Which Cat Breed is Right for Me?

There are innumerable breeds of cats on the planet. If you’re trying to get your self a cat, you’re certain to be questioning which breed is greatest for you. Here you’ll find an summary of the various cat breeds and a bit assist with the choice.

Which Cat is Right for Me?

  • There are round 100 completely different cat breeds within the World.
  • We have an interest within the group of small cats.
  • Which cat fits you is dependent upon your character and your residing situations.
  • Each breed of cat has its personal temperament.

How are Cat Species Classified?

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Cats basically are a subfamily of predators. They are frequent all around the world and are completely carnivores. The cat household is in flip divided into teams of enormous and small cats. The huge cats embrace, for instance, the lion, the tiger, or the leopard. Small cats embrace, for instance, the wild cat, the lynx, and the ocelot. A subspecies of the wild cat, alternatively, is the widespread home cat. This represents a separate group of small cats, which, nonetheless, don’t belong to any specific breed. In the next, we name all cats which might be saved by people home cats.

What Breeds of Cats are There?

The home cats are once more divided into three teams:

  • Shorthair cats;
  • Semi-longhair cats;
  • Longhair cats.

It have to be talked about right here that the semi-long-haired and long-haired cats are genetically the identical. Here, solely the size of the fur is used to distinguish. Which breed you select ultimately is a matter of style. It is necessary to know that short-haired cats wouldn’t have much less hair than their companions with lengthy hair. However, long-haired cats often want extra hair care.

Shorthair cats

Shorthair cats are the most typical within the World. Well-known short-haired cat breeds are:

  • Devon Rex
  • Savannah
  • American Shorthair
  • Abyssinian cat
  • Snowshoe
  • Russian blue
  • Siam
  • Burma
  • Bengal cat
  • Sphynx
  • British shorthair
  • Domestic cat

Semi-longhair cats

Half-long-haired cats are additionally widespread within the World and Europe. The coat of the semi-long-haired cats is a bit longer than that of the short-haired cats. It serves as safety and permits the cat to manage higher within the chilly in addition to in scrub or thorns. This kind of cat requires a bit extra grooming than short-haired cats however requires considerably much less grooming than long-haired cats. For instance, she doesn’t have to be bathed repeatedly. Daily combing and brushing are solely mandatory when the cat is altering its coat. Popular semi-longhair cats are:

  • Birman cat
  • Turkish Angora
  • Nebelung cat
  • Maine Coon cat
  • Neva Masquarade
  • Norwegian forest cat
  • American Bobtail Longhair

Longhair cats

This pressure is especially well-liked as a result of long-haired cats are very tender and comfy. They are very nice to stroke and so they look stunning. Of course, the care of the fur requires a considerably increased quantity of labor than along with your short-haired colleagues. The matter turns into significantly bushy when the cat utterly adjustments its coat in autumn and spring. Vacuuming and sweeping will then change into a day-to-day enterprise. These are the most well-liked longhair cats:

  • Persian cat
  • Angora cat
  • British longhair

What are the Characteristics of Cats?

For a very long time, it was claimed that cats have been loners and principally unsocial animals. This declare is wrong and has been refuted many occasions. House cats (together with lions) are principally social animals with numerous group interplay. Domestic cats truly hunt alone, whereas lions hunt in packs. The opinion that home cats are loners comes from the truth that all different cat species (besides home cats and lions) are literally loners. The distinct social conduct of home cats is the rationale why they may very well be domesticated within the first place.

Does Each Breed of Cats Have Their Own Temperament?

Every cat is a person animal and has its very personal temperament. In Erin Hunter’s sequence of novels “Warrior Cats”, the completely different cats have completely different temperaments. Many ponder whether one can attribute sure temperament traits to particular person cat breeds in actuality. The reply to that’s sure. Here are a couple of examples:

The home cat

Right firstly, it must be talked about that the query about the home cat is troublesome to reply. Because the home cat doesn’t belong to any specific breed. So for those who purchase a home cat, you might be actually shopping for a “pig in a poke”, as a result of it has all kinds of properties. However, home cats have one factor in frequent: They want house to run round and love their freedom. In addition, the connection with folks is necessary to them and so they wish to be petted repeatedly.

The Bengal cat

The Bengal cat is a breed from the USA. Here wild and home cats have been crossed, which is clearly mirrored within the character. She is wild, busy, loud, and communicative. She wants numerous workouts and is a wonderful hunter.

British Shorthair

This cat is the exact opposite of the Bengal cat. It is cozy, relaxed, and straightforward to take care of. She loves contact with folks and could be very affectionate. So the British Shorthair is the proper indoor cat.

Maine Coon cat

This breed of cats is as wild as it’s meek. She is without doubt one of the largest cat breeds on the planet and on the similar time very pleasant. That is why they’re additionally referred to as the “light big”. The Maine Coon is sensible, playful, and enjoys speaking with different cats.

What Other Distinguishing Criteria are There?

So you’ll be able to see that every breed of cat has its personal character traits. Of course, cats may also be differentiated based mostly on the next traits:

  • look
  • nourishment
  • age
  • origin

I Want to Get a Cat – What is the Best Way to Go About It?

If you wish to deliver a cat into your private home, listed here are some issues to think about:

  • What temperament ought to the cat have? Would you want a wild cat or a mild cat? Should it’s unbiased or affectionate? To do that, you are able to do one of many many “Which cat fits me?” Tests on the Internet.
  • Think about how typically you might be house and whether or not you could have sufficient time to take care of the cat. If you might be away from house rather a lot, it’s higher to not get a long-haired Persian cat. Because that is very maintenance-intensive.
  • What shade ought to the cat be?
  • How huge ought to it’s?
  • What is the eating regimen like?
  • How costly is she?

When you could have answered these questions for your self, you’ll quickly have discovered your good new roommate.

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