How to Use Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers: Vet Approved Instructions

How to Use Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers: Vet Approved Instructions


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The info is present and up-to-date in accordance with the most recent veterinarian analysis.

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You’re in all probability most aware of commonplace scissor-style canine nail clippers however could have heard about guillotine-style canine nail clippers earlier than. If you’re unfamiliar with them or simply purchased a pair however don’t know the place to start out with utilizing them, you’re not alone. The title is a bit of intimidating, however that’s only a reference to the clippers’ single blade.

It’s a complicated matter in the event you’re not already within the know, however let’s demystify it right here and now for everybody. Scroll down for more information on how they work and a step-by-step information on precisely how you can use guillotine canine nail clippers.

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Before You Begin

Your first query might be why you must use guillotine canine nail clippers over the common ones you have already got, and that’s honest. The clippers have one blade that shortly snips the nail in a single clean movement. Having one blade makes the clippers simpler and extra snug to make use of.

Before you start, you have to to just remember to buy the accurately sized product in your canine. Small sized clippers usually are not designed for giant, robust nails. Dogs with naturally darkish nails will likely be harder to trim as you possibly can’t see the delicate space with nerves and blood vessels, generally known as the “fast”. If your canine has any nail issues akin to a nail mattress an infection or brittle nails, it’s higher to speak to your vet about manicure.

Next up, we break down the brief listing of provides it’s good to get the job finished, so fill up and transfer on to the following steps once you’re prepared.

You Will Need:

  • Guillotine-style dog nail clippers
  • Dog treats: To reward the very best boy or lady after the nail-cutting process is full.
  • Dog-safe nail file/grinder: To clean the jagged edges from the clippers.
  • Styptic powder: Essential to cease the bleeding from unintentional cuts to the quicks of your canine’s nails, however technically optionally available you probably have a really regular hand and expertise.
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The 4 Tips on How to Use Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers

1. Familiarize Your Dog With the Clippers

Dogs are understandably cautious about new scary-looking contraptions like your guillotine nail clippers, and it’s unlikely you possibly can simply begin clipping straight away. Instead, you wish to get your canine acclimated to the sight of the clippers being round and reassure them that they’re nothing to be afraid of. Let’s go over the blow-by-blow of how you can get your canine used to the clippers.

First, maintain the clippers in a single hand and deal with your canine’s paws with out truly utilizing the clippers. Just maintain it in sight and get an in depth take a look at their nails. After you’re finished, give them a deal with and transfer on along with your day. Repeat this for a few days and your canine will likely be extra relaxed once you truly use the clippers.

2. Locate the Quick & Do a Test Run

The most important factor to concentrate to when chopping your canine’s nails is the place their fast is. The fast is delicate and vascular tissue proper within the nail mattress, and snipping that’s each painful in your pup and can trigger bleeding. Light-colored nails are simpler to identify the fast in—it’s the sunshine pink bit that extends from the bottom of every nail. It’s more durable to see on dark-colored nails, so you might have to cautiously guess the place the fast is or trim off very small bits at a time.

Once you’ve discovered it, depart a little bit of room in your reduce so that you don’t get too shut; about 2mm from the fast is okay. Hold your canine’s paw with one hand and put the tip of their nail within the stationary ring of the guillotine nail clippers. Hold the chopping blade going through in direction of you. Trim the nail by squeezing the clippers, after which assess your canine’s response. If they’re calm and don’t attempt to run away, it’s effective to proceed. If you’re uncertain concerning the fast, trim the nail very slowly at first and in case your canine exhibits any discomfort, cease, and trim rather less subsequent time.

If your canine’s nails bleed at any level apply the styptic powder. A small quantity of bleeding ought to subside shortly. If there may be plenty of bleeding, apply strain however search veterinary care if it goes on for greater than 5 minutes.

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3. Continue & Finish Trimming

Guillotine canine nail clippers are simple to make use of, nevertheless it’s additionally simple to chop an excessive amount of and trigger bleeding. To keep away from chopping off an excessive amount of, don’t preserve trimming the nails shorter and shorter. Make a choice about the place you suppose it’s protected to chop after which transfer on. You can at all times attempt once more subsequent week if the nails are nonetheless too lengthy.

If your dog panics at any point, you possibly can allow them to go and take a look at the method once more later once they’re extra accepting of it. However, with correct preparation, your canine ought to hopefully be well-behaved and tolerant of the nail chopping.

4. Reward Them

Now that you just’ve labored your method by way of all 4 paws and all of the nails are trimmed, it’s time to reward your dog for being such an excellent boy/lady. This will assist them affiliate the clippers with good experiences and received’t make them scared to return for his or her subsequent nail trim.

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Guillotine canine nail clippers are an incredible nail-cutting resolution for all canine. We recommend getting your canine used to the clippers first earlier than utilizing them, nevertheless it’s quite simple and quick when you get the grasp of it.

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