Shiba Inu vs Corgi: How Do These Canines Compare?

Shiba Inu vs Corgi: How Do These Canines Compare?

Deciding between two widespread pups, the Shiba Inu vs Corgi, could also be harder than it appears. How do the breeds evaluate?

Though each canine are very charming selections for brand spanking new and skilled canine homeowners alike, there are lots of facets the place they differ, which might be an essential deciding issue for a lot of.

So in what methods are they totally different? And how are they comparable? The Shiba Inu vs Corgi debate begins now!

Shiba Inu vs Corgi

To absolutely perceive how the 2 breeds evaluate, we’ll assessment their look, temperament, coaching and grooming wants, and total well being.

This gives you a full image of the Shiba Inu vs Corgi.

Before we get began, nonetheless, one essential be aware: For the Corgi, we’re particularly speaking concerning the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the most well-liked and recognizable Corgi breed.

Another model is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. It’s a beautiful canine breed however not practically as widespread because the Pembroke Welsh. Here are the variations between the 2.

Shiba Inu vs Corgi


When it involves top, the Shiba Inu is noticeably taller than the Corgi, measuring as much as 17 inches. The Corgi, then again, has a lot shorter legs and might solely develop as much as 12 inches.

Despite their shorter top, the Corgi can the truth is weigh greater than the Shiba Inu. The breed averages 22-30 kilos. The Shiba Inu, then again, solely weighs 18-24 kilos.

With these dimensions, it’s not stunning the Shiba is a taller and leaner canine than the Corgi. As for the Corgi, the breed is after all acknowledged for its low-riding construct. Let’s face it, these quick, stubby legs are downright lovable!

Continuing the Shiba Inu vs Corgi comparability, each breeds have erect ears however they differ in look. The Shiba’s ears are a bit smaller whereas the Corgi’s ears are greater and taller.

Another key distinction is the tail. The Shiba sports activities a curled tail that curls upward towards its again. For the Corgi, that is the place issues get fascinating. The Pembroke Corgi really doesn’t have a tail! (The Cardigan Welsh model, nonetheless, does have an extended, fluffy tail, which is a key distinction between the breeds.)

As for fur, the Shiba Inu has a double coat that features a coarse and straight outer coat and a thick, fluffy undercoat. The breed might be present in quite a lot of colours, together with black sesame, sesame, crimson, black and tan, and cream.

Though the Shiba’s fur doesn’t tangle or grow to be matted, they do shed very ceaselessly, so have your lint-rollers readily available.

In comparability, the Corgi additionally has a double coat however with a comparatively longer outer coat. Colors embrace crimson, sable, fawn and tri-colored.


The Shiba Inu is an clever canine with a really unbiased and strong-willed spirit. In truth, because of their aloof, self-reliant character and fastidious grooming habits, it’s been stated that the Shiba is a cat in a canine’s physique.

Originally bred for searching, the Shiba Inu is alert, lively and all the time on the transfer. Their very good agility makes them wonderful runners – which is why they need to all the time be on a leash or in an enclosed house.

One of the least affectionate canine breeds, the Shiba typically prefers to be by itself and do what it needs. They will heat as much as their homeowners however are virtually all the time standoffish to strangers.

In stark distinction to the Shiba Inu’s dominant hunter character, the Corgi initially was bred to herd cattle and different livestock and is way more of a people-pleaser.

They love being the focus and are usually cheerful, trusting and outgoing. Corgi homeowners will let you know simply how loyal and loving the breed is.

Like the Shiba Inu, the Corgi might be strong-willed and unbiased at instances. And as a result of they’ve excessive vitality ranges, it’s essential that the breed will get loads of train and has plenty of room to play.

Funny sufficient, these tiny canines typically act like they’re the largest canine on the block. They are identified to bark and shield their residence like a guard canine – though they’re lower than a foot tall!

Shiba Inu vs Corgi


The Shiba Inu vs Corgi debate continues to the subject of coaching. Both breeds are very smart, which makes them simpler to coach.

But whereas these canine are sensible and trainable, making them observe you is one other matter. Both of those breeds are extremely unbiased and do what they need, when they need.

With this in thoughts, persistence and persistence is the important thing to coaching each these breeds.

Being the extra sociable and keen of the 2, nonetheless, the Corgi is comparatively simpler to coach than the Shiba Inu.

Since each of those breeds are a bit headstrong, it’s extremely really useful that you simply practice them of their earlier years since it will likely be harder as they get older.


Grooming wants is one other essential issue to think about when evaluating the Shiba Inu vs Corgi.

The Shiba Inu sheds a very good quantity, particularly within the spring and fall seasons when the climate modifications. Because of this, they should be brushed repeatedly, about as soon as every week.

As talked about earlier than, the Shiba is understood for its self grooming habits – a rarity amongst canine breeds! Even so, they do should be bathed by you often.

Like all canine breeds, they want their nails trimmed repeatedly as nicely.

As for the Corgi, they’re additionally large shedders and should be brushed a number of instances every week. Regular baths and nail trims are additionally essential.

The Corgi doesn’t clear itself just like the Shiba does, which implies a bit of extra be just right for you. So when evaluating the Shiba Inu vs Corgi for grooming, the Shiba is much less upkeep.

