Korean Dog Names – 230+ Incredible Ideas

Korean Dog Names – 230+ Incredible Ideas

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Korean canine names are a enjoyable and cultured possibility for a brand new pup. And you’re in luck as a result of we now have plenty of concepts!

You may decide a preferred identify like Bella, Max, Charlie or Daisy. But if you would like one thing extra distinctive, try these 230+ superior Korean canine names.

Korean dog names

Why Pick a Korean Name for Your Pup?

Located on the northeast facet of China, Korea at this time is split into two distinct territories: North Korea and South Korea. The space boasts an amazing history and is house to distinctive cultures, sweeping landscapes and rather more.

If you’ve Korean heritage or are merely impressed by the area, it’s best to undoubtedly try these nice concepts for Korean canine names.

Let’s begin by names impressed by the Korean phrases for this wonderful animal.

  • Gae – canine
  • Gang-aji – pet
  • Sanyang-gae – hound

Affectionate Korean Names

Another nice concept for Korean canine names is to discover phrases of endearment used within the space. These phrases are affectionately utilized by Koreans for his or her family members, and you would lengthen the sweetness to your valuable pup.

  • Jagiya – honey or child
  • Yeobo – honey or darling
  • Aein – sweetheart
  • Aegiya – child
  • Naekkeo – my sweetheart
  • Gwiyomi – cutie
  • Nae sarang – my love
  • Wangjanim – prince
  • Gongjunim – princess
  • Oppa – older brother
  • Yeojachingu – girlfriend
  • Namjachingu – boyfriend

Sources: 90 Day Korean and TripZilla

Best Unisex Korean Dog Names

Many Korean names are thought-about unisex and might match each men and women. No matter what the gender, these names will work completely on your pup.

  • Chin – valuable
  • Cho – lovely/good-looking
  • Chun – spring
  • Dae – greatness
  • Dong – east
  • Gi – courageous
  • Haneul – heaven/sky
  • Hee – brightness
  • Hei – grace and knowledge
  • Ho – goodness
  • Hyun – virtuous
  • Iseul – dew
  • Ja – enticing
  • Ji – knowledge
  • Jin – jewel
  • Jung – righteous
  • Kyong – brightness
  • Min – intelligent
  • Moon – discovered
  • Myung – brightness
  • Ryung – the sunshine
  • Sang – perpetually
  • Shin – perception
  • Soo – excellence
  • Woong – magnificence
  • Yon – blossom
  • Yong – courageous
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Best Male Korean Dog Names

If your new canine is a boy, listed below are the highest male Korean canine names together with their conventional meanings.

For these names, we drew inspiration from the preferred male names within the area.

  • Dak-Ho – deep lake
  • Geon – energy
  • Ho-Seok – sturdy, heaven
  • Hwan – shining and brilliant
  • Jae-Hee – shining
  • Jong-Seok – nice, eminent
  • Kyu – commonplace
  • Min-ho – courageous and heroic
  • Seo-Jin – omen
  • Seulgi – knowledge
  • Seung – profitable
  • Suk – rock, stone
  • Su-won – defend, shield
  • Tae-Hui – large, nice
  • U-Yeong – glory, honor
  • Yeo – mildness
  • Yu-Jin – valuable, worthwhile

Best Female Korean Dog Names

Korean canine names are lovely, distinctive and replicate a storied tradition. What extra may you ask for in a woman canine identify?

The following listing displays fashionable feminine names in Korea that can be used on your pup. You may even mix two names to create a artistic and distinctive identify made particularly on your new bundle of fur.

  • Ae-Cha – loving daughter
  • Bae – inspiration
  • Bo-mi – lovely, fairly
  • Bong Cha – final woman
  • Choon-Hee – spring woman
  • Danbi – welcome rain
  • Eui – righteousness
  • Eun – silver
  • Gaeul – fall, autumn
  • Hae – ocean
  • Ha-eun – kindness, mercy
  • Hea – grace
  • Hye – clever
  • In-na – swish and delicate
  • Ji-a – knowledge and data
  • Kwan – sturdy
  • Mee – magnificence
  • Nam-Sun – pure and trustworthy
  • Seok-Yeong – petal, flower
  • So-Hui – splendid, superb
  • Sung – successor
  • Ye-Jin – valuable and worthwhile
  • Yu-na – to endure

Source: Behind the Name

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Dog Names Inspired by Korean Geography

Korea is house to a number of the world’s most gorgeous landscapes and presents bustling cities, lovely seashores and towering mountains.

The names of those places present inspiration for Korean canine names which are distinct and distinctive – an ideal mixture.

