Small Bernese Hound

Small Bernese Hound

General Information

Dog Name Small Bernese Hound
Scientific Name Canis lupus familiaris
Breed For Hunting
Extinct Yes
Country of Origin Switzerland

Physical And Size

Size Smallest


Intelligent Rank
Affection Level
Social Needs
Watchdog Ability



Stranger Friendly High
Child Friendly High
Cat Friendly High
Dog Friendly High
Office Friendly High
Apartment Friendly High
Senior Citizens Friendly High
Service Dog High
Search and Rescue Dog High
Biting Potential High

The Small Bernese Hound, also called Berner Niederlaufhund is without doubt one of the 4 smallest scent hounds. The medium-sized canine was bred to hunt because the hunters have been impressed by their searching energy. In addition, they’ve sturdy smelling energy utilized in capturing sports activities.

Apart from searching, they’re lively, clever, and constant that are excellent for lively households, hunters, and skilled canine house owners. Their protecting nature makes them stand for his or her family members in tough conditions. Also, they make a wonderful watchdog for your loved ones.

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Origin and History

The Small Bernese Hound is claimed to exist from the ninth century as there are some work as proof. However, they’d leaner our bodies than now within the portray. The breeds have been underneath Swiss Alpine on account of hunters’ scent and searching abilities. In addition, these breeds had smaller and short-legged across the 18th century. Later they bred with small Swiss Laufhund to make the scale smaller appropriate for searching.

Behavior Traits of Small Bernese Hound

Small Bernese Hound is a contented, loving, and robust searching breed that’s nicely suited to a household residence. It has a dominant habits on account of sturdy searching intuition and desires a powerful chief. Also, they aren’t appropriate for residence house owners or properties with small yards. They do nicely within the large area space the place they’ll run and prepare freely. In addition, early socialization is a should so that they received’t have persona traits rising up. Socialization additionally received’t let canines develop harmful habits at residence.

Two Small Bernese Hound sitting on the sofa.
Image Source: Instagram

Always use constructive reinforcement whereas coaching because it builds sturdy bond in addition to keep belief and respect. In addition, a canine turns into much less aggressive and helps to keep away from anxiousness or melancholy. Remember to not use bodily punishment and harsh phrases as it’d backfire.

Is Small Bernese Hound Easy To Train?

The Bernese Hound is an clever canine that soaks up any command or coaching session simply. However, they want an skilled coach because it’s tough for first-time house owners throughout coaching. They may be cussed at instances that makes little laborious for many trainers. This breed wants a powerful chief that has agency and constant throughout a coaching session. They reply nicely to constructive reinforcement and carry out nicely. Start coaching at an early age that develops good habits from beginning.

Small Bernese Hound ready for his or her deal with.
Image Source: Instagram

Is Small Bernese Hound Good With Children?

As a pleasant breed, the Small Bernese Hound does nicely with youngsters and is mostly good with them. They make effective playmates that go for hours within the playground or yard with children. Moreover, they’re additionally pleasant with different pets nonetheless supervisor is a should. As a scent canine, some don’t like small pets like guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and others. Teach your canine to behave round children as they’ll get aggressive and the identical goes on your youngsters as nicely.

What Health Issues Do Small Bernese Hound Suffer From?

Patellar Luxation: It’s a situation the place the luxating patella is dislocated or misplaced from its authentic location. You might discover canine skipping their steps whereas strolling. They can present signs like limping, weak legs, swelling, and others. So, seek the advice of your vet for correct therapy as some may want surgical procedure.

Skin Allergies: Skin allergic reactions are a typical factor a canine may undergo. However, in Small Bernese Hound’s case, they are often extra vulnerable to get allergic reactions. It may end up in scratching, pores and skin an infection, licking, and so forth. This lifelong situation wants nicely care and must take care of extra typically.

Facts About Small Bernese Hound

  • In 1905 the Small Bernese Hound grew to become part of Swiss Niederlauifhund Club (SNLC).
  • In Thirties they grew to become widespread and have become best searching canine on the earth by many fanatics.
  • Due to their low quantity, they’re referred to as uncommon breed as a result of they’re solely present in small areas.

Color Patterns of Small Bernese Hound

Size of Small Bernese Hound

Height: The common top of a male Small Bernese Hound is 13-18 inches whereas feminine stands round 12-17 inches.

Weight: The common weight of Small Bernese Hound is 18-33 lbs

Which Dog Breed Are They Similar To?

  • Bruno Jura Hound
  • Schweizer Laufhund

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