What Is a Male Dog Called?

What Is a Male Dog Called?

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OK, I’ve to confess that I name our male canine Barli a “boy”–however that’s not the “official” terminology for a male canine! Let’s have a look at the completely different phrases for a male that cowl your canine from puppyhood and into maturity.

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What Is a Male Dog Called?What Is a Male Dog Called?

What do you name a male canine?

A male canine is known as a canine! The time period canine refers each to the species canis familiaris in addition to the male members of the species.

In the canine breeding world, a male is a canine and a female dog is a bitch–however these phrases are primarily utilized by canine breeders and within the canine present world.

In the on a regular basis world, completely different phrases are used and canines are sometimes known as a “male canine” — however don’t really feel that may be a redundancy. If we had been to make a vet appointment for Barli and had been requested to explain him, we’d say he’s a male or boy canine (or a “neutered canine.”)

And if you happen to’re questioning in regards to the origin of the word dog, properly, it’s a little bit of a thriller. It is derived from the Middle English dogge which got here from the Old English docga however these phrases first referred to not-so-nice canines (and not-so-nice individuals).

Terms for Males Used for Breeding

Just like “dam” is used for a feminine canine who’s used for breeding, you’ll discover that there are particular phrases for males concerned in breeding.

A male that’s used for breeding is a “stud” whereas a canine who has fathered a litter is a “sire.”

The sire and the dam are the mother and father of a litter of puppies.

And these puppies? When they’re newborns, they’re “whelps.” Whelping is the act of the canine giving beginning so the new child puppies are whelps.

What do you name a canine that has been neutered?

A neutered dog is known as merely a “neutered canine” or colloquially a “canine who has been mounted.” (The informal time period “mounted” is used to check with each female and male canines who’ve been de-sexed.)

You don’t have to say a “neutered male canine” since solely males are neutered; a de-sexed feminine canine is a “spayed canine.”

What is a grandfather canine known as?

We’ve by no means recognized the mother and father or the grandparents of our canines since they’re all from shelters however breeders have information on the lineage of puppies, together with the grandfathers of the puppies.

There are two phrases to determine the “grandfather” of puppies.

  • The “damsire” is the sire (father) of the dam (the mom of the puppies) so he’s the canine grandfather on the mom’s aspect.
  • The time period Grand Sire can be utilized to imply the grandfather on both the feminine or male aspect.

So there you’ve gotten it! Whether you’re speaking a couple of canine, a canine who has fathered puppies–or grandfathered puppies–or a neutered canine, you now know all of the terminology!

When it involves terminology, I do know the one our Barli most likes to listen to: good boy!

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What is a male dog called?What is a male dog called?
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