What is a Moyen Poodle?

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When it involves adopting a rescue canine, having the right data is essential. After all, including a Moyen Poodle into your life is a giant determination! It takes time and data to seek out that good pup.  

That is why DogTipper has compiled a useful resource information with every thing you should learn about Moyen Poodles, proper right here on one web page.  

Ready to see if a Moyen Poodle is best for you?

What is a Moyen Poodle? What is a Moyen Poodle?

Size and Weight

The very first thing to contemplate earlier than adopting is dimension and weight. Unlike many dog breeds – which are available in just one dimension – the American Kennel Club acknowledges three distinct Poodle sizes.

These are: toy, miniature, and normal.

But the Moyen Poodle is of a fourth, medium-sized selection. In reality, the French phrase “moyen” truly interprets to “medium” in English.

Medium poodle infographicMedium poodle infographic

They typically weigh between 20 – 25 lbs and can stand roughly 15 – 20 inches tall.

A litter of Moyen Poodle puppies is usually a results of breeding a female and male Moyen Poodle, or by breeding a normal Poodle with a miniature Poodle.

This makes them a medium-sized canine companion!

Personality and Temperament

Apricot medium or Moyen poodleApricot medium or Moyen poodle

Did you realize?

According to an inventory titled 2020 Most Popular Dog Breeds Rankings, Poodles ranked #6. They are an especially common breed. And no surprise why!

Moyen Poodles embody all the most effective traits of Poodles. They are loyal canines that do very nicely in households, typically bonding intently with each adults and youngsters alike.

Their energetic nature makes the Moyen Poodle an ideal selection for these with lively life. They are playful, sensible, and can fortunately trot alongside you throughout a hike or splash within the water on the seashore.

In addition, Moyen Poodles are watchful canines. Though not often aggressive, the Moyen Poodle (like all canines) requires correct socialization to keep away from changing into nervous or timid round strangers. This is particularly true for rescues.

Overall, the Moyen Poodle’s temperament makes it a wonderful household pet.


Next, you might be curious concerning the trainability of a Moyen Poodle.

Good information!

Moyen Poodles are very smart canines. Statistically talking, out of 138 canine breeds Poodles have been discovered to be the second smartest, as cited by The Smart Canine. Their IQ makes them excel at obedience. Moyen Poodles can take part in agility, monitoring, retrieval, and even canine dance competitions!

These canines thrive when given the prospect to make use of their brains. However, they are often emotionally delicate. Therefore, it’s finest to all the time use reward and constructive reinforcement throughout coaching periods.  

Common Questions

Do Moyen Poodle puppies shed?

Moyen Poodles shed little or no. They can be found in a variety of colours which embrace: black, white, apricot, cream, brown, blue, and extra.

One attribute is identical throughout all varieties nonetheless, and that’s their tendency to be low shedders. Moyen Poodles have dense curly coats. This earns them a spot as a hypoallergenic canine breed. Have allergic reactions? A Moyen Poodle could also be good for you.

Do Moyen Poodles bark rather a lot?

Poodles typically get a foul repute as “barkers.” Remember, they’re sensible canines. So, every time they really feel excited, bored, or need to alert their proprietor, they could launch a loud “woof!”  

But in line with Know Your Doodles, Moyen Poodles are solely average barkers.


On common, a wholesome Moyen Poodle will dwell between 12 – 15 years.

Famous Moyen Poodles

All all through historical past, people have beloved canines. Of course, this contains Poodles! Elvis Presley famously owned a Poodle named Champagne who he lived with whereas in Germany. Walt Disney’s household additionally adored their pet Poodle, Lady.

Nowadays, Moyen Poodles are rising in reputation, too.

Violette de Ayala – founding father of femcity and bestselling writer – shares her house with a darling Moyen Poodle named Georgie.

Similarly, Anne Devereux-Mills – founding father of Parlay House – has a candy black and white Moyen Poodle who goes by the identify of Mick Jagger. He’s even featured on her Instagram web page!

Rescue Information

You can discover the canine of your desires at a Poodle-specific canine rescue (that are situated all through the United States), or verify any rescue group in your space.    

You can seek for adoptable Moyen Poodles on-line at:

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