffing butts
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Changes in Bathroom Habits

While kicking after peeing is completely regular, you may want to try every other alerts that would point out an issue. The habits by itself is 100% regular, however when you simply began noticing some adjustments in your canine’ actions, you would possibly surprise why.
If it looks as if your canine is struggling a bit of bit to make use of the toilet they usually appear agitated greater than common afterward, it may point out a possible an infection or different underlying well being concern.


A urinary tract infection can have an effect on canine of all ages and trigger ache throughout urination or frequent journeys to the yard.

Bladder Stones

Bladder stones are tiny, crystallized particles within the bladder that may be painful to go. They normally trigger blood within the urine, however your canine would possibly present seen indicators of pressure or discomfort throughout potty time.


Cystitis is one other painful bladder an infection that requires vet assist. It could be attributable to tumors, polyps, and even bladder stones.

Veterinarian doctor is making a check up of a australian shepherd dog at clinic
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Kidney Infection

A kidney an infection is fairly critical! If your pup has a kidney an infection, they may want vet therapy promptly—seemingly a hefty course of antibiotics and different supportive care. Pups normally exhibit adjustments in toilet habits, extreme thirst, and lack of urge for food.

Prostate Issues

Having prostate points could make it troublesome for male canine to do their enterprise. Often it causes a situation known as prostatitis, which may result in interruption in urine stream amongst different indicators.

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So now you perceive a bit of extra about canine kicking after they pee and its goal. They principally do it as a approach to mark their scent or disguise their scent, but in addition use it as a visible cue or a type of communication to different canine. But when you have a pup that’s displaying any issue going to the toilet, it’s undoubtedly time to see your vet.

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