Griffon Nivernais Dog Breed Information

Griffon Nivernais Dog Breed Information

General Information

Dog Name Griffon Nivernais
Other Names Chien de Pays
Scientific Name Canis lupus familiaris
Breed Type Scent hound
Breed For Hunting
Extinct Yes
Country of Origin France

Physical And Size

Size Medium
Min Life Span 10
Max Life Span 14


Intelligent Rank
Affection Level
Social Needs
Watchdog Ability



Stranger Friendly High
Child Friendly High
Cat Friendly Medium
Dog Friendly Low
Office Friendly High
Apartment Friendly High
Senior Citizens Friendly High
Service Dog High
Search and Rescue Dog High
Biting Potential High

Griffon Nivernais is a canine breed originating from France that was bred as a scent hound. They are additionally pleasant searching canine making up as a pleasant companion among the many households. These canine are finest suited to the agricultural space and usually are not so preferable within the metropolis. They are very playful canine needing a yard house to run and play.

These canine breeds are able to monitoring down from small to massive scale as they’ve a really delicate smelling functionality. They are one of many smartest canine and are very playful in nature.

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Griffon Nivernais is originated from France courting again to the 1200s and is taken into account one of many oldest searching canine. They have been used as hounds for gun searching to take down wild boars and wolves. The authentic breed of Griffon Nivernais lasted solely in the course of the 1200s and went extinct in the course of the France revolution.

Later, they have been once more revived by way of breeds like Grand Griffon Vendeen, Otterhounds and Foxhounds.


Griffon Navernais has a rough-looking coat with shaggy furs. They have thick-coated and lengthy fur. They have bushy eyebrows making them look very cute and pitiful with all of the love of their eyes.

Griffon Nivernais look
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They come in numerous colors largely within the shades of gray with a combination of fawn color round their legs or head. With the shaggy coat, Griffon Navernais has a dishevelled look and normally looks as if they by no means had a shower.


Griffon Nivernais being a searching canine and largely with aggression in direction of its prey is totally totally different when they’re with their companions and households. They are very playful and cheerful canine breeds. They are well-known and praised for his or her searching expertise and scenting skills.

They are sometimes in a pack which makes them have pleasant relationships with different canine and be tolerant in direction of them. But it will not be the identical with all of them relying upon the setting they have been raised in.

They are very energetic in nature and may go on performing duties, doing workout routines for a really lengthy time frame. They are very devoted and dependable and devoted in direction of their masters.

They might decide up some dangerous habits like being overly energetic with actions such advert aggressive digging, endless lengthy barkings, scratching, chewing issues if they aren’t uncovered to psychological and bodily simulations on the day by day foundation.


Griffon Navernais has an impartial and cussed facet which is commonly a tough factor to deal with when coaching them. They needs to be educated to stroll on trails and on their scenting skill. The hound trainers are appropriate trainers to coach this breed of canine.

Griffon Nivernais in the course of the searching of untamed boar
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They needs to be having steady coaching periods as they are often proven very harmful behaviours when they’re bored and are left with no actions to do. They don’t like being educated to comply with each command their masters give them relatively they’re free-willed and love to do actions of their very own.

Saying so doesn’t imply they fully ignore their masters relatively are supportive and provides a lot respect to them.


Griffon Nivernais already appears to be like dishevelled and soiled resulting from their shaggy coats of hair. They require weekly brushing to make their coat clear and make them look tidy. They needs to be brushed with a tough bristle brush and metallic comb.

Due to their droopy ears, they want weekly cleansing to be protected from the widespread micro organism inflicting ear infections (Otitis Externa). They needs to be bathed solely two to 3 occasions a 12 months with a gentle or medicated shampoo to maintain them clear.

They needs to be trimmed annually to let the brand new coats of hair develop. If their nails usually are not scratched naturally throughout their performs and stroll they need to be trimmed off one time twice every week.


Griffon Nivernais is among the wholesome canine with nice well being situations. But may be susceptible to ailments like:

Ear Infection

This sort of an infection is widespread amongst this breed of canine as they’ve droopy and lengthy ears and likewise them being a searching canine. When the canine suffers from an ear an infection it’s prone to scratch its ears now and again giving off a foul scent and redness within the ears.

To keep away from this sort of ear an infection their ears needs to be cleaned in a well timed and medicated ear drops needs to be used.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a typical orthopaedic situation discovered amongst searching canine. Hip Dysplasia is a situation occurred when the ball of the femur isn’t absolutely coated by the socket. When a canine suffers from hip dysplasia they present uncommon legs behaviour primarily on their hind limbs and have uncomfortable strolling.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is a situation the place there’s lack of imaginative and prescient and evening blindness. The situation might begin with mild blindness fully main it in direction of full blindness. It is a illness with no remedy to this point.

Food and Diets

Griffon Nivernais is a medium-sized canine, very energetic and energetic they need to be fed high-quality meals with excessive protein and low fats. They ought to keep lean muscle mass in order to maneuver and use their physique to the fullest whereas searching.

They may be saved wholesome and their well being may be maintained by way of an energetic breed or working breed system. It needs to be remembered that they shouldn’t be overfed which could end in weight problems.

Pros Of Having A Griffon Nivernais

  • They are very pleasant and well-behaved among the many folks.
  • Having grown in packs they’re nice with different canine.
  • They are one of many healthiest canine with fewer well being situations.

Cons Of Having A Griffon Nivernais

  • They usually are not appropriate for the town space and are largely most well-liked to be raised within the rural areas.
  • They are most certainly to not obey their masters and have their very own behaviours and opinions.
  • They may be impartial and cussed if not educated correctly.

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