Tibetian Spaniel Breed Information & Characteristics

Tibetian Spaniel Breed Information & Characteristics

The Tibetan Spaniel, often known as “Tibbie”, is an attentive, loyal, loving, full of life, assertive and watchful canine. He behaves equally to a cat in that he simply as readily climbs on furnishings, window sills, and closets to survey his territory and shield his household. He additionally makes watchdog as he’s very alert and really hooked up to his proprietor.

Portrait of a Tibetian Spaniel

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He reacts very sensitively to uncommon noises. He typically barks at strangers to guard his proprietor. Nevertheless, he isn’t a kind of canines that bark continuously with out stopping. With strangers, he’s reserved and waits to see how they behave in the direction of him. He is by no means aggressive in the direction of folks. He remembers everybody he likes and is aware of.

The Tibetan Spaniel is a superb, cuddly household companion who likes to sit down in your lap and be petted. He might be quiet round the home, or he might be fairly energetic and energetic in frolicking and enjoying with you. The Tibetan Spaniel wants its day by day walks and may at all times be saved on a leash as they have an inclination to run away to discover their environment.

Once he has completed this, it is going to be very tough to name him again. He might be unbiased and really strong-willed and can solely cooperate with you when he feels prefer it. He is a trainable canine, however it may be a problem to coach with him once in a while. He could be very delicate to voices and harsh tones. What he desires most is your love, consideration, and friendship.

He’s not a kind of canines that may be left alone or locked away, and he’s not a canine that must be outdoors loads. He will get together with different pets so long as he has grown up with them and is thoughtful of youngsters. He could be very delicate and needs to be supervised round younger kids. He often sheds a couple of hairs all year long and yearly his fur puffs out right into a small tuft. He will not be the best pet should you don’t like canine hair in your own home in any respect.

The Appearance

The Tibetan Spaniel is about 25cm tall and its excellent weight is 4-7kg. He has a silky, medium-length double coat. Its coat might be black, black and tan, cream, gold, crimson, silver, or white.

The Care

His coat wants occasional brushing. If you need to preserve his hair loss to a minimal round the home, you may brush his coat extra typically to take away free hair early.

The Long Story

The Tibetan Spaniel is a really historical breed, courting again virtually 2,000 years. He was one of many favourite pets and guard canines of Tibetan monasteries, the place he would sit on the partitions and bark to warn of intruders. He was additionally a coveted present, which was generally known as the “lion canine.” The first Tibetan Spaniel got here to England in 1800. It was first sighted in America round 1985.

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