My Dog Ate a Silica Packet: What to Do

Many packaged merchandise — from sneakers and electronics to meals — include just a little packet designed to maintain them dry referred to as a silica packet. And, they typically are labeled with a “don’t eat.”

Of course, our pets typically ignore such issues and would possibly eat these packets anyway. Fortunately, silica is just not poisonous for canines, however there are nonetheless some dangers.

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Dr. Elaine Martinez, medical director for VCA’s new Santa Monica Main Street Hospital, says that whereas the silica itself is just not a critical concern, the packet may cause an intestinal blockage, which will be very harmful.  

What to do in case your canine eats a silica packet

Dr. Tina Wismer, senior director at ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, says in case your canine eats a silica packet to watch him for vomiting and belly discomfort. Smaller canines or cats are most susceptible to having a difficulty from ingesting it.

She says to name your veterinarian for recommendation, however you usually don’t have to rush into an emergency veterinarian straight away. 

“If the packaging, or one other harmful meals — equivalent to chocolate or raisins — was ingested together with the silica packet, then a vet would probably induce vomiting,” Dr. Martinez says.

She says to go to a vet to have them safely induce vomiting somewhat than try to do it at home.

Silica gel, desiccant and oxygen absorber packets will be present in shoe containers and purses in addition to issues manufactured from leather-based to maintain them dry whereas they’re packaged. Desiccants will be present in packages of jerky and capsule bottles.

“If a pet will get into and ingests a silica gel packet, an oxygen absorber or a desiccant, gentle abdomen upset is all that’s usually seen,” says Dr. Wismer. “If your pet is small and the packet is plastic and on the bigger measurement, there’s a small threat that it might get caught of their abdomen or intestines and trigger a blockage, nevertheless this isn’t quite common.”

Dr. Wismer says whereas these merchandise aren’t an excessive amount of of a trigger for concern, any incident needs to be checked out on a case-by-case foundation. If your pet has ingested one thing overseas, it’s best to contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 for additional steerage and help.

silica gel packet
Silica is just not poisonous for canines, however the packaging may cause intestinal blockage, particularly in small canines. © Alberto Tolentino Pineda / Getty Images

How to maintain canines from consuming silica packets

Dr. Martinez says the packets present in meals are those {that a} canine would almost certainly eat. Watch out for these packets and throw them away in a lined trash can.  

Dog-specific meals and treats, like freeze-dried and dehydrated sorts, can have them too. Check what you’re pouring out earlier than feeding it on to your canine.

Dr. Martinez says that canines consuming silica packets is definitely not quite common contemplating what number of merchandise have silica gel packets in them. But in fact, it’s higher to deal with these sorts of packages with care and preserve them away out of your pets.

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