My Cat Is Bullying My Dog: 9 Vet-Approved Tips to Stop Them

My Cat Is Bullying My Dog: 9 Vet-Approved Tips to Stop Them


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Having a multi-pet family comes with distinctive challenges, particularly in case you have a mixture of pets like cats and canine. One of the commonest challenges that may come up is pets not getting alongside. However, generally, it’s much less a case of two animals disliking one another and extra of 1 animal bullying the opposite.

If you may have a cat and canine and discover that your cat is bullying your canine, it is advisable work on stopping the habits. Though numerous YouTube movies displaying canine afraid to stroll round cats or being chased by them could point out that this kind of factor is cute, in reality, it’s a unfavourable scenario for each animals that causes stress and worry.

Not certain learn how to get your favourite feline to cease bullying your favourite canine? Have a glance under!

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Why Is Your Cat Bullying Your Dog?

Felines can find yourself bullying canine and different animals for varied causes, and understanding the reason for your cat’s bullying can assist you get them to cease.

cat bullying a border collie puppy
Image Credit: asife, Shutterstock

1. Not Enough Socialization

If your cat hasn’t had sufficient socialization with different animals (particularly in the event that they skilled an absence of socialization of their kitten years), it may cause them to turn into a bully. Cats who don’t obtain early socialization usually tend to be extra aggressive with and fewer tolerant of different animals.

2. Boredom

Is your cat getting sufficient train and playtime every day? If not, they’ll get bored, which may result in bullying habits. A bored cat will discover one thing to do, and that one thing may simply be pouncing in your pup always or stalking them wherever they go.

3. Fear

When cats get scared, they’ll react with aggression, so in case your cat is afraid of your canine or feels in peril when your pup is round, they might lash out.

4. Anxiety

Felines are extraordinarily delicate to their environment, so issues like loud noises, a brand new particular person or animal within the dwelling, or modifications in routine can throw them off their sport, resulting in anxiousness. Sometimes, that anxiousness can manifest as bodily aggression in direction of others in the home.

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The 9 Tips to Stop Your Cat From Bullying Your Dog

Here are some methods you will get your kitty to cease bullying your canine. They could by no means be the perfect of buddies, however eliminating bullying can put them on the highway to being friendlier with one another.

1. Ensure every animal has their very own area.

Each animal in your house ought to have an space they’ll retreat to when wanted. For felines, this needs to be a cat tree or excessive perch the place the canine can’t attain them.

balinese cat sitting
Image Credit: Pasiaflora, Shutterstock

2. Make certain your cat has loads of their very own assets.

Animals can turn into territorial over issues reminiscent of meals bowls and toys, so make certain your cat has loads of their very own toys which are stored separate from the canine’s assets. Also, maintain consuming areas separate so there aren’t any squabbles over which meals bowl is whose.

3. Ensure your kitty will get loads of playtime in order that they don’t turn into bored.

Spend time enjoying along with your cat or arrange an interactive toy that can maintain them busy and entertained. When a feline has sufficient to do, they need to be much less tempted to view the canine as a plaything.

4. Watch your cat’s prey drive.

Dogs and cats each can have prey drives, however most individuals consider a canine going after a cat due to this and never the opposite method round. But if the cat’s prey drive is triggered by one thing like watching squirrels within the yard, they might go after the canine since they’ll’t attain the squirrels. If this occurs typically, you could want to dam your home windows with cat-safe blinds or curtains to allow them to’t see exterior.

bengal cat playing with toy at home
Image Credit: Pandora Pictures, Shutterstock

5. Try to calm your cat down after they get aggressive along with your canine.

You can do that in varied methods, reminiscent of making an attempt merchandise meant to calm cats or placing them alone in a room for a couple of minutes to provide them an opportunity to sit back out. If calming your cat isn’t working, although, you could wish to converse along with your vet; if a cat is overly burdened or afraid, time-outs and calming treats could not do the job. And in case your cat and canine previously bought alongside, however your feline has immediately began bullying them, your cat could possibly be sick and never feeling properly and lashing out because of this.

6. Reinforce good habits!

Did your cat let your canine stroll by them with out hissing or swiping? Give them a deal with! Did the cat ignore the canine when it was in the identical room? Give them some pets! Reinforcing good habits helps your cat study that is how they need to work together with the canine.

7. Be certain you aren’t reinforcing dangerous habits, although.

Don’t decide up your cat after they’re aggressive, and attempt to pet them to calm them down; this reveals them that being aggressive will get them love, in order that they’ll be extra more likely to do it once more sooner or later.

Image Credit: Chendongshan, Shutterstock

8. If nothing else appears to work, separate your animals and slowly start reintroducing them once more.

Keep your pets in separate rooms always, however give them each objects with the opposite’s scent. After a day or two of getting used to the scent, try reintroducing them (however don’t go away them alone collectively!). At the primary trace of bullying, separate the 2 once more. Keep letting them have supervised visits with each other, although; if all goes properly, they’ll finally start to heat to at least one one other.

9. Give each your pets equal love and a focus.

Jealousy generally is a consider bullying habits, so be certain that your cat and canine obtain equal consideration from you every day.

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Final Thoughts

When it involves multi-pet households, we normally consider dogs chasing after cats and bullying them, however cats could be bullies, too. If your cat is bullying your canine, attempt to decide the explanation. Then, undergo the steps above to get them to cease. It will take time and endurance, however it is best to be capable of get the cat to settle down and both ignore your pup or turn into pleasant with them.

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