Quick Facts

  • Weight: 85 – 130 kilos (38.56 – 58.97 kg)
  • Height: 22 – 27 inches (55.88 – 68.58 cm)

The Look of a Rottweiler

Rottweilers have medium-sized, rugged, highly effective builds with dense, straight and shiny coats. They have broad heads with rounded skulls and straight, well-developed muzzles. Their darkish, almond-shaped eyes have a pleasant and devoted look, and their triangular ears hold ahead. They have sturdy necks and agency backs and (usually) docked tails. Their coats normally are available black with rusty patches. Overall, Rottweilers take a look that implies braveness, agility and power.


  • Bold
  • Devoted
  • Powerful
  • Laid-back
  • Task-oriented

Ideal Human Companion

  • Singles
  • Experienced canine handlers
  • Active, sporty sorts
  • A-type personalities
  • Outdoorsy sorts

What They Are Like to Live With

Rottweilers are robust, sturdy canine. And they know their very own power. Their unflappable self-confidence and intelligence—when correctly educated and socialized—may end up in a loving, devoted and typically laid-back companion.

Extremely energetic, Rottweilers love taking part in catch within the again yard, tagging alongside for a morning run or taking a giant hike within the woods. They crave consideration and companionship from their homeowners. Without it, they have a tendency to get bored and damaging. A uncared for or mistreated Rottweiler can do a horrible quantity in your favourite sneakers.

A cheerful and correctly educated Rottweiler could be a devoted good friend to youngsters, to not point out a particularly efficient watchdog—typically having to do nothing greater than stand there to maintain trespassers away.

Things You Should Know

Before you contemplate a Rottweiler, be ready for its huge measurement and difficult temperament. Rottweilers recognize a assured handler who can present them who’s in cost. Some might take a look at your authority, so keep on high of their coaching and obedience. They reply to instructions and are desperate to please.

Coming from an extended line of herders, Rottweilers additionally recognize stimulating duties and actions. Keep them busy with agility and obedience video games. But keep in mind to all the time hold them on a leash in public, as they are often barely confrontational with different canine.

A wholesome Rottweiler can stay so long as 12 years. Common well being points embrace hip dysplasia and eye issues. Their coats are straightforward to look after and don’t shed excessively.

Rottweiler History

Most seemingly descended from the sturdy, highly effective, Mastiff-like drover canine of historical Rome, Rottweilers had been named after the German cattle city of Rottweil, the place these canine managed herds for a whole lot of years. In the mid-Nineteenth century, cattle driving grew to become outlawed within the space, making the Rottweiler considerably redundant. However, within the early 1900s they immediately grew to become standard police canine and by 1924 the German Rottweiler Club was fashioned. Today they serve time as each working canine and beloved companions.