Greek Dog Names – 90+ Cultural, Cool Ideas

Greek Dog Names – 90+ Cultural, Cool Ideas

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Greek canine names are good when you’ve got Greek heritage, you’ve traveled to the attractive nation, otherwise you’re enamored with the beautiful panorama and noteworthy tradition.

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Greece is a rustic filled with character and historical past. So when creating an inventory of Greek names for canines, it wasn’t onerous to spherical up over 90 concepts, every with a definite Greek flare.

greek dog names illustration of gods

We assume you’ll love these inventive concepts and hope you discover the proper identify on your pup!

Female Greek Dog Names

If you will have a feminine canine, you’ll need to take a look at these feminine Greek names and see if any match. The names vary from frequent to distinctive! We’ve included their conventional which means, so that you get the total scope of the phrase.

  • Agatha – good
  • Aggeliki (Angelica) – like an angel
  • Aiketerine (Catherine) – harmless
  • Alexandra – defending mankind
  • Anastasia – reborn
  • Anna – identify of king
  • Baslikike / Vasiliki – chief
  • Calliope – lovely voice
  • Daphne – laurel or bay tree
  • Demetra – goddess of corn and harvest
  • Despoina – mistress, woman
  • Eirene / Irene – peace
  • Eleni (Helen) – shining gentle
  • Evangelia / Evangeline – bringer of excellent information
  • Georgia – farmer
  • Ioanna (Joanna) – reward from God
  • Konstantina (Constance) – agency of goal
  • Kyriake – of the Lord
  • Maria – bitter
  • Panagiota – all holy
  • Paraskevi – the day of preparation
  • Sofia – knowledge; sensible

Male Greek Dog Names

Now let’s check out the most well-liked male names proper now in Greece. Of course, these additionally make nice Greek canine names.

  • Alexandros (Alexander) – defending males
  • Anastasios – resurrection
  • Andreas (Andrew) – manly, masculine
  • Antonis (Anthony) – priceless
  • Athanasios – immortal
  • Charalampos – happiness, to shine
  • Chrisos (Chris) – bearing Christ
  • Dimitris – earth
  • Elias – Jehovah is God
  • Emmanuel – God is with us
  • Evangelos – bringing excellent news
  • Georgios (George) – farmer, earth employee
  • Ioannis (John) – God is gracious
  • Konstantinos – agency of goal
  • Michael – who’s like God
  • Nicholaos (Nicholas) – victory of the folks
  • Panagiotis – all holy
  • Spiros – spirit
  • Theodoros (Theodore) – reward of God
  • Vasilis / Basil – king
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Greek Dog Names Inspired by Locations

Home to so many attractive cities and websites, an inventory of Greek canine names wouldn’t be full with out together with geography-inspired names.

  • Acropolis – Greek for “highest, topmost, outermost” and “metropolis,” the phrase Acropolis means a settlement constructed on elevated floor.
  • Agora – Agora refers back to the central public house in historical Greek city-states.
  • Argos – We additionally love the identify Argos, from town in Argolis.
  • Athens – As the capital and largest metropolis of Greece, Athens is without doubt one of the oldest cities on this planet and has a remarkable history.
  • Corinth – Another well-known Greek metropolis, Corinth additionally makes a enjoyable canine identify.
  • Delphi – Famous as an historical sanctuary and rich metropolis, Delphi was the location of essential selections all through the traditional classical world.
  • Kefalonia – The largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece, Kefalonia makes an exquisite identify for a feminine canine.
  • Myrtos – Located on the west facet of Greece, Myrtos is an exquisite coastal village and residential to the beautiful Myrtos Beach.
  • Olympia – A sanctuary of historical Greece, Olympia is thought for having been the location of the Olympic Games in classical occasions.
  • Parthenon – A former temple on the Athenian Acropolis, the Parthenon is devoted to the goddess Athena, whom the folks of Athens thought-about their patron.
  • Patras – A easy identify with a distinctly Greek flare, Patras is Greece’s third-largest metropolis and the regional capital of Western Greece.
  • Santorini – Santorini is a well known Greek island within the southern Aegean Sea. As we glance by all of the concepts, we predict this is without doubt one of the tops!
  • Sparta – A as soon as distinguished city-state in historical Greece, Sparta has an amazing history.
  • Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki is the second-largest metropolis in Greece and the capital of Greek Macedonia. If you possibly can pronounce it, this can be a enjoyable, genuine possibility as we discover Greek canine names.

