How to Stop Dog Pee from Killing Grass

How to Stop Dog Pee from Killing Grass

It’s secure to say — brown spots in your grass from canine pee are an eyesore. By understanding what chemical substances in your canine’s pee harm grass, plus utilizing the fitting garden merchandise, you’ll be able to shield your garden. Dogster has your dog-pee killing grass options.

Why does canine pee kill grass?

Dog pee can kill, or discolor, grass due to the chemical compounds present in your canine’s pee. Any of the vitamins that your canine eats of their meals and dietary supplements that aren’t absorbed of their bloodstream get filtered out via their kidneys and find yourself of their pee.

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So as your canine pees within the grass, and the water is evaporated by the solar, excessive concentrations of nitrogen are left behind. Even although nitrogen is usually utilized in garden fertilizers, an excessive amount of nitrogen can harm your grass.

How are you able to inform if canine pee is killing your grass or it’s another purpose?

If your canine’s pee is killing your grass, you’ll see a number of brown spots which can be inexperienced across the edges. Moles can even depart patches of lifeless grass in your yard from digging tunnels. But when you’ve got a mole downside, you’ll additionally discover a bumpy floor from their tunnels.

What are the highest therapies for pee spots on grass?

There are three issues you are able to do to eliminate canine pee spots.

  1. Use a grass-saving product to get your grass again to inexperienced. Here are some examples:
  1. Have a garden care skilled carry out an aeration remedy, which stimulates root progress. An instance of a dog-friendly garden care firm is Natural Lawn of America.
  2. Cut out the broken sections into squares and exchange them with new sod items and grass seed.
To assist shield your grass from brown spots made by canine pee, spray down the realm your canine pees on proper after he goes. ©Melissa L Kauffman

What are you able to do to guard your grass from canine pee?

If you don’t need wait to repair the issue, there are some issues you are able to do to go off the brown pee spots earlier than they occur:

  1. Keep your canine well-hydrated – the extra hydrated the canine is, the much less potent her urine shall be. Make certain she has a number of bowls of recent water, together with one exterior that’s modified ceaselessly. Feed dog-safe, hydrating fruits (e.g., blueberries, watermelon, apples, cantaloupe)
  2. Use a hose to spray the areas of your grass instantly after your canine pees.
  3. Create a chosen pee space in your canine (this could possibly be grass, mulch or gravel).
  4. Reseed your garden with extra urine-resistant grasses like fescues and perennial ryegrasses

Your garden shall be inexperienced once more earlier than you recognize it!

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