How to Tell a Cat’s Age?

How to Tell a Cat’s Age?

Do you already know when the birthday of your cat is? If not, it’s value figuring out as a result of cats from completely different age teams have completely different wants. For instance, an older cat will probably be more healthy if will probably be fed with increased protein content material which isn’t the case for youthful kitties. 

We guess you at the moment are curious to seek out out how one can inform the age of your feline pet. Actually, it may be fairly troublesome to know when you didn’t have your cat from delivery. But, on this article, our aim is that can assist you approximate your cat’s age by means of various factors. 

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To start with, a kitty positive aspects one pound every month up till 4 to six months. So, when you adopted a kitty weighing 3 kilos, it’s most certainly that it’s 3 months of age. 

5 Tips to Figure Out A Cat’s Age by means of Different Methods:

Once your kitty cat has reached its maturity, it’s reasonably difficult to pinpoint its delivery 12 months however there are some indicators to make a wild guess equivalent to the next:

  1. Check Those Teeth

Kitten’s child enamel (deciduous enamel)  start to come-out between 2 and 4 weeks of age. Then at 4 months of age, these child enamel start to fall-out and the everlasting enamel begin to erupt. Typically, by 6 months to 1 12 months of age, all of the everlasting enamel of your cat are in place. 

Once all these grownup enamel are out, a method which you can verify so you possibly can inform the age of your cat is the colour of its enamel. The yellower the enamel are, the older the cat is. Why? Blame on its put on and tear. 

 Typically, when you see solely a little bit of tartar, your cat remains to be younger, round 1 to 2 years of age. Between the age of three and 5 years, you possibly can see a rise within the yellowing of its enamel.

 As your feline pet advances in age, say at 10 years or older, all of its enamel are shining yellow already!

Color isn’t the one indicator of age. Check the standard of the enamel. By this, it signifies that the older cats have dull-looking enamel, lack in luster, whiteness, and even much less in quantity in contrast to these stunning and glowing with an entire set of enamel that you simply see in adverts. This kind of damage and tear begins to point out at round 5 years of age.

Some of the enamel are usually not as pointed anymore and in some circumstances, have damaged off. By age 10, a few of its enamel could also be lacking and may additionally present indicators of gingivitis or irritation of the gums. 

  1. Check Those Furs

A kitten’s fur is baby-fine and gentle however the texture modifications as your cat become older. Its fur will get thicker and rougher. The shade may additionally change-from brighter to lighter or vise versa. 

Once your cat is in its senior years, additionally, you will see some grey or white patches of hair fairly a lot the identical as what occurs to its human mother and father. 

  1. Check Your Kitty’s Grooming Habits

Are you impressed by your cat’s obsessiveness with cleanliness? Your cat always cleans itself to stimulate blood circulate, to wash its wounds, and to keep up its physique temperature. But, as cats become older, the lesser they groom themselves. 

There are many the reason why your cat stops cleansing itself at a sure age however the dental situation is one cause. Around the age of 5 years, tartar and plaque start to build up and these trigger ache and discomfort. 

If your cat is experiencing painful enamel and gums, it’ll lead to a reluctance to groom itself. 

The different cause why your cat stops grooming itself is because of arthritis caused by getting older. It could be very painful in your cat to maneuver always, extra so to achieve these areas like its neck, consequently, grooming is completed much less continuously. 

  1. Check Your Cat’s Eyes

Cats have probably the most distinctive eyes on this planet of animals. So stunning that these are imitated by many ladies within the type of make-up utility referred to as the cat eye make-up. 

Healthy kittens and grownup cats have clear and brilliant eyes. If you examine your feline pet’s eyes intently, you’ll not see any cloudiness and discharges. But, as soon as your cat ages, these as soon as sensible eyes will flip into boring and cloudy eyes. 

Usually, you’ll begin to discover the change in its eyes readability by the age of 10 years previous. 

Aside from readability, attempt to look at your feline pet’s iris. This is the colourful portion of the eyes. As your cat advances in age, you will note some modifications within the iris which is named iris atrophy. What occurs is that the within of the iris breaks down and will get thinner and a few strands will start to manifest on the iris. 

  1. Sexual Maturity

Don’t be stunned in case your tomcat begins sexual maturity as early as 6 months of age. Around this time, you’ll discover a change in its conduct caused by hormones. For instance, it’ll act out by displaying aggressive behaviors particularly when you’ve got different cats in the home. 

Other indicators of sexual maturity amongst male cats are urine spraying and nighttime vocalization (that sound you hear as if a human child is crying out loud), and wanting to flee from your house. 

On the opposite hand, your Molly will attain sexual maturity round 5 and 12 months of age. She will begin to enter warmth each few weeks. This implies that she is in season and it is able to discover a good associate. 

The indicators that your feminine cat is in season are sweetness overloads like eager to rub its physique towards your legs on a regular basis, extreme grooming, and vocalization. 

Your Molly can quickly turn into a Queen and have its first litter at 7 1/2 months of age. 

What are the Signs that Your Cat is Old?

If cared effectively, your cat can reside as much as 15 years of age. Loads of fur mother and father such as you need to discover out if their pets are already in its superior stage or not. To assist you determine, listed here are the signs of an getting older cat:

It begins to lose its muscle mass and weight. 

Your cat will both drink kind of water than ordinary. 

The sound of its meow is completely different.

Your cat will expertise in shifting brought on by arthritis. 

Life Stages of Cats by the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Animal Hospital Association:

  • Kitten: 0 to six months of age.
  • Junior: 7 months to 2 years previous.
  • Adult: 3 to six years previous.
  • Mature: 7 to 10 years previous.
  • Senior: 1 to 14 years previous.
  • Geriatric: 15 years of age and up. 

How to Tell the Age of a Cat in Human Years? 

Just like many pet house owners, we’re fairly certain that you simply need to know the age of your cat and its equal to human years. Here it’s:

  • The kitten stage: Equivalent to 0 to 10 years in human age.
  • The junior stage: Equivalent to 12 to 24 years in human age.
  • The grownup stage: Likened to twenty-eight to 40 years in people.
  • The mature stage: 44 to 56 years in human age. 
  • The senior stage:  Equivalent to 60 to 72 years previous in people 
  • The geriatric stage: Equivalent to 76 to 100 years plus in human age. 


Knowing the delivery 12 months of your feline pet consists of various elements. Though it isn’t actually excessively necessary to find out the age of your cat, it’s vital to know roughly so you possibly can regulate the required care just like the weight loss plan of your cat. This is very true when you adopted a stray cat roaming across the streets. 

By analyzing your cat’s eyes, enamel, grooming behaviors, and different bodily traits like its fur and weight, you possibly can kind of decide the delivery 12 months of your feline pet. 

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