Thinking of Getting a cat?

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Having a cat can imply various things to completely different folks. Some need a cat to cuddle and sit on their laps; others are glad to dwell with a really unbiased cat which spends most of its time outdoors and doesn’t need an excessive amount of human interplay.

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What is essential is that you simply attempt to discover a cat that can work together with you if you would like it to. All cats aren’t the identical and the way every particular person cat behaves with you’ll be able to depend upon its inherent character and early experiences (or lack of experiences), which might make it fearful or assured with folks and life on the whole.

The atmosphere through which you retain a cat can also be extraordinarily vital – for instance if it lives with many different cats which don’t get on, then it is going to be burdened and can react in another way than if it was by itself.

While there isn’t any assured approach to decide on the proper cat for you and your life-style, understanding your expectations in addition to what makes cats tick will provide help to to carry residence a cat that ought to be capable to address its new atmosphere and be the pet that you really want too.

To take care of a cat you will want to:

  • Provide loads of human companionship
  • Provide common, appropriate meals with a relentless provide of recent water
  • Provide a clear and comfy mattress
  • Provide the cat with out of doors entry or be ready to empty and clear a litter tray each day
  • Provide it with a stimulating and protected atmosphere
  • Groom it often. Longhaired cats require day by day grooming
  • Have it neutered between 4 and 6 months outdated
  • Vaccinate towards the main feline illnesses often
  • Worm often and supply remedy for fleas
  • Take the cat to the vet when it exhibits any signal of sickness
  • Insure your cat or be sure you can afford the price of any veterinary remedy it might want

How a lot care and a focus does a cat want?

As pets go, cats are comparatively low upkeep in comparison with canine which want companionship, strolling, coaching and many others. However, like all pet, they do want care, and a few cats want extra care than others. Do you need to spend so much of time along with your cat, would you like it to be demanding, or do you will have restricted time? Cats can match into busy, fashionable life extra simply than canine, as they’re fairly unbiased, will be left alone far more simply and are extra appropriate for smaller flats or homes. Cats are sometimes chosen by individuals who have busy and irritating life and who need some companionship after they go residence to chill out.

What would you like out of your relationship with a cat? If you’re the sort of one that actually must have an in depth relationship along with your cat and to have the ability to deal with it and have it work together with you, you then’ll be upset in case you tackle a nervous cat that hides each time you come into the room. You could need to take into consideration one of many pedigree breeds which will be extra interactive and maybe extra needy of human firm than some moggies. This could nonetheless grow to be an issue for the cat if you’re out at work all day and solely accessible to present consideration on evenings or weekends.

Some cats must know precisely what’s going to occur when, in an effort to really feel relaxed. Such cats can be fairly glad residing with an outdated girl who hardly ever has guests and leads a really quiet life, however would in all probability discover it fairly irritating residing in a house full of children and different animals with plenty of guests and exercise. Other cats, nonetheless, would possibly thrive on completely different interactions with plenty of folks and slot in completely nicely in a busy family.

If you’re not more likely to have the time or inclination to groom a cat each day, don’t even consider getting a Persian or a cat with a protracted coat. In pedigree jargon, any cat with an extended coat, apart from a Persian, known as semi-longhaired as a result of the coat isn’t as full because the Persian’s and doesn’t have such a thick undercoat; nonetheless, it’s nonetheless lengthy and requires grooming. In addition, if you’re extraordinarily house-proud, chances are you’ll not need plenty of hair in every single place.

A shorthaired cat is a a lot simpler possibility, as most cats are fanatical about their coats and hold them in immaculate situation. That’s to not say that they don’t depart hairs round – bear this in thoughts in case you’re considering of getting a white cat however have darkish furnishings, or vice versa. Likewise, a cat is kind of more likely to sharpen its claws indoors, typically on the stair carpet, generally on the furnishings and even on the wallpaper. Whether your cat does this will depend upon the cat itself and in addition the atmosphere you present for it; nonetheless there are issues you are able to do to try to take care of this, however it’s best to acknowledge from the outset that your cat is an animal with free will and pure behaviour that won’t go well with somebody who must have an immaculate home.

Can I hold a cat on vegetarian meals?

Are you a vegetarian and need your cat to be one too? If you need a vegetarian pet that gained’t problem your beliefs, then it might be higher to get a rabbit – a cat is a carnivore in the beginning, and appears and behaves because it does for simply this motive.  A cat is what known as an obligate carnivore – it has an absolute want for a number of the vitamins present in meat and all of its senses of scent and style are atuned to being a carnivore – it might be unfair and really harmful to well being to even try protecting it as a vegetarian.
Feeding your cat or kitten

Is there a kind of cat which doesn’t hunt?

