McNab Shepherd

McNab Shepherd

General Information

Dog Name McNab Shepherd
Other Names McNab Collie
Scientific Name Canis lupus familiaris
Breed Type Herding
Group Working
Breed For Herding livestock
Extinct Yes
Country of Origin United States of America (USA)

Physical And Size

Size Smallest
Min Life Span 13
Max Life Span 15
Min Ideal Weight for male 16
Max Ideal Weight for male 23
Min Ideal Weight for feminine 14
Max Ideal Weight for male 23


Intelligent Rank
Affection Level
Social Needs
Watchdog Ability


Temperament Energetic, Independent, Protective
Prey Drive No
Fighting Dog No


Stranger Friendly Medium
Child Friendly High
Cat Friendly Medium
Dog Friendly Medium
Office Friendly Low
Apartment Friendly Low
Senior Citizens Friendly Low
Service Dog Low
Search and Rescue Dog Low
Biting Potential Low

The McNab Shepherd is a medium-sized canine breed that was bred as a herding canine. It is a sturdy canine with an extended physique size that isn’t proportionate to the peak. The ears stand both erect or are floppy whereas the eyes are almond-shaped and are set large. They have a harsh coat that’s weather-resistance.

With the very pleasant and loving temperament that the McNab Shepherd has with its household, it makes a wonderful household canine. However, it wants an energetic household that may meet up its excessive vitality and might contain him in common bodily actions. It doesn’t do nicely in an condominium so solely personal this breed in case you have an enormous house for him to run round.

Origin and History

The McNab Shepherd was originated in Hopland, California as a herding canine. A breeder named Alexander McNab left his native nation Scotland and moved to California. There he crossed numerous shepherd breeds together with his Scottish Border Collie and that was how the McNab Shepherd was born.

Soon this breed turned common among the many ranchers and was used broadly by them for herding livestock and cattle. Today the McNab Shepherds are additionally saved as a household companion in an energetic household.

Is McNab Shepherd Child-Friendly?

The McNab Shepherd does very nicely with youngsters of all ages resulting from its loving and mild nature with them. They love being round youngsters and are additionally tolerant of their harsh conduct.

Although shut supervision is required when they’re collectively so the young children don’t pinch or pull your canine which could result in accidents.

A girl posing with McNab Shepherd
A woman posing with McNab Shepherd.
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Temperament, Personality, and Behavior

Temperament: The temperament of the McNab Shepherd is agile, protecting, and clever. They want a extremely energetic household who can present them with common actions. Their protecting nature makes them a wonderful guard canine and watchdog that may at all times maintain a watch for one thing uncommon within the surrounding.

Personality: The character of McNab Shepherd is affectionate, hardworking, and unbiased. They are very a lot devoted and loving in the direction of their grasp. They bond nicely with the household in addition to different pets in the home.

Behavior: The McNab Shepherd is a very smart and energetic canine breed that wants common actions to maintain its physique match and thoughts occupied. Involving them in every day actions will maintain their thoughts stimulated.


The McNab Shepherd wants a grasp that’s skilled. They are sensible breeds so coaching isn’t troublesome. However, they’re unbiased in nature and should you fail to determine management upon them, they could take themselves as a pack chief which is able to make coaching them difficult.

Therefore, early coaching when they’re nonetheless puppies is beneficial. Start from primary coaching and use constructive strategies to coach them. It will inspire them to be centered on the coaching session and they are going to be extra obedient.


  • The McNab Shepherd has not but been acknowledged by any kennel membership as of August 2021.

Health Issues

The McNab Shepherd is usually a wholesome canine breed with some genetic well being points.

Lens Luxation: This well being downside is a typical well being difficulty that’s inherited by the McNab Shepherd. In this situation, the lens of your canine strikes both within the entrance or on the again of the pupil. This could cause blindness and will be painful with time. However, early therapy can treatment this downside and the surgical procedure is painless.

Hip Dysplasia: In this situation, the hip bones of your canine are displaced from their authentic place. It could make bodily motion painful and might make day-to-day life uncomfortable on your canine.


The McNab Shepherd comes within the following colours:

  • Tricolor
  • Black with white markings
  • Dark Brown
  • blonde
  • blue


The McNab can provide delivery to 4-6 puppies at a time.

McNab Shepherd puppy playing
McNab Shepherd pet enjoying.
Image Source: Dogbreedslist


Height: The common top of the male McNab Shepherd is between 18-25 inches and the feminine is 16-21 inches.

Weight: The common weight of the male McNab Shepherd is between 35-65 kilos and the male is between 30-50 kilos.


If you’re shopping for McNab Shepherd from a reputed breeder, its value is normally between $700-$1000 USD.

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