Immunity and Homeopathy in Dogs – Focus on Nosodes

Immunity and Homeopathy in Dogs – Focus on Nosodes

Homeopathic nosodes are a potent, protected and efficient approach to assist canine construct particular immunity to many main ailments, with out the dangers and negative effects brought on by vaccines.

Immunity is a scorching subject in at the moment’s world, each for ourselves and our canine. Homeopathic nosodes are an effective way to construct strong safety in opposition to illness. While nosodes could be a complicated subject, figuring out one thing about this excellent kind of homeopathic medication is nicely well worth the effort. Let’s check out what nosodes are, and the way they can be utilized to assist canine construct and preserve optimum immunity.


Nosodes are potentized cures ready from diseased tissues or discharges (merchandise of illness). Gross stuff, for positive. Potentized merely means diluted and succussed in serial vogue, like different homeopathic medicines.

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NOTE: The phrase “nosode” derives from the Greek nosos (illness) and eidos (like).

  • Samuel Hahnemann first ready cures from diseased tissues, primarily the miasmatic nosodes, for the three main miasms he recognized and outlined (“miasm” refers to massive classes of inherited or acquired power illness). The three miasms are Psora, Sycosis, and Syphilis, and the corresponding nosodes are Psorinum, Medorrhinum, and Syphylinum. Only the primary two have frequent use in veterinary homeopathy. The main nosodes all underwent provings, and their use in veterinary homeopathy is identical as with all different treatment, matching affected person signs to these of the treatment.
  • Later within the 1800s, veterinarians started to make use of nosodes developed for particular ailments, equivalent to distemper in canine (Distemperinum). During this period, Dr. Constantine Hering launched the nosode hydrophobinum from the saliva of a rabid canine, and used it to deal with and forestall rabies in canine and people, normally giving 30c each three to 4 days, and growing the interval because the affected person improved.

NOTE: Hydrophobinum is identical nosode we name Lyssin at the moment, generally used to cope with dangerous results from the rabies vaccine.

  • More latest examples in veterinary homeopathy embody utilizing Distemperinum (nosode from canine distemper) in a big shelter to lower circumstances in canine, and controlling a kennel cough outbreak in a big boarding facility simply by including the nosode to consuming water.

Most homeopathic veterinarians agree on the protecting impact of nosodes. Few custom-designed trials help this notion, nonetheless, so the concept of nosodes being useful stays contentious. But a number of circumstances of homeopathy getting used on a big scale to curb epidemic illness exist within the scientific literature, and a latest instance entails a illness well-known to many canine homeowners, Leptospirosis (the “L” in DHLP).


Nosodes carry the vitality sample of a illness, simply as different homeopathic medicines carry the vitality sample of their unique materials. The vitality sample of the illness consists of each the causative agent, and the host’s response to that illness. This modified, vibratory illness vitality can scale back the susceptibility of the affected person to the precise illness. Nosodes work greatest when given shortly earlier than/shortly after publicity to a illness, and safety is simply transient, so intermittent use is greatest.

NOTE: It’s necessary to work with a holistic or integrative veterinarian who’s well-versed in homeopathy.

I’ll clarify how I now use nosodes, though it’s on no account the one methodology. The key concept to recollect is that nosodes work greatest when given near publicity time; as famous above, just a few days earlier than or after at most. Most practitioners advocate a 30c efficiency given one to 2 instances weekly till the canine is six to eight months outdated, then dosing primarily based on publicity threat after that (coaching class, boarding, grooming, canine park, and so forth.). Since it’s inconceivable to know when all exposures happen, and nosodes don’t appear to supply lasting safety, we have to repeat at common intervals till immunity is strong. Most canine have a reliable immune system by the point they attain puberty, so not want nosode safety after that; they’ve developed good pure immunity from pure publicity, particularly if not vaccinated (which blocks pure immunity typically).

  • Over the previous ten years I’ve had nice success giving every pup a single 200c dose of a mixture product that accommodates nosodes for distemper, parvo, hepatitis, lepto, kennel cough, and hydrophobinum. We then ship dwelling a one-ounce glass dropper bottle with filtered water and parvo nosode 200c, and a small quantity of brandy as preservative. I like to recommend giving this weekly till the pup is not less than six months outdated.

NOTE: During this era, we misplaced no pups to parvo in the event that they solely obtained nosodes; the one deaths occurred in pups that have been beforehand vaccinated.

  • Heartworm nosode additionally provides an excellent drug/chemical-free possibility to spice up immunity to this parasite. We have but to see a canine take a look at optimistic whereas taking the nosode, and have even used homeopathy and/or nosodes to deal with heartworm optimistic canine that are available in from outdoors the apply. I like to recommend both a 30c or 200c given each one to 2 weeks throughout heartworm season, which varies with geographical location.


In a world characterised by extreme vaccines, medication, poisonous chemical substances and processed meals, nosodes provide a potent, protected and efficient possibility to assist canine construct particular immunity to many main canine ailments, whether or not viral, bacterial or parasitic. We shouldn’t have to know the precise mechanism of motion to say that nosodes have a useful impression on well being, with out the dangers and negative effects inherent to most standard drug choices.

Veterinarian Dr. Todd Cooney graduated from Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. He took Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy and altered the way in which he considered well being and illness. He now makes use of homeopathy solely in all his circumstances. His apply is situated in Indiana; he additionally does lengthy distance consulting, and serves as an teacher for the Pitcairn Institute of Veterinary Homeopathy.

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