You could have a terrific aversion to your cat searching outdoors. Perhaps you’re a hen lover, or are merely unable to take care of small carcases on the ground. Hunting is regular behaviour for cats. Keeping a cat indoors could forestall it really killing something, however it should nonetheless want an outlet for this, its most instinctive behaviour, and never all cats shall be proud of an indoor life-style. Likewise, in case you’re merely getting a cat to maintain vermin at bay, you gained’t need to end up with one which isn’t particularly thinking about huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ and prefers being a sofa potato! Older cats are more likely to hunt a lot lower than youthful ones and a few cats don’t hassle in any respect, however there isn’t any simple strategy to understand how a cat will behave.

Can I hold a cat indoors?

If you consider the approach to life of a cat which has entry outside you’ll realise that being outside brings an enormous selection to its life and permits it to make use of all of its searching behaviours if it needs to. Of course, there are dangers outdoors for cats, however it’s essential to steadiness these with the very optimistic facets of bodily and psychological stimulation and an outlet for pure behaviour.
Indoors versus outdoors

Can I’ve a cat with a child or younger kids?

There isn’t any motive to not have a cat or kitten when you have kids.  It is as much as mother and father to show their kids from the very starting the best way to strategy, stroke and deal with cats and to deal with them kindly.  Many kids have improbable relationships with their cats and study respecting different creatures and being light – it’s accomplished efficiently on a regular basis, however it’s as much as mother and father to put down the principles. Perhaps taking over a brand new kitten when you will have a brand new child or a toddler may be loads to deal with directly, so guaranteeing you will have time for all of the events is a part of a profitable relationship. Likewise, if you’re pregnant there isn’t any must do away with the cat. Simple and fundamental hygiene precautions and customary sense administration of the cat, whereas the infant is small, can guarantee all cohabit fortunately and safely.

Should I get an grownup cat or a kitten?

A kitten provides you the chance to tackle an animal proper from the start and deal with it and take care of it in order that it will get the most effective begin in life. You may even be capable to get some thought of its character. However, kittens require quite a lot of consideration and a few forethought to forestall them from entering into bother. If you allow them alone it’s important to make certain they are going to be protected if you are away. You may need to organise neutering, preliminary vaccinations and so forth, relying on the place you get your kitten from.
Where to get a cat or kitten and what to ask

While kittens have an enormous ‘cute’ issue, it’s value remembering that they don’t keep kittens for very lengthy – simply six months out of a possible 14 years or extra.

With grownup cats, it’s at the very least clear if they’re lengthy or quick haired.  You ought to be capable to get a good suggestion of a cat’s character, though whether it is being saved in lower than very best circumstances and is burdened or frightened it might act very in another way in comparison with when it’s relaxed. A assured grownup cat is more likely to transfer in and quiet down fairly rapidly; a nervous one could take extra time. It shall be a lot simpler to go away an older cat alone within the information that it’s not going to get itself into bother, and it’ll typically be a lot much less exhausting work and fear than a kitten. An grownup cat will in all probability already be neutered and vaccinated.
Choosing an adult cat and where to get one

What intercourse of cat ought to I get?

The intercourse of a kitten doesn’t actually matter, so long as you neuter your kitten earlier than it reaches puberty (at about 4 months of age) when the affect of intercourse hormones kick in. Un-neutered cats could exhibit unwelcome reproductive behaviours. For instance, un-neutered male cats will mark their territory with robust smelling urine whereas un-neutered feminine cats can come into season each two weeks if they don’t grow to be pregnant.

If you might be getting only one cat or kitten, it doesn’t matter which intercourse you select. Equally, if you would like two kittens and you might be getting two from the identical litter, the intercourse of both cat might be not essential. However, when you have a resident cat and are getting only one kitten or one other cat, it might be value contemplating going for one of many reverse intercourse to try to take away a number of the competitors issue. A kitten could also be a greater possibility than one other grownup cat in such circumstances because the younger cat’s immaturity appears to take away this competitors issue – for some time anyway throughout which period you hope they’ll get to love one another! Neutering additionally removes the necessity for a lot competitors and makes the selection of intercourse a lot much less essential.
How to tell what sex a kitten is

Should I select a selected breed or moggie?

The majority of cats saved as pets are what we name moggies or home quick or lengthy haired cats – that’s they’re a random combination of plenty of completely different cats, we have now typically have little thought about their parentage (nicely the daddy anyway). This means we have now no management over the color, physique form, coat size or anything that the kittens can inherit from their mother and father. So, for instance, in case your kitten is from a moggie mum however its father is unknown, it might develop an extended coat than you want if the daddy was certainly longhaired.

