Purrsday Poetry: Feline Foibles

Purrsday Poetry: Feline Foibles

The following entry in Purrsday Poetry is by Martin H. Samuel:

I’ve a cat

(or a cat has me)

a furry cat a really purry cat

when on my lap it’s sat

impartial it’s

(egotistical too)

but calls for consideration

(self-centred by and thru)

and when well-fed its purr

(a four-stroke motor)

is filled with condescension

when behind its ears you scratch

(it’s anticipated of you)

you might consider you heard

“Meow, meow, meow”

(sorry, right here’s the catch)

what it actually stated is

“Me now, me now, ME now”

and, as goldfish swims in bowl,

cat seems to be on with hazard fraught

considering, ‘So close to but thus far,

this fish is meals for thought.’

© 2021 Martin H. Samuel


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