  • Korea – This is an apparent concept, however we’re simply throwing it on the market: You may identify your canine Korea after the land of the morning solar.
  • Seoul – The capital of South Korea, Seoul is a booming metropolis with 10 million individuals.
  • Busan – The second hottest metropolis is South Korea, the gorgeous Busan is situated on the southeastern-most tip of South Korea.
  • Incheon – Meaning “sort river,” Incheon is a metropolis within the northwestern a part of South Korea with 3 million inhabitants.
  • Daegu – Another massive metropolis in South Korea, Daegu supplies nice inspiration for a Korean canine identify.
  • Suwon – This metropolis has a protracted, storied historical past.
  • Ulsan – The seventh largest metropolis in South Korea, Ulsan is taken into account an industrial powerhouse.
  • Daejeon – Another massive metropolis, Daejeon is situated within the central area of South Korea.
  • Ggotji – This gorgeous seashore is a must-see attraction.
  • Darangee – The Darangee Village is understood for its lovely rice terraces.
  • Upo – Upo Wetland is a posh of pure wetlands situated close to the Nakdong River.
  • Jeju – The Jeju Island within the Korea Strait is understood for its seashore resorts and volcanic panorama of craters and cavelike lava tubes.
korean dog names

Dog Names Inspired By Korean Foods and Drinks

As a enjoyable possibility for Korean canine names, why not discover fashionable meals and drinks within the area? You can flip these phrases right into a cool canine identify that’s distinctive and memorable.

These dishes and drinks are fairly fashionable in Korea, and you might have even tried just a few your self.

  • Kimchi – fermented greens
  • Bibimbap – blended rice
  • Soju – clear alcoholic beverage
  • Bulgogi – marinated beef barbecue
  • Japchae – stir-fried noodles
  • Makgeolli – uncooked rice wine
  • Hobakjuk – pumpkin porridge
  • Seolleongtang – ox bone soup
  • Soondae – blood sausage
  • Hoeddeok – candy syrupy pancakes
  • Samgyeopsal – pork strips
  • Ddukbokki – spicy rice cake
  • Samgyetang – ginseng rooster soup
  • Naengmyeon – chilly buckwheat noodles
Korean dog names

Beautiful Male Korean Dog Names

Continuing the listing of Korean canine names, let’s have a look at extra fashionable names from this a part of the world. The following are beautiful names with meanings which are equally as lovely.

If you’re getting a male canine, it’s essential to try these concepts.

  • Ahnjong – tranquility
  • A-jun – fairly, beautiful, lovely
  • Bada – sea, ocean
  • Bo-bae – treasure
  • Bong-ju – image of pleasure
  • Chanho – to fill
  • Chanwoo – vivid, illuminating; brilliant
  • Daehee – large, nice, huge
  • Deokha – ethics, morality, advantage”
  • Eun-jae – kindness, mercy, charity
  • Garam – river
  • Gyu-ri – star
  • Hangil – a method
  • Haru – daytime
  • Him – energy, drive
  • Honja – alone
  • Hun – meritorious deed
  • Inho – humaneness, benevolence, kindness
  • Jaechang – expertise, capacity
  • Jarang – pleasure, boast
  • Jiho – knowledge, intelligence
  • Jintae – gold, cash
  • Jun-su – proficient, good-looking
  • Keun – close to, shut
  • Laon – joyful
  • Min-gi – individuals, sujbects
  • Mir – dragon
  • Moonik – letters
  • Namu – tree, wooden
  • Nuri – world
  • Param – blue, inexperienced
  • Sa-do – assume, ponder
  • Saem – spring, fountain
  • Saja – lion
  • Seon – good, good
  • Sori – sound, voice
  • Won – first, origin
  • Woojoo – house, universe
  • Yu-bin – younger little one
  • Yun-gi – religion, perception

Beautiful Female Korean Dog Names

And should you’re bringing house a phenomenal feminine canine, you’ll undoubtedly need to check out these unimaginable concepts. They sound gorgeous and have an impressive which means behind them.

  • Aeji – love, affection
  • Ae-ra – love
  • A-min – fairly, beautiful
  • Baram – wind, air
  • Binna – to shine
  • Bom – springtime
  • Byeol – star
  • Chae-ha – shade
  • Cho-a – lovely, good
  • Daechu – date
  • Dambi – deep pool
  • Danchu – button
  • Doja – peach
  • Eun-bi – kindness, mercy
  • Goun – lovely, smooth
  • Guseul – valuable gem
  • Haehwa – sea, ocean
  • Hyeri – charming, witty
  • Ideun – nice, lovely
  • Jang-mi – rose
  • Ji-hui – knowledge, data
  • Jinji – valuable, worthwhile
  • Juah – jewel, pearl
  • Kkum – dream
  • Malli – jasmine
  • Mi-ho – magnificence
  • Minha – quick, fast
  • Miyun – clouds
  • Nabi – butterfly
  • Okja – stone, gem
  • Onyu – complete, whole
  • Saehae – new yr
  • Saerok – new
  • Seoli – frost
  • Seowoo – divine intervention
  • Seukja – nice, eminent
  • Sieun – wonderful, lovely
  • So-ha – small
  • Tae-ha – superior
  • Yeori – lovely, elegant
  • Yuo – lotus flower
Korean dog names

Unique Male Korean Names

By selecting a Korean identify, you’re already creating a singular moniker on your canine. But you would take it to the subsequent degree with these ultra-unique Korean canine names.

