Is shaving the dog a good option?

Is shaving the dog a good option?

Recently, there’s a common perception occurring that you need to
shave your canine through the summer season months to maintain her or him cooler. As canine
guardians, it’s our accountability to grasp if this is able to profit within the
canine care course of. In my earlier article, I mentioned how you can groom your dog at home. In that
article, I discussed that shaving your canine ought to by no means be an choice. If you
are considering of shaving your canine, learn the next article earlier than you make a
ultimate choice.

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To shave or to not shave?

Let’s have a look at the explanations as to why you’ll wish to
shave your canine:

Is shaving the dog a good option?

Presence of canine hair all over the place in the home:

This is a quite simple drawback and may be eradicated by
repeatedly brushing in addition to bathing your canine. Regular brushing tends to
cut back shedding in canine. You also can add a pores and skin and coat complement to his or
her food regimen to cut back shedding.

Check out the article on excessive shedding in dogs.

You don’t have time to cope with the surplus hair

It is regular. Sometimes we’re so busy with work that it
turns into very laborious to maintain up with the common grooming technique of our canine.
However, don’t wait until the matter goes uncontrolled. If you aren’t ready
to brush and care in your canine’s fur regularly, seek the advice of together with your
groomer and repair a daily appointment in order that your canine’s fur will get the eye
it wants.

You are feeling sizzling and you’re feeling your canine have to be sizzling too
due to all that fur:

This is a standard false impression amongst most canine guardians. Dog’s
fur don’t act as sweaters or warmth insulators through the hotter months. During
heat season, the coat acts as an insulator towards the warmth. The coat really
helps to maintain your canine’s pores and skin cool in heat months and hotter through the chilly
months. The fur coat additionally protects your canine from the dangerous UV rays of the
solar. Hence, by eradicating your canine’s fur coat, you’ll expose your pup to
feeling hotter, threat of pores and skin most cancers, rashes, sunburns and so forth.

Your pup is consistently scratching:

Scratching has no relation together with your canine’s fur coat or the
thickness of the identical. The most typical causes behind canine itching and
scratching are the presence of fleas or ticks
or seasonal allergies.
Sometimes itchiness also can results of an excessive amount of bathing, poor food regimen and never
correctly tensing out the shampoo.

Check out these articles on eradicating ticks and fleas out of your canine and your home.

Your canine’s fur is matted and tangled

This is without doubt one of the circumstances wherein some quantity of
shaving is likely to be required. However, earlier than you make the choice to fully
take away your canine’s hair, attempt to brush the hair as a lot as potential. If brushing
can take away the mats, then go for brushing. Even if it takes you hours to get
rid of all of the mats, do this in your canine. However, in case brushing shouldn’t be
working in your canine and if the matt is changing into a breeding floor for
parasites and different micro organism, shave off solely the area which is totally
matted. Do not shave off the areas containing wholesome fur. Shaving ought to
solely be achieved by skilled groomers and by no means tried to be achieved at dwelling
except you’re a vet or a groomer your self.

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So far, now we have regarded on the causes behind why would
somebody wish to shave their canine. However, now allow us to have a look at the reason why
ought to shaving the canine be prevented in any respect prices


Shaving your canine will result in her or him heating up throughout
the nice and cozy months. The canine’s pores and skin has tiny muscle groups on the base of every hair
follicle which permits the fur to face and acquire coolness from the
setting. This permits your canine’s fur to cut back the temperature and funky down
your canine. Your canine’s fur act as an automated coolant through the sizzling months.

Risk of sunburn:

 A canine’s pores and skin shouldn’t be
presupposed to be instantly uncovered to daylight. That is why it’s all the time coated
in fur. If you shave your canine, it is going to expose your canine’s pores and skin to the dangerous UV
rays of the solar which can in flip trigger sunburn and improve the danger of his or
her creating pores and skin most cancers. Sunburn may be very painful to canine similar to it’s to
us people.

Higher susceptibility in direction of numerous diseases:

Your canine’s fur coat not solely acts as a protector in direction of the
warmth, it additionally acts to guard your canine towards diseases through the chilly months
like tracheobronchitis, widespread chilly, frostbite or hypothermia. Removing the fur
coat of your canine will make her or him vulnerable to all these infections.

Irritation of the pores and skin

The fur coat of canine hold the pollen, mud mites, filth,
gravel and so forth. away from their pores and skin. If your canine has no fur to guard the pores and skin,
the pores and skin will are available in contact with every thing round them. This could cause many
varieties of allergic reactions in addition to pores and skin infections.


