The Best Diet for Preventing Obesity in Cats

The Best Diet for Preventing Obesity in Cats

Diet performs an enormous position within the well being and longevity of your cat. Feeding her the best way nature meant helps forestall weight problems and different well being issues.

Cats aren’t small canines. This is very true in terms of feeding them. This article seems to be at the kind of weight loss plan cats have developed to eat, feeding issues that result in obesity and different points, and find out how to assist hold your cat lean and wholesome all through her life.


Feeding cats a weight loss plan that’s as shut as doable to what they developed to eat is simply frequent sense. But science doesn’t depend on frequent sense, so somebody needed to do a research about it. At final, the dietary composition most popular by cats has been found!

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It seems that cats select meals that the majority carefully mimic their pure prey: about 55% protein, 40% fats, and 5% carbohydrate on a dry matter foundation. This is roughly the identical composition as a can of kitten meals, or a well-formulated selfmade or uncooked weight loss plan. It can be carefully in step with the weight loss plan of feral cats.

Nevertheless, regardless of our greatest efforts, there isn’t any means we are able to really recreate a mouse, as a result of one very essential half is lacking: blood. Blood is made up of plasma, crimson blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Red blood cells are excessive in protein, iron, and lipids. Plasma is generally water, however the strong portion accommodates proteins corresponding to albumin, globulins, and clotting components; amino acids like taurine and lysine; and 1% mineral salts, sugars, fat, hormones, and nutritional vitamins. Environmental enrichment, interactive play, and lowered total caloric consumption will assist hold cats mentally and bodily match.

When a cat kills a mouse, she eats the entire thing, together with the blood. When an animal is slaughtered for consumption, the very first thing that occurs is that the blood is drained out of the carcass. The blood is retained, dried, and used for varied functions, corresponding to fertilizer or feed for fish, poultry, and cattle. But by then, it has misplaced its energetic life pressure, and is not more than a protein complement. There is simply no strategy to recapture that misplaced vitality.


“Chonky” cats have turn into fairly common on social media. The newest estimate is that 60% of grownup cats are chubby or overweight. This can result in many severe circumstances corresponding to arthritis, persistent vomiting and/or diarrhea, allergy symptoms, diabetes, pores and skin illness, feline decrease urinary tract indicators (LUTS), hepatic lipidosis, most cancers, and immune system, coronary heart, liver and kidney points. Preventing weight problems is way simpler than treating it. Several components mix to thwart our targets for wholesome cats:

Decreased metabolic want after neutering

It’s estimated that neutered adults want 25% to 30% fewer energy than intact cats. Those hormones protect lean muscle and hold exercise excessive. Add to this a less-than-stimulating atmosphere, and there’s the recipe for a fats cat! Environmental enrichment, interactive play, and lowered total caloric consumption (beginning as early in life as doable) will assist hold cats mentally and bodily match.

Excess carbohydrates

Most industrial dry cat foods are 30% to 50% carbohydrate. Cats have zero physiologic want for carbs. Dietary carbohydrate that’s not saved as muscle glycogen or used for speedy power wants is saved as fats. High-fiber weight reduction diets enhance dehydration and cut back protein digestibility. The lack of lean physique mass and lowered basal metabolic fee that happens with weight reduction make it extra possible the cat will cease shedding pounds — and even regain it — even on the identical reduced-calorie meals.

Constant meals availability

Cats aren’t — and shouldn’t be — grazing animals. Too many individuals not solely feed poor high quality dry meals, however depart it out across the clock, day by day. A searching cat will kill eight or 9 mice in a 24-hour interval, so a number of small meals makes some sense. But cats who’re allowed fixed entry to dry meals eat 15 to twenty instances per day, and achieve weight consequently.


Feed your cat a high-protein, high-moisture, very low-carbohydrate meals. Cats consuming such a weight loss plan — which is analogous in composition to prey — are much less liable to realize extra weight. If they should drop some pounds, this weight loss plan helps them retain lean physique mass.

Feed your cat in timed meals; if doable, feed extra frequent small meals. Food needs to be supplied for 30 to 60 minutes at a time, and eliminated in any respect different instances. Most individuals can accommodate a three-meal-a-day schedule for his or her cats: morning, after college or work, and earlier than mattress. A superb interactive play session adopted by the night meal additionally helps cats who are likely to get the 4am zoomies or need breakfast on the morning time to sleep by means of the night time.

Educating your self about the kind of weight loss plan cats have developed to eat, and offering high-protein, low-carb meals to your feline good friend will assist her drop some pounds if she must. Even if she isn’t chubby, this sort of weight loss plan will assist hold her lean and wholesome

Jean Hofve, DVM, earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University. In addition to standard veterinary coaching, she studied veterinary homeopathy, homotoxicology, Reiki, and different holistic modalities. She has researched pet meals and feline diet for almost 20 years, and is an skilled on holistic pet well being and the industrial pet meals business. She is an official advisor to AAFCO, the group that units pet meals guidelines and requirements within the U.S. and Canada. Dr. Hofve co-authored the guide Holistic Cat Care.

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