Shiba Inu puppy and Corgi puppy


The Shiba Inu has a lifespan of as much as 16 years, whereas the Corgi can reside as much as 14. Both breeds are usually wholesome, however there are just a few well being points to be careful for in every breed

All Corgis have achondroplasia, higher often called dwarfism, attributable to having shorter legs. Though that is deliberately bred inside Corgis, it will probably trigger potential well being issues afterward.

Corgis even have an elevated threat of getting Degenerative Myelopathy, which is a situation regarding the nerves. Its signs embrace muscle atrophy and full limb paralysis. It is an untreatable difficulty, however there are lots of methods to handle it.

Shiba Inus, then again, are inclined to have susceptible eyes and are susceptible to ailments akin to Glaucoma (attributable to fluid buildup) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (attributable to genetics).

A typical fear amongst all breeds, together with the Shiba Inu and Corgi, is hip dysplasia, which is a illness of the hip that causes canine to limp.

Diseases linked to their breed might come up at any time, so it is very important be sure your canine makes common journeys to the veterinarian to catch early signs of those potential ailments. (Here’s how you can discover the best vet to your pup.)

Final Thoughts: Shiba Inu vs Corgi

Who do you assume received the Shiba Inu vs Corgi face-off? Did the Shiba Inu dominate, or did the Corgi get your consideration?

If you’re in search of an unbiased, athletic canine with a placing look, the Shiba Inu is your breed. While the vast majority of canine breeds want a ton of consideration, the Shiba will not be one in all them, which could possibly be interesting to you.

On the opposite hand, in order for you a extra cuddly canine companion, then look to the Corgi. They are cheerful, affectionate and enjoyable creatures in a low-riding physique that’s doggone lovable.

Ultimately, each make great pets, and you may’t go unsuitable with both one!

Dog comparison
Shiba Inu vs Corgi

Shiba Inu vs Corgi Bonus Tip: How to Pick the Right Dog

When you’re in search of a canine however don’t know what breed to get, these 9 straightforward questions might help rapidly slim down your search and discover a four-legged pal who completely suits your life-style.

This information will assist you within the Shiba Inu vs Corgi debate and offer you a clearer concept of which one is for you.

1. Why Do You Want a Dog?

First issues first, let’s speak about why you desire a canine. This will information you greater than you notice!

For instance, do you like cuddling up on the sofa and desire a furball to twist up in your lap and preserve you firm? Or would you like an lively and enthusiastic canine who suits your lively life-style?

Stop for a minute, shut your eyes and give it some thought.

2. What Type of Dog Did You Have Growing up?

Believe it or not, the canine (or canine) you grew up with typically have an effect on what sort of canine you need while you’re older.

That’s definitely to not say you couldn’t decide a special sort of canine by any means. It’s simply that folks typically have a consolation degree with the kind of canine they have been conditioned to rising up.

3. Do You Have Any Allergies?

Dogs might be terrible for allergy symptoms. But thankfully, there are lots of hypoallergenic canine breeds that make it simpler for allergy symptoms victims.

Always study extra concerning the breed earlier than bringing it into your private home.

4. Who’s in Your Household?

Another essential factor to consider is who’s in your family.

Is it simply you? Or do you might have a companion? Roommates? Children?

This is extremely essential to think about. Especially if in case you have little ones within the family.

5. Where Do You Live?

As you concentrate on which canine breed is best for you, the place you reside is extremely essential.

It goes with out saying that sure breeds simply aren’t lower out for small areas. For instance, a Great Dane in a tiny house can be a catastrophe!

Both the Shiba Inu and Corgi do nicely in any type of residence. Just be sure they get plenty of train and stimulation regardless of the place you might be.

6. How Much Time and Energy Do You Have?

Dogs are A LOT of labor. Don’t let anybody let you know in any other case. But some canine require way more effort than others.

Potential pup dad and mom ought to all the time be sure they’ve the time, vitality and sources to look after a canine, it doesn’t matter what the breed. But that degree of care can improve relying on the canine.

Before making a choice concerning the Shiba Inu vs Corgi, be sure you perceive their instincts and simply how a lot psychological and bodily stimulation they’ll require.

7. What is the Dog’s Temperament?

Just like look, a pup’s temperament can differ drastically by breed. And it’s completely crucial to learn how a canine will act primarily based on their breed instincts.

Both the Shiba Inu and Corgi are sensible and unbiased. The Shiba is extra aloof and prefers to be by itself whereas the Corgi tends to be an affectionate people-pleaser.

8. How Much Does the Breed Cost?

Owning a canine isn’t low-cost, however some breeds are costlier than others. Especially for a few of the rarer canines.

Cost is a consideration, and it’s all the time a good suggestion to know the complete image earlier than making a dedication.

Things to think about embrace the preliminary expense, vet payments, meals, grooming and different bills like daycare or boarding.

9. Breed Finder

And lastly, check out our on-line breed selector and get an inventory of the perfect breeds for you and your life-style.

It lets you enter particulars like the place you reside, who’s in your home, your local weather, what measurement of canine you’re in search of and extra. You’ll obtain an inventory of breeds that can be just right for you.

This might settle the Shiba Inu vs Corgi debate as soon as and for all.

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