Your canine might really feel careworn because of the sudden absence of his
or her hair. This might even trigger your canine to enter hiding. Shaving the hair
generally causes identification disaster in canine they usually might not eat for days.

What to do when shaving is the one choice?

As I discussed beforehand, in case your canine’s coat has
gotten fully matted, it places your canine at a threat of changing into the breeding
floor for numerous micro organism and parasites. Matting may trigger different pores and skin
and well being points in your canine. Therefore, shaving down the fur is likely to be the
solely choice in case your canine is affected by fully matted hair which can’t
be detangled by combing.

However, to get any a part of your canine shaved, it’s not
advisable to do it at dwelling. Take your canine to the groomer if shaving is required.
Knowledgeable groomer will shave solely the required areas whereas leaving the
remainder of the fur intact. If the groomer is well-trained within the facets of animal
care, she or he would know that the fur must be saved as a lot as potential.

How to care in your canine after getting her or him shaved?

  • If your canine had the unlucky expertise of getting his or
    her fur coat shaved, it’s crucial that you simply present your canine some further care,
    love and a spotlight for the following few days whereas the hair begins to develop again. A
    few pointers to recollect at this stage could be:
  • Do not depart your pup exterior in heat or chilly climate for
    prolonged period of time.
  • Do not take your canine out for a stroll, run or hike when it’s
  • If you do take your canine on a stroll bear in mind to use
    quantity of sunscreen on his or her again.
  • Make your canine put on a T-shirt once you take your canine for a
    stroll or exterior. This will defend your canine from any warmth and can hold your
    canine cool. It may also defend your canine’s pores and skin from the dangerous UV rays of the
    solar. You can use a T-shirt for hotter months for a T-shirt mixed with a
    sweater for colder months.
  • Your canine’s pores and skin may get irritated because of being
    shaved. In case you discover any crimson spots in your canine’s pores and skin, apply some Aloe
    Vera gel to appease the pores and skin and assist within the therapeutic course of. Keep an in depth eye on
    your canine’s pores and skin for a couple of days from the time of shaving. The consideration ought to
    be extra in direction of the delicate areas of your canine just like the stomach area as properly
    because the face since it might be some time earlier than the razor burns begin to seem.
  • Since razor burns may be very itchy and painful, hold a
    shut eye in your canine and stop her or him type scratching it. Scratching the
    areas of razor burn will solely make the situation worse.
  • As your canine’s hair started to develop again, get again into the
    on a regular basis routine of brushing your canine’s hair. This will forestall the fur from
    getting matted once more.

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If you don’t want to shave your canine, listed here are some steps
you may take to maintain your canine blissful and funky through the hotter months:

  • Brush your canine’s fur on daily basis to take away the useless hair,
    forestall matting and permit higher circulation of air via the coat to maintain
    your canine cool.
  • Give your canine cool baths to chill down his or her temperature
    in addition to to maintain your pup clear.
  • A canine’s sweat glands are current on the ft. Keep your
    canine’s paws trimmed. This will enable the sweat to evaporate and can cool him or
    her off.
  • Experts and groomers counsel that it’s good apply to
    hold your canine’s abdomen area and legs trimmed off very lengthy hair. This
    enhances the cooling course of in your canine.
  • If your canine is out within the yard or in case you are going for a
    hike, make it possible for your canine has entry to water in addition to a shady area.
    Take your canine on walks and workouts through the coolest a part of the day. Never
    depart your canine unattended in a automobile even whether it is for only some minutes.

One level to recollect is that whether or not you might be working or
not, you’ll groom your human youngster on daily basis. Your canine is one other of your
children. He or she deserves to be cared for like your personal child. Remember, your canine
are like toddlers who won’t ever develop up. Therefore, they require common
grooming and caring. I do know you like your canine and generally errors occur.
It’s okay, so long as you don’t let it occur once more. Therefore, make it some extent
to groom your canine regularly at dwelling. You don’t need to do an ideal
grooming job just like the skilled trainers. Once a fortnight grooming might
contain full brushing of your canine’s coat, bathing your canine in addition to
trimming his or her nails whereas an on a regular basis grooming should contain brushing your
canine’s tooth, combing your canine’s fur and caring for his or her paw pads.

I hope you discovered this text helpful. If you might have any
questions pertaining to this text or another article on my weblog, be at liberty
to place your questions down within the remark part. I shall be blissful to reply
them as quickly as I can. If you might have any anecdotes or tales you want to share
with the world, be at liberty to contact me on any of my social media channels. I
shall be blissful to share your story with everybody.

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