Purrsday Poetry: In Respect of Cats

Hi everybody,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry publish comes from Les Noble.

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Now, cats are sometimes a lot maligned
By senile females, who, inclined
To assume that felines have been designed
To be mere furry playthings,
Then discover expensive pusskins is not going to keep
Inside the home by night time and day,
But typically likes to stray away;
This failure to stay inside
Deflates the expensive previous girls’  delight,
And, wrathfully, they are saying issues

And different folks inform you that
When methods you attempt to train a cat,
You’d do as properly to show the mat! –
The cat is silly, mulish!  –
‘Compare,’   they inform you, ‘Man’s Best Friend,
Who hopefully   “begs”   on his finish….’
(A foolish manner one’s time to spend!)
The canine thus works to get his meals;
The cat doesn’t,   I gained’t be impolite,
But which is essentially the most silly?

So should you assume a cat to be
A kind of canine, fur-lined totally free,
Or animated toy, you’ll see
They’re not what you anticipated;
A cat is beneficial – catching mice –
Diverting additionally – should you’re good! –
And decorative – at a value!
We all ought to love them, I agree;
However cats, undoubtedly,
Must even be revered!

I tender the above on your disapproval within the full data that, having been written by me at a somewhat tender age, it does have a tendency, er, to indicate  it! – © March 2007

(Les Noble)

Cayley Camilla Beulah Fruitbat aka ‘Pickle’

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