Greek Dog Names Inspired by Mythology

In historical occasions, man created myths and tales about gods to assist perceive the world round them. Now referred to as Greek mythology, these tales have been handed down for generations and are sometimes taught in historical past and literature courses. Here are some nice names from greek mythology and greek god names.

  • Ambrosia – The foods and drinks of the gods.
  • Aphrodite – As the Greek goddess of affection, magnificence, pleasure, and procreation, Aphrodite embodies romance and love. This is an exquisite identify for a feminine canine.
  • Apollo – One of a very powerful and sophisticated of the Olympian deities in Greek mythology, Apollo has been acknowledged as a god of music, fact and prophecy, therapeutic, the solar and light-weight, plague, poetry, and extra.
  • Ares – Ares was the god of War, so when you’ve got a feisty male canine, this can be a improbable identify.
  • Artemis – Depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows, Artemis was the goddess of looking, wild animals, wilderness and childbirth.
  • Athena – The goddess of knowledge, craft and struggle, Athena represents a mixture of athleticism and intelligence.
  • Atlas – Titan who carried the burden of the heavens on his again
  • Calliope – muse of epic poetry
  • Chaos – The origin of every little thing is the Chaos void
  • Chronos – god of time
  • Circe – daughter of the solar god Helios
  • Clio – muse of historical past
  • Demeter – Demeter served because the goddess of the harvest and agriculture, presiding over grains and the fertility of the earth.
  • Dionysus – Dionysus was the god of wine, grape harvest, winemaking, the vine, ritual insanity, spiritual ecstasy and theater. Sounds like a reasonably good gig should you ask me!
  • Electra – A preferred character in Greek tragedies.
  • Eos – Titan goddess of the daybreak and mom of the planets.
  • Eros – The son of Aphrodite, Eros was the god of affection and sexual attraction. His Roman counterpart was Cupid.
  • Gaia – Gaia is the ancestral mom of all life. How fairly is that this identify for a feminine canine?
  • Hades – As you could have guessed, Hades was the traditional Greek god of the underworld. This may make a enjoyable identify for a devious boy canine.
  • Harmonia – The goddess of concord. The daughter of Ares (struggle) and Aphrodite (marriage).
  • Helios – The god of the solar in Greek mythology, Helios is taken into account a good-looking, shining determine.
  • Hephaestus – Hephaestus was the Greek god of blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors and metallurgy. If your canine has black or silver-colored fur, this identify is unquestionably becoming.
  • Hera – The spouse of Zeus, Hera is vengeful and jealous. Which maybe makes this a superb identify for a possessive, sassy canine.
  • Hermes – A god of transitions and bounds, Hermes is fast and crafty and sometimes acts as a messenger for the opposite gods.
  • Hestia – Hestia was the goddess of domesticity, household and residential. If you will have a household canine that’s a homebody, this might simply be the proper identify.
  • Hypnos – The god of sleep.
  • Iris – goddess of the rainbow and the messenger of the gods.
  • Kratos – Titan god of power and energy
  • Morpheus – god of goals
  • Nike – Titan goddess of victory
  • Nemesis – goddess of retribution for evil deeds
  • Nyx – A goddess of the evening, Nyx is a shadowy determine with distinctive energy.
  • Oceanus – The titan god of the ocean
  • Pan – God of nature
  • Pandora – The first girl that the gods created. She opened a jar that launched dangerous spirits.
  • Penelope – Daughter of Icarius and the spouse of Odysseus.
  • Persephone – goddess of the spring
  • Phoebe – The titan goddess of mind. Apollo’s grandmother.
  • Poseidon – In Greek mythology, Poseidon was god of the ocean, earthquakes and horses. This is a robust, highly effective and distinctive identify for a canine.
  • Prometheus – The creator of mankind, Prometheus stole fireplace from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind.
  • Selene – The Titan goddess of the moon.
  • Styx – goddess of the river Styx that divides the underworld from earth
  • Titan – race of gods & goddesses
  • Triton – Messenger of the ocean
  • Zephyr – The light West wind and messenger of spring
  • Zeus – Last, however actually not least, is Zeus, the sky, lightning and thunder god who dominated over Mount Olympus. This is such a enjoyable identify for a robust male canine!
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Greek Heroes & Heroines

