Protect Your Cat From the High Pollen Counts and Next Heatwave With These 5 Expert Tips

The consultants at All About Cats have revealed a couple of suggestions to assist cats affected by hayfever, as it may be eased and handled in a wide range of strategies, together with:
  • Ruling out fleas – it is suggested to rule them out earlier than searching for allergy recommendation out of your vet. Inspect your cat’s fur for fleas and guarantee you might be updated on month-to-month flea remedies.

  • Bathing and brushing – Bathing your cat a few times every week and brushing their coat every day will assist get rid of pollen from their fur, minimizing irritation. Your vet ought to advise you on what shampoo to make use of.

  • Daily antihistamines – These will help your cat’s long-term sensitivity to pollen and are most effective when administered earlier than your cat is uncovered to the allergen.

  • Cortisone, steroids or allergy injections – If your cat’s allergic reactions are extreme, these will assist to handle signs from airborne pollen.

  • Keeping a clear indoor surroundings – You ought to successfully lower the amount of pollen within the cat’s indoor habitat by vacuuming and dusting every day, in addition to cleansing their bedding and toys.

Your cat might additionally undergo from sunburns and heatstroke, which signs embody panting, drooling and salivating, restlessness, respiratory misery, dizziness, and might result in extra critical points reminiscent of a coma, elevated coronary heart price or seizures.
Here are 5 tricks to deal with your cat if they’re affected by sunburns or heatstroke:
  • Sunburns particularly occur to white cats with white ears and pink noses however can occur to all cats and will result in pores and skin most cancers. If you’ve gotten an indoor cat, they need to not spend all day asleep in a window as they’ll soak up UV gentle – alternatively, you should buy UV blocking movies on your home windows. If you’ve gotten an out of doors cat, restrict their time outdoors when the solar shines the strongest – between 10am and 4pm.

  • Get sunscreen merchandise for pets. Plenty of solar safety merchandise exist in the marketplace, you simply want to verify they’re non-toxic, as everyone knows how a lot cats prefer to groom themselves and would possibly ingest it.

  • If you notice any of the heatstroke signs talked about above, take away your pet from the recent surroundings and frequently test their physique temperature. If it’s over 104 levels, your cat is almost definitely affected by the heatstroke, therefore you will have to manage cooling strategies.

  • Offer them small sips of water – don’t pressure it. Apply or spray cool water – not ice-cold, as this might worsen the issue, onto their fur and pores and skin and ensure they sit subsequent to a fan to maximise warmth loss.

  • Heatstroke is an emergency because it might lead to dying, when you’ve finished these steps, take your pet to the closest open veterinary facility instantly. No matter how extreme, it’s essential to get recommendation from a vet to deal with them accordingly.


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Doron Wolffberg, Founder of All About Cats has commented on how one can assist ease your pets signs:
“It is crucial that you don’t try any residence remedies earlier than assembly together with your vet, as chances are you’ll irritate the hayfever response. Medication additionally necessitates a prescription, so deliver your cat to the follow to get the medical assist they want. Determining precisely what your cat is allergic to might be finished with blood assessments or pores and skin assessments utilizing subcutaneous injections to check for a response.
And with regards to sunburns and heatstrokes, keep in mind it’s also necessary to verify your cat stays hydrated all through the day by making certain they’ve continuous entry to contemporary water in a clear bowl daily. Feeding some moist cat meals helps a cat soak up extra water, as moist meals comprises round 80% of fluid. They have to eat round 60 millilitres per kilogram of physique weight (4 ounces of water per 5 kilos of their physique weight) each day. An common 4.4 kilogram (10 pound) cat ought to drink about 260 millilitres (8 ounces or one cup of water) per day. ”

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