Is a Fox a Cat or a Dog? Vet-Verified Facts & Info

Is a Fox a Cat or a Dog? Vet-Verified Facts & Info


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The info is present and up-to-date in accordance with the most recent veterinarian analysis.

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Springy, fast, fearsome predator—the fox. This attention-grabbing little predator positive has individuals confused. After all, you may have a look at it and see options of each canine and cats, So what offers? Are foxes cats or canine?

Do you’ve the talk set? Are your bets drawn? If so, we lastly have the reply for you. Foxes are literally a member of the Canidae household, identical to canine are, so that they have extra in frequent genetically with canine than cats. But foxes are their very own species and usually are not the identical species as canine; they’re simply associated to canine.

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Cat vs. Dog-Like Features

Let’s take a more in-depth have a look at the sly fox—cat-like eyes, limber physique, and dog-like snout. What form of a creature is that this? Let’s break down how foxes are much like each canine and cats, and what can result in confusion.

orange fox near trees
Image Credit: Amanda Frank, Unsplash

Physical Features

If you have a look at the bodily options of a fox, it does seem to hold each cat and dog-like qualities. The sly and swish means it strikes and the limberness it possesses might remind you of our feline pals. After all, cats virtually at all times land on their toes, and stability appears to be a private mastery for many cats.

Plus, not like some other canine, some foxes like the grey fox have retractable claws. Their flexibility and agile nature can permit them to arch their again like a cat, too. Plus, they share comparable whisker buildings and use them for navigation.

However, in case you have a look at the form of the enamel, the elongated wolf-like snout, the stiffness and construction of a canine’s legs, you’ll be able to definitely inform how a fox resembles a canine, too.

Hunting Style

What will we learn about foxes? They are extraordinarily environment friendly hunters. Unlike canine, foxes additionally share the killing type with cats. Dogs are inclined to seize and shake, whereas cats go in for a kill strike. Foxes strike abruptly, going straight for the kill.

Excelling alone, the fox ever-so-sneakily slips into essentially the most unlikely locations to nab a rooster or spook a rabbit at relaxation. The solo nature of the hunt could remind you of a cat, as additionally they choose solo kills.

Dogs, then again, are pack animals. They are stronger in numbers. To a level, they don’t thoughts sharing as soon as they’re reaping the reward of the hunt. However, they don’t achieve this sizzling as a predator when it’s a single canine.

brown fox walking on dried leaves
Image Credit: Zdeněk Macháček, Unsplash


Unlike cats and wolves, foxes are omnivores. They feast on each animal and plant materials. These animals are scavengers and opportunistic eaters, which means they may attempt absolutely anything they will get their little mitts on.

The most typical elements of a fox’s eating regimen embrace:

  • Rabbits
  • Rodents
  • Birds
  • Chickens
  • Pigeons
  • Rats
  • Muskrats
  • Earthworms
  • Carrion
  • Berries
  • Fruit

So, foxes are rather more much like home canine on this side.

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Foxes are fairly distinctive creatures in their very own proper. These critters are all their very own, with their very own traits that make them completely different from canine and cats.

1. Foxes Have a Strong Odor

Foxes, not like canine and cats, have a really distinct odor. Think of a ferret and their musk. You might say a fox is sort of skunk-like in scent, however not as potent.

brown fox lying on black rock
Image Credit: Dušan veverkolog, Unsplash

2. Foxes Have Eerie Vocalizations

You may assume there’s a banshee within the woods if you hear a fox round. They make all kinds of loopy sounds! Some individuals could say {that a} fox is “barking,” however in case you’ve ever heard a fox, you recognize that it’s completely different from a dog’s bark.

3. Foxes Reproduce Once a Year

Foxes can reproduce solely as soon as per 12 months, normally within the spring. Cats can technically get pregnant as much as 5 occasions per 12 months, and canine can have two or extra litters per 12 months.

4. Arctic Foxes Can Change Color

Arctic foxes are fairly pretty creatures that truly have color-changing capabilities. They stay white all winter however change to browns and grays within the hotter months.

arctic fox on snowfield
Image Credit: Jonatan Pie, Unsplash

5. Foxes Have Impeccable Hearing

Cats have higher listening to than canine, however a fox’s ears are much more delicate. These animals use their eager sense of listening to to hunt, and they’re able to detecting prey from lengthy distances.

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Can Foxes Be Domesticated?

Foxes are wild animals and don’t make the most effective pets. They haven’t been domesticated and sure won’t ever be capable to be domesticated in the identical means that canine are.

Sure, there are many TikTookay movies the place individuals have stored foxes as pets and consistently put out cute fox content material. But foxes usually are not meant to be in captivity except they’re unable to dwell within the wild for well being or security causes.

Just since you shouldn’t personal a fox doesn’t imply you at all times can’t. In many states, you could possibly personal a fox in case you get a allow or license to take action. Some states require that you simply be a wildlife skilled, whereas others permit permits for pets.

Other states immediately forbid the possession of foxes.

Dogster divider_v3_NEW_MAY_24_Conclusion

So, foxes, whereas wildly completely different and definitely mysterious, are immediately associated to our canine companions. Though they could have cat-like features and personality traits, they’re extra genetically much like canine than cats.

Now you’ll be able to at all times do not forget that all foxes are a part of the Canidae household—canine at coronary heart, if you’ll. However, these animals usually are not pets and needs to be within the wild the place they belong.

Featured Image Credit: Sandra Standbridge, Shutterstock

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