What does a fennec fox eat? Can they eat cat and pet food?

What does a fennec fox eat? Can they eat cat and pet food?

fennec fox eating

Fennec foxes are wonderful animals, however not many individuals know what they eat. Pet house owners would possibly feed their fennec fox cat meals and pet food with out realizing how the dietary content material of those meals impacts fennec fox well being.

Fennec foxes eat bugs, small rodents, lizards, birds and birds’ eggs. They hunt at night time, and are 90% carnivorous, however complement their meaty weight loss program with foraged roots and fruits, which means they’re technically omnivores.

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Fennec foxes are immediately recognisable for his or her massive and distinctive ears. But they’re greater than only a set of listening to aids! The fennec fox is the world’s smallest fox. Its thick fur retains it heat throughout chill desert nights, and protects it from extra warmth in the course of the day. Its massive ears additionally assist to control physique temperature.

Fennec foxes are usually not the commonest family pets, however they’re surprisingly widespread. If you might be questioning whether or not you may feed common pet food and cat meals to your pet fennec fox, you may have come to the appropriate place.

Fennec fox weight loss program within the wild

Fennec foxes are opportunistic hunters and foragers. This means they are going to eat no matter they’ll get their palms – or paws – on. They hunt at night time, utilizing their massive ears and delicate noses to smell out their subsequent meal. They eat about 90% animal, 10% vegetable, which implies that technically they’re omnivores.

Because they’re very small, fennec foxes are undetectable to smaller animals dwelling beneath the desert’s sandy floor. Treading flippantly, they hear out for any underground rustling, and dig with all 4 ft as quickly as they hear one thing.

What is accessible to them of their habitat?

  • Fennec foxes forage for fruits, roots and leaves. These assist fennec foxes to remain hydrated within the sizzling, dry desert landscapes they name dwelling. In dry habitats, fruits and roots can present important water that’s in any other case scarce.
  • Fennec foxes hunt small and small-to-medium sized desert-dwelling animals, corresponding to rodents, lizards, bugs, birds and birds’ eggs.
  • The fennec fox will not be a fussy eater. It can not afford to be in its harsh desert habitat. It will eat absolutely anything it could possibly get its jaws round.
  • Fennec foxes have been identified to catch and kill prey bigger than themselves, for instance, totally grown rabbits.

It may be laborious to match this weight loss program in captivity. For this purpose, most house owners feed their pet fennec foxes on what is called a ‘industrial wild canid weight loss program’. Many zoos use this optimum weight loss program as a foundation for all their omniverous, doglike wild mammals – of which the fennec fox is one.

It is particularly essential to make sure that a fennec fox’s weight loss program accommodates satisfactory ranges of taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that’s key for a lot of metabolic processes within the physique. Owing to its excessive metabolism, the fennec fox requires a better taurine focus than many different animals.

Can fennec foxes eat pet food?

If you may have a fennec fox as a pet like I do, you could have undoubtedly tried together with pet food in your fennec fox’s weight loss program. And they completely cherished it. 

In reality, industrial canine meals are appropriate for fennec foxes – whether or not it’s kibble or canned – so long as they’ve good components and are primarily meat. But do verify in together with your veterinarian on the appropriate sort and quantities in your fennec fox. 

Kibble, or dry pelleted pet food, usually accommodates a proportion of grain or another binder. This reduces the taurine rely for the pet food, so make sure that to verify the components before you purchase a giant bag.

If a canned pet food is just too costly, you should buy supplementary luggage of taurine. Simply including a small quantity of taurine to your fennec fox’s meals combine will preserve it match and wholesome.

Can fennec foxes eat cat meals?

Fennec foxes can eat cat meals, too. If you embody cat meals in your fennec fox’s weight loss program, be sure you rotate the meats. Give your pet fox a variety of meats and kinds, for instance, uncooked, dry and canned. Here are a couple of cat meals manufacturers you may attempt:

  • Prairie (Nature’s Variety): This is accessible as dried, frozen uncooked and canned. It is wealthy in taurine and is subsequently an incredible base meals in your fennec fox.
  • Azmira: Naturally wealthy in nutritional vitamins and good high quality.
  • Mazuri Wild Feline: This can also be particularly wealthy in taurine, making it preferrred for fennec foxes.
  • Wellness: This model has a particular method that accommodates 8% fats and a pair of% taurine. Its components embody salmon meal, herring meal, menhaden fishmeal, deboned turkey and straight-up salmon. It has zero synthetic preservatives, so don’t purchase large shares of it, however your fennec fox will find it irresistible!

What different meals are appropriate for fennec foxes?

Fennec foxes eat all types of meals. Here is a non-exhaustive checklist of different meats you may feed to your fennec fox. You can alternate between these and dog-/cat meals, or combine them in collectively.

  • Mealworms
  • Crickets
  • Silkworms
  • Mice and pinky mice
  • Raw lamb muscle
  • Raw lamb kidney
  • Raw pork muscle
  • Raw pork liver
  • Raw hen muscle
  • Raw beef muscle
  • Raw beef kidney
  • Raw codfish
  • Raw oysters
  • Raw clams
  • Cooked scallops
  • Cooked moule (mussels)
  • Cooked octopus
  • Cooked squid
  • Cooked tone
  • Cooked crab
  • Pasteurised milk

Of course, a few of these are cheaper and extra available than others. See what number of you may match into your fennec fox’s weight loss program!

Is there something you shouldn’t feed to a fennec fox?

Veterinarians warn canine house owners in opposition to feeding grapes to their pets. Dogs usually develop kidney points from consuming too many grapes. So it’s best to keep away from these.

How usually do fennec foxes eat?

Twice a day, although you need to observe your veterinarian’s suggestions on this. You can feed your fennec fox by merely placing meals in a bowl. Or, to make issues a bit extra enjoyable, conceal some tasty morsels in a ‘deal with puzzle’ to present your pet some psychological enrichment. Fennec foxes are mentally agile, so rewarding puzzles go a protracted strategy to fulfilling their need for stimulation.

A bowl of unpolluted water is important, too.

How a lot do fennec foxes eat a day?

If you go for an insect and rodent-based weight loss program, you need to feed your fennec fox a number of dozen mealworms, crickets silkworms, or different bugs per day. Add a hen egg for good measure, and your fennec fox ought to simply have sufficient sustenance.

Add a few heaped teaspoons filled with greens (frozen combined greens, contemporary broccoli, tiny tomatoes, or no matter else you may have within the cabinet) per day with a purpose to present a broad dietary spectrum. A smattering of treats shall be welcome, too!


Fennec foxes are superior animals and make nice pets. They are sociable and agile, and may bond effectively with canines. You can feed your fennec fox a weight loss program that features each canine and cat meals, so long as it’s wealthy in taurine and primarily meat-based. A wide range of roots and greens can complement your fennec fox’s weight loss program. Avoid grapes, and you need to have a cheerful, wholesome fennec fox. 

Do you may have something so as to add? Let us know within the feedback beneath. Share this with your pals, and glad pet holding.

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