Soulful and powerful, these male names are superior choices should you actually desire a distinct canine identify.

  • Ahnjong – tranquility
  • Baek-hyeon – older brother
  • Beodeul – willow
  • Bo-gyeong – man, father
  • Changbok – mild of solar
  • Chawoong – hero, manly
  • Deokman – virtuous, worthy
  • Eunchang – mercy, charity
  • Gangdam – fortress
  • Gyuseok – star
  • Heebeom – brilliant, splended
  • In-jeong – benevolence
  • Jangyoung – flower ornament
  • Jungsik – virtous
  • Kanghyun – river
  • Minseong – jade, gem
  • Onnuri – complete broad world
  • Sandeul – mild wind
  • Seongbin – star, planet
  • Unmeong – future

Unique Female Korean Names

Next up are distinctive feminine Korean canine names. If you choose one in every of these names, it’s a assure nobody else will decide the identical identify for his or her pup.

  • Aesook – love
  • Bitnara – mild, glow
  • Chun-hwa – flowery, illustrious
  • Daseul – take care
  • Ga-yeong – lovely flower
  • Geumhee – brilliant, splendor
  • Haebinna – solar
  • Jeongseul – virtuous, pure
  • Kkossaem – chilly, windy
  • Kyungri – respect, honor
  • Mae-hui – rose, gemstone
  • Mi-jeong – fairly, pleasing
  • Nam-sun – south
  • Noonsol – pine tree
  • Saebyeok – daybreak, dawn
  • Sakula – cherry blossom
  • Seong-mi – lovely, fairly
  • Sinjeong – god, spirit
  • Tae-hui – large, nice
  • Ye-dasom – fairly, beautiful
  • Yoonmin – smooth, modern

Just one phrase of warning for these longer canine names: You could need to discover a shorter nickname.


If it is advisable get your canine’s consideration rapidly, say if a automotive is coming or they’re entering into one thing harmful, you’ll must say the identify quick.

And remember that not everybody might be able to pronounce the identify. In this case, it’s sort to supply up an easier nickname for his or her use.

Shiba Inu

Final Thoughts

What do you consider the concepts above? Do any stand out as a favourite?

With so many choices, making an attempt to determine can appear daunting. But it doesn’t must be.

We suggest you be aware of any canine names that sound fascinating. From there, take away any concepts you don’t completely love.

Soon you’ll have only a few names remaining. Say them out loud and see if any sound correct.

When you decide the proper one, you’ll realize it in your intestine!

And if you do choose a Korean identify on your canine, tell us within the feedback under. Tell us about your new canine and the way you selected a reputation.

Good luck together with your new pet!

More Dog Name Ideas

Looking for much more identify concepts? Try our online dog name generator. It might help you discover the precise identify you’re on the lookout for.

To begin, enter your favourite identify types and/or themes. It will then generate a listing of cool canine names completely suited on your pup.

We have plenty of identify types in our generator like powerful, elegant, cute, sporty and worldwide. The software additionally contains identify themes like films, TV, books, comics, music, historical past, meals and extra.

And should you want extra inspiration, these naming guides may additionally assist:

How Do You Pick The Right Dog Name?

How have you learnt should you’ve picked the proper identify on your canine? That’s an amazing query, and we now have some solutions.

After serving to thousands and thousands of latest pup dad and mom, here’s a foolproof technique to discover simply the proper identify on your canine:

  1. Is it straightforward to say? Some names are nice in principle however onerous to say out loud. Before you finalize the identify, be certain it rolls off the tongue.

    This is very necessary for Korean canine names. Some Korean names are longer and tougher to say, so be sure to can name it rapidly within the case that it is advisable get your canine’s consideration instantly.

  2. Does it suit your canine? Before you finalize a reputation, be certain it matches your canine’s persona and look. This is necessary for each you and your canine.
  3. Say it out loud. Can you think about loudly calling on your canine out loud with this identify? If the reply isn’t any, transfer on to one thing that’s simpler to say – for the sake of each you and your canine.
  4. And lastly, belief your intestine within the determination. You’ll know if you’ve discovered the proper identify. We assure it.

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