Raw pet food – it’s not pretty, but it’s healthy!

Raw pet food – it’s not pretty, but it’s healthy!

Raw food for pets – it’s not pretty, but it’s healthy!

Thinking of switching your canine or cat to a uncooked meals weight loss program? Here’s what to anticipate so far as appearances go!

If you’re new to raw feeding in your cats or canine, you’ll have some questions concerning the bodily look of your pet’s uncooked meals weight loss program.  The very first thing to recollect is that you’ve got entered a complete new paradigm of feeding.  Say goodbye to the unnatural perfection of meeting line, extremely processed kibbles and canned meals and say hiya to the unimaginable variations Mother Nature endows on her creations.

Color and odor

Top of the road uncooked pet meals diets don’t use synthetic colours, binders, fillers, taste enhancers or different denatured meals components. For this cause, these merchandise typically present some variations which are regular for nonmodified, actual meals. Differences are particularly noticeable in uncooked meals as cooking and different types of processing are inclined to masks dissimilarities.

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A protein molecule referred to as myoglobin is liable for pure colour adjustments that happen in meats.  The optimum floor colour of contemporary meats varies by species and is unstable and short-lived. Packaging, gentle publicity and fridge or freezer storage can all have an effect on colour adjustments in pure meat merchandise and are all completely regular because the myoglobin fades or darkens in response to the above situations. However, if meat has an odd odor or is sticky or slimy, it shouldn’t be used.

When you open a bag containing frozen or freeze-dried uncooked pet meals, there could also be a colour variation within the nuggets or patties. If the meals seems to be barely darker or lighter than the final bag you got, don’t fear an excessive amount of. Interestingly, meat colour can be influenced by the age of an animal, the species, intercourse, weight loss program, season it was slaughtered and even the quantity of train it will get. For instance, animals which are older or have exercised extra may have darker meat than youthful or extra sedentary animals. If you see some of these variations, relaxation assured that your pet is consuming a pure meals that has not been “prettied up” with synthetic colours – a course of that degrades the pure product and compromises the well being advantages of the meals.


Occasionally individuals marvel about texture variations in pure merchandise. Again, as with colour, texture variations in pure proteins are regular. There are three basic classifications of meat proteins: crimson meats (beef, lamb, pork, and so on.), poultry (hen, turkey, different fowl) and seafood (fish, mollusks, crustaceans, and so on.), and all have particular person components that affect texture. One such issue is a protein’s Water Holding Capacity. The increased the WHC the stronger the construction and the drier the meat’s texture seems. Proteins with decrease WHC have a smooth, moist texture and are extra tender. Beef and lamb have excessive WHC whereas turkey is decrease and seafoods are even decrease. It is no surprise that freeze-dried beef and lamb merchandise might be firmer than turkey or fish freeze-dried meals as a result of the Water Holding Capacity between these proteins are vastly completely different.

High marbling of fats can affect each texture and aroma of proteins. Rigor standing, the quantity and distribution of connective tissue, muscle bundle dimension and age of animals additionally impacts meat’s texture. And, whereas every species is exclusive, the people throughout the species are, too, which additional complicates uncooked meals’s look. It is not any marvel that texture variations happen in pure merchandise, reflecting their inherent range.

Embracing variations

Manufacturing a natural, raw product is a little bit of a paradox since ‘manufacturing’ and ‘pure’ have completely different implications that have an effect on our expectations. To most of us, manufacturing means conformity and standardization of a product. But the ‘pure’ world is all about selection and variety. When an merchandise is actually pure, we should count on variations as these are an indicator of actual, stay unprocessed merchandise. Furthermore, if no variations exist, we needs to be suspicious of the naturalness of the product.

Next time you open a bag or a field of uncooked pet meals, don’t be shocked if that meals displays slight variations in colour, texture, aroma or style. You are feeding a uncooked meals weight loss program for the well being and longevity of the one that you love pet, and you’re additionally proudly honoring the bountiful medley of Mother Nature!

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