There is extra to selecting a pedigree cat than simply liking a sure coat color or size – there are moral concerns with some breeds in case you actually need to think about the cat’s welfare.  There are additionally well being points which it’s essential to verify with the breeder and issues it’s essential to ask. Good breeders goal to breed wholesome, people-friendly cats and keep away from (or search to take care of) inherited problems which come up.
Pedigree cats – things to consider

What breed of cat ought to I select?

There are many alternative breeds, a few of which would require further care and a focus, for instance if they’ve a really lengthy coat and even no coat in any respect. (See our A-Z of cat breeds). Some pedigree cats are extra folks oriented and should not wish to be left alone for lengthy intervals. If you might be out all day at work it might be value getting two kittens collectively for firm – do your analysis in regards to the breed you have an interest in. Always ensure that well being comes first, it doesn’t matter what the ‘look’.
How to choose a kitten

Can I’ve a cat if I’ve a canine?

If you will have different pets there shouldn’t be an issue in getting a cat, however you simply must just remember to take all the pieces into consideration.  If you will have a canine you simply must just remember to make introductions rigorously in order that your new cat isn’t chased or injured whereas the canine will get used to it. Not all canine sorts make good companions for cats.
How to introduce a new cat or kitten to a resident dog

How many cats can I’ve collectively?

It’s very simple to ‘gather’ cats – they’re addictively lovely, they’re small they usually’re fairly simple to take care of. Even in the event that they don’t get on, they have an inclination to take away themselves from the state of affairs fairly than battle. However, there could also be an excessive amount of rigidity between cats which homeowners simply don’t decide up on. Cats originate from a largely solitary species and though they’ll dwell in teams these are often associated people or are self-selected in order that cats aren’t sharing house with cats that they don’t get on with. Cats could begin to spray or soil in the home as a result of they’re making an attempt to take care of a state of affairs the place they really feel below stress due to different cats, and this may be all that homeowners discover.

If you will have two cats residing collectively very efficiently then suppose very rigorously earlier than you add extra. If you will have three cats residing nicely collectively then thank your stars and stop whilst you’re forward! The bother with including extra is that it won’t be simply the connection between the resident cats and the brand new one which causes issues; it might upset the entire equilibrium of the resident cats’ relationship and introduce difficulties even between the unique cats as rigidity and stress ranges rise. Any new cat wants cautious introduction.
How to introduce a new adult cat to your cat.

The finest strategy to have two appropriate cats is to decide on siblings. These may have grown up collectively, and this often bodes nicely for a superb future relationship (though by no means assured!).

What does it value to maintain a cat?

If you might be shopping for a pedigree cat then there shall be related prices and these could also be fairly giant. Pedigree kittens often come vaccinated and in some circumstances already neutered. If you might be getting a cat from a rescue organisation then they might ask for a donation or a price and once more it should in all probability come already neutered and vaccinated. Kittens or cats from buddies or neighbours don’t often come neutered or vaccinated, wormed, handled for fleas or anything and it is going to be as much as you to register with a vet and get this stuff accomplished. Neutering is clearly a one-off value, however a number of vaccinations shall be required to ensure that a kitten is protected against infectious illnesses; thereafter a daily booster vaccination will assist to guard it throughout its life (necessities depend upon the cat’s life-style and dangers related to that – your vet can advise you).  Then there’s meals, preventive well being care relating to remedy for fleas and ticks and worms, cat litter if you would like or want an indoor litter tray, beds and grooming gear in case you tackle a longhaired cat. Microchipping can also be really useful in case your cat goes lacking. We suggest that you simply additionally insure your cat in order that if an accident or sickness occurs you then shouldn’t have to fret in regards to the prices. Choose your insurance coverage rigorously to be sure you get what you anticipate or want.

I’m allergic to cats – is there any breed which is best than others?

Many folks suppose it’s a cat’s hair that causes us to react to them by sneezing, wheezing or itching. In truth it’s a protein or allergen known as Fd1, current in feline saliva, which causes the allergy. Because cats groom themselves often they’ve saliva throughout their coat.  This dries on the coat and when the cat scratches, strikes or brushes previous objects the mud or dander and the hairs which comprise the allergen are unfold about. Cat-lovers who actually need to have a cat however are allergic generally suppose that by selecting a breed with much less, little or no coat they’ll keep away from the issue. However, as it’s saliva that causes the issue, that is unlikely to assist, and though longhaired cats do appear to trigger extra allergic reactions that’s in all probability solely as a result of, having extra hair, they’re additionally lined with extra allergen.

It’s value making an attempt out completely different cats by visiting buddies with cats to see in the event that they elicit much less of an allergic response. Unfortunately it’s a really troublesome drawback to get round for individuals who react or who’ve relations who’re allergic.

What ought to I do with my cat after I go on vacation?

