Nail Care for Cats

Nail Care for Cats

If your cat’s claws get too lengthy, it could possibly trigger issues starting from damage to an infection. Regular nail care retains her snug and helps stop scratches.

by Nadia Ali

People typically chunk their fingernails — some often, some out of behavior, and a few obsessively. Cats do the identical factor. You could have seen your personal kitty chewing away at her claws as if she’s knowledgeable manicurist. There are the reason why she does this, some which can be regular and a few that aren’t. Either approach, it’s a reminder that correct nail care is as essential for cats as it’s for canines and other people.

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Gnawing her claws?

Cats will naturally groom their claws. You will see your kitty routinely tugging, chewing, or licking her nails. This habits is regular if it’s not extreme. Generally, she is attempting to take away particles or the shabby outer layers of her nails.

If your cat appears to chew at her claws obsessively, nonetheless, it alerts an issue reminiscent of an an infection or damage.

Note: When a cat’s nails get too lengthy, they will develop into ingrown, inflicting ache, problem strolling, and even an infection.

Have a have a look at all 4 of your cat’s paws to see if there’s any bleeding, swelling or different signs of a difficulty, and take her to the vet to get to the basis of the issue.

Even if all is regular, it’s nonetheless essential to make common nail care a

a part of your cat’s well being routine. This contains clipping her nails, when wanted, and offering her with locations to scratch.

Tips on clipping

If your cat’s nails get too lengthy, they will snag on carpeting or upholstery when she’s strolling, probably inflicting damage. Too-long claws additionally imply you’re extra apt to get scratched or punctured once you’re taking part in together with your cat, and even whereas she’s sitting in your lap. These are all indicators that her claws want clipping.

The Humane Society recommends clipping your cat’s nails each few weeks. Veterinarian Dr. Amy Flowers agrees, saying that it’s finest to get your kitty into the routine of getting her nails clipped each two weeks or so.

The hardest a part of clipping your cat’s nails is to get her to sit down nonetheless. It’s finest to have somebody maintain her whilst you clip to keep away from accidents.

Note: Always use a nail clipper particularly designed for cats – by no means use your personal or these made for canines.

Feline nail clippers provide help to higher see what you’re doing, and the longer plier-type handles work properly for fast snips.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Wrap your cat in a towel or blanket, leaving out the one paw you’re about to clip.
  2. Gently press the paw pad to increase the nails.
  3. Locate the short and transfer the clipper beneath that space. You want solely clip the tip of the nail; slicing the short causes ache and bleeding.
  4. Position the clippers perpendicular to the nail so you’re slicing it at a slant. A flush minimize is prone to break up or splinter the nail.

Note: If your cat growls or hisses, it could possibly create strain to get the job performed quick. Be affected person and don’t rush. If you’re solely in a position to clip a couple of nails at a time, that’s positive. Try once more one other day.

Keeping tabs in your cat’s nail well being, and clipping them once they get too lengthy, means she’ll be extra snug, your family furnishings might be in higher form, and also you’ll be much less prone to get scratched!

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