Greenland Dog Breed Information

Greenland Dog Breed Information

General Information

Dog Name Greenland
Scientific Name Canis lupus familiaris
Breed For Hunting
Extinct No
Country of Origin Canada

Physical And Size

Size Smallest


Intelligent Rank
Affection Level
Social Needs
Watchdog Ability



Stranger Friendly High
Child Friendly High
Cat Friendly High
Dog Friendly High
Office Friendly High
Apartment Friendly High
Senior Citizens Friendly High
Service Dog High
Search and Rescue Dog High
Biting Potential High

Greenland Dog is a medium to large-sized breed that was used as a sled canine within the polar areas of the world. The husky-alike breed is confused with many different breeds like Canadian Eskimo Dog, Siberian Husky, or the Alaskan Malamute. However, all these breeds are totally different from one another and are usually not associated to at least one one other.

As for now, they’re recognized and valued for his or her power and pace. The Greenland Dog does nicely in drawing sleds, racing, and searching. In addition, they’re nice watchdogs and really protecting of their proprietor. Furthermore, they don’t require considerable grooming and upkeep.

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Origin and History

Talking concerning the origin, the Greenland Dog is claimed to be originated 12,000 years in the past after which first originated in Greenland round 4,000 years in the past. Then they have been delivered to North America from Siberia by the Thule individuals round 1,000 years in the past. It is believed that the Thule individuals relied on them for transportation from Siberia again in these days.

Behavior traits of Greenland Dog

These breeds are high-energetic, impartial, and constant canines nonetheless they could present private traits whereas rising up. Sometimes they get handful due to their stubbornness therefore, an skilled proprietor handles these breeds higher.

Being a working breed, Greenland Dog is taught to comply with a powerful proprietor so present them you’re the pack chief to keep away from dangerous habits from the start. Despite being very demanding and rebellious, these breeds are sociable that makes nice household companion.

Two Greenland Dog within the snow.
Image Source: Dogbreedlist.information

These breeds are usually not appropriate for condo homeowners as they want giant house to play and run. They are likely to bark greater than common canines if correct train or leisure isn’t offered. As a consequence, Greenland canines can get harmful in the event that they didn’t get sufficient duties.


The Greenland Dog is an clever breed that’s straightforward to coach with agency and consistency nonetheless, they aren’t really useful for first-time homeowners. They comply with the robust chief so present your self because the alpha or else they is perhaps one what makes coaching more durable.

They are an clever breed that soaks up coaching periods simply with correct socialization. In addition, embody reward-based coaching with constructive reinforcement that retains them motivated. Always finish their coaching with reward and treats.

Is Greenland Dog Child-Friendly?

To any household proprietor who desires to pet Greenland Dog, go for it as they’re great pets greatest suited to a household. They are pleasant and make good associates with kids.

However, you should supervise them when left with kids alone. Teach them to behave round children so that they don’t accidently hurt children whereas enjoying. Also, the identical goes for kids as they could pull their ears or tails that make them aggressive.

Greenland Dog together with his sister.
Image Source: Instagram


  • Greenland Dog was utilized by Roald Amundsen, the Norwegian explorer in his nice success of 1912 expedition to the Antarctic.
  • In 1880, the Greenland Dog have been acknowledged by Kennel membership..

Health Issues

Hip Dysplasia: It is a significant concern in a canine that happens because of irregular improvement of the hip bone. To be exact, the hip bone will get unfastened from the joint socket that inflicting ache and discomfort in strolling. This is a heredity drawback that’s handed down from the mother and father. Sometimes this subject can’t be handled so examine completely earlier than bringing them residence.

Bloat: Bloat also called gastric is a really critical and most typical drawback developed in canines. It happens when a canine’s abdomen is stuffed with gasoline, meals, or fluid that it may well’t digest. Bloat takes place with out warning so at all times examine what your canine is consuming for his or her security.


  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Spotted White


Height: The common top of a Greenland Dog is 22 – 25 inches (56 – 64 cm).

Weight: The common weight of a Greenland Dog is 66 – 70 kilos (30 – 32 kg).

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