If you go away on vacation you additionally want to contemplate who’s going to take care of your cat.  If you might be solely away for a day or two you’ll be able to ask a neighbour to pop in and feed it and verify it’s OK. If you might be away for greater than this you will need to think about a boarding cattery, as many cats could wander in search of firm.  If you will have a nervous cat it might conceal when the feeder comes and she or he could not be capable to make certain that all the pieces is all proper. An excellent boarding cattery will hold your cat protected and you’ll chill out if you are away. There are dangerous boarding catteries nonetheless.
How to choose a good boarding cattery

When ought to I get a brand new cat?

If you might be contemplating getting a brand new cat or kitten, select a time when it’s quiet in your home (not in the course of a household celebration and many others) and maybe when you will have a day or two when you’ll be able to assist it to settle in and be there whereas it finds its approach round, not simply earlier than you go on vacation and many others.

Where do I get a cat from and the way do I select it?

Once you will have thought in regards to the duties and prices of protecting a cat and what sort you need, then think about where you are going to get it and the way you’re going to choose your cat or kitten.

The Kitten Checklist

The Kitten Checklist has been put collectively by 20 animal and veterinary organisations, that will help you make an knowledgeable determination when selecting a kitten. It will provide help to discover a wholesome, pleasant kitten and keep away from a number of the pitfalls which might happen.

View/download The Kitten Checklist


I’m the feline behaviour specialist at feline charity ‘International Cat Care’. We are about participating, educating and empowering folks all through the world to enhance the well being and welfare of cats by sharing recommendation, coaching and keenness.

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} html div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-fields-wrapper .list_subscription-field:not(choose), html div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-fields-wrapper .mo-optin-form-custom-field.checkbox-field, html div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-fields-wrapper { padding: 0 !essential; border: 0 !essential; background: clear !essential; } html div#vHbBayqIax .mo-optin-form-container .mo-optin-form-wrapper .mo-optin-fields-wrapper .list_subscription-field label { show: block !essential; margin: 5px 0 !essential; } html div#vHbBayqIax .mo-optin-form-container .mo-optin-form-wrapper .mo-optin-fields-wrapper .list_subscription-field label:last-child { margin: 0; } html div#vHbBayqIax .mo-optin-form-container .mo-optin-form-wrapper .mo-optin-fields-wrapper .list_subscription-field enter[type=checkbox] { cursor: pointer; } .mailoptin-content-lock { coloration: clear!essential; text-shadow: rgba(0,0,0,.5) 0 0 10px; -moz-user-select: none; -ms-user-select: none; user-select: none; pointer-events: none; filter: url(“information:picture/svg+xml;utf9,#blur”); -webkit-filter: blur(10px); -ms-filter: blur(10px); -o-filter: blur(10px); filter: blur(10px); } div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-form-headline, div#vHbBayqIax h2, div#vHbBayqIax h1 { font-size: 32px !essential; }div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-form-description, div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost p { font-size: 18px !essential; }div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-form-note { font-size: 14px !essential; }@media display and (max-width: 768px) { div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-form-headline, div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost h2, div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost h1 { font-size: 30px !essential; } div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-form-description, div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost p { font-size: 18px !essential; } div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-form-note { font-size: 14px !essential; } }@media display and (max-width: 480px) { div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-form-headline, div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost h2, div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost h1 { font-size: 25px !essential; } div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-form-description, div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost p { font-size: 16px !essential; } div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-form-note, div#vHbBayqIax div#vHbBayqIax_inpost .mo-optin-form-note * { font-size: 12px !essential; } } #vHbBayqIax #vHbBayqIax_inpost { coloration: #555555 !essential; } #vHbBayqIax #vHbBayqIax_inpost { coloration: #555555 !essential; } #vHbBayqIax #vHbBayqIax_inpost { coloration: #555555 !essential; } #vHbBayqIax #vHbBayqIax_inpost { coloration: #555555 !essential; } #vHbBayqIax #vHbBayqIax_inpost { coloration: #555555 !essential; } #vHbBayqIax #vHbBayqIax_inpost { coloration: #555555 !essential; } div#vHbBayqIax .mo-mailchimp-interest-container { margin: 0 10px 2px; } div#vHbBayqIax .mo-mailchimp-interest-label { font-size: 16px; margin: 5px 0 2px; } div#vHbBayqIax .mo-mailchimp-interest-category-label { font-size: 14px; margin: 5px 0 2px; } div#vHbBayqIax { line-height: regular; border: 0; margin: 0 5px; } div#vHbBayqIax { vertical-align: center; font-size: 14px; } div#vHbBayqIax .mo-mailchimp-interest-choice-container { margin: 5px 0; }

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