The 1 Thing You Need to Get Your Cat to Drink More!

The 1 Thing You Need to Get Your Cat to Drink More!

Cats have to drink water to remain hydrated and wholesome, but it surely’s troublesome to get feline buddies to drink sufficient. A recirculating cat fountain is an answer that doesn’t work for a lot of cats, so the AquaPurr fountain is right here to avoid wasting the day!

All animals want water to outlive, however cat dad and mom have a more durable time than others getting their four-legged buddies to drink. Cats want to remain hydrated to maintain their organs functioning and transfer oxygen and vitamins round their our bodies, however they’re additionally fussy about their water and susceptible to dehydration. Let’s discover out extra about why cats want water, the one easy factor that may get your kitty to drink extra, and how one can win a FREE AquaPurr fountain!

Why Cats Need to Drink Water

Drinking water is a necessity for cats, similar to it’s for different animals. Water makes up between 60 and 70% of a feline’s weight, and cats have to drink about 4 ounces of water per 5 kilos of physique weight day by day to remain hydrated. Here are only a few of the issues a cat wants water for:

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  • Circulation and bringing oxygen to cells
  • Digestion
  • Transporting vitamins
  • Lubricating joints
  • Protecting the organs
  • Keeping tissue moist
  • Dissolving minerals and vitamins
  • Temperature regulation
  • Flushing out waste
  • Producing saliva

The Effects of Dehydration on Cats

Cats’ wild ancestors acquired most of their water from their meals. But trendy kibble doesn’t have a number of moisture, so domesticated cats have to drink. However, many feline buddies received’t until they’ve entry to contemporary, clear, cool, shifting water. Unfortunately, not ingesting sufficient could cause dehydration, and this could result in extra well being issues, resembling:

  • Lethargy and weak point
  • Loss of urge for food
  • Sunken eyes
  • Dry mucous membranes
  • Chloride, sodium, and potassium loss
  • Complications with urinary and kidney issues

Dehydration is especially worrying in cats with renal points as a result of it could possibly trigger kidney harm, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections.

The Recirculating Cat Fountain Problem

Some cats will drink when thirsty, and a few cats will solely drink from cups or bathrooms, however all cats will drink working water contemporary from the faucet. Many dad and mom have turned to cat fountains to provide their kitties fixed entry to working water, however these gadgets have issues. Namely, saliva and meals can fall into the fountain, resulting in biofilm that contaminates the pump. Unless you disassemble the pump often for thorough cleansing, it is going to contaminate contemporary water as quickly because it begins to flow into.

Get Your Cat to Drink More Water Without Ever Having to Clean Another Fountain!

AquaPurr is a revolutionary answer that gives cats with clear, contemporary, cool, working water. It will encourage even the pickiest cats to drink extra, which may save lives:

“Since our cat will solely drink working water and has renal points, that is actually a lifesaver!”— Nan Thanler

What’s extra, you by no means have to scrub it! The cat-activated machine hooks as much as any faucet and gives your cat with on-demand entry to contemporary faucet water. It doesn’t recirculate water, so AquaPurr by no means will get slimy, by no means requires cleansing, and doesn’t want a filter that it’s important to change often. Cats have to drink water, and so they love doing it from the AquaPurr fountain!

WIN an AquaPurr fountain!

Every 3 months, we’re giving freely a FREE AquaPurr fountain to at least one fortunate cat mum or dad! Don’t miss your probability to win, and don’t neglect to share this with different cat dad and mom!


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