  • Achilles – Hero of the Trojan War.
  • Actaeon – Hunter who was become a stag and torn aside by hounds.
  • Adonis – Handsome youth cherished by Aphrodite
  • Ajax – Fought within the Trojan War, second solely to Achilles.
  • Andromeda – Ethiopian princess who was rescued by the hero Perseus.
  • Callisto – An Arcadian princess who was cherished by Zeus & hunted with Artemis.
  • Hercules – The son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene, Hercules is known for his power and for his many improbable adventures.

Greek Monsters & Creatures

  • Centaur – Half-main, half-horse
  • Cerberus – A 3-headed canine who guards the gates of the Underworld.
  • Chimera – A mixture of many animals
  • Cyclopes – A large with one-eye
  • Hydra – A nine-headed snake
  • Medusa – A girl with snakes for hair that turned folks to stone.
  • Minotaur – A legendary creature with the pinnacle of a bull and the physique of a person.
  • Pegasus – A flying white horse
  • Sphinx – A creature with a lion physique, girl’s head, and an eagle’s wings

Other Fun Greek Dog Names

From the historic to the hilarious, listed below are extra enjoyable Greek canine names you have to take a look at.

  • Archimedes – Archimedes was a famed Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer within the 200s B.C.
  • Aristotle – The well-known scholar of Plato, Aristotle made profound contributions to physics, biology, zoology, ethics, poetry, theater, politics and extra.
  • Baklava – This wealthy, candy dessert pastry, product of layers of filo with chopped nuts and syrup or honey, is a well-liked selection in Greece.
  • Chobani – Another fashionable Greek yogurt model is Chobani.
  • Fage – Greek yogurt is now a family merchandise, and Fage is without doubt one of the hottest manufacturers.
  • Feta – The salty white cheese product of goat’s milk is a staple in Greek cooking. We additionally find it irresistible for a Greek canine identify.
  • Gyro – Greek canine names don’t get a lot goofier than this. Gyro – the  Greek dish product of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie and served in pita – makes a hilarious canine identify.
  • Homer – Author of The Iliad and The Odyssey
  • Hypatia – As the head of the Neoplatonic college at Alexandria, Hypatia taught philosophy and astronomy till she was murdered by Christian zealots.
  • Kalamata – Switching gears fully, let’s transfer from philosophers to meals., beginning with the Kalamata olive. This giant purple olive with a clean, meaty texture is called after town of Kalamata within the southern Peloponnese, Greece.
  • Kyon – If you go means again, in historical Greece a canine was referred to as a “Kyon.” Again, that’s a reasonably superior identify for a canine.
  • Moussaka – Apotato-based dish, usually together with floor meat, Moussaka is a mainstay in Greece.
  • Oikos – Last however not least is Oikos. How enjoyable would that identify be for a canine?
  • Opa – You’ve possible seen a scene on TV or in a film the place a Greek individual enthusiastically yells, “Opa!” That emotional expression is used incessantly throughout celebrations, like at weddings, and might be adopted by a plate smashing.
  • Plato – Ancient Greece is thought for being house to many essential philosophers. One of probably the most notable is Plato, founding father of the Academy in Athens and maybe probably the most pivotal determine within the growth of philosophy.
  • Skilos – The Greek phrase for canine is Skilos. How cool would that be for a canine identify?
  • Socrates – Socrates is thought for his contribution to the sector of ethics and for his mentorship of Plato.
  • Spanakopita – Just saying the phrase Spanakopita brings a smile to my face. Try it. Oh, and we must always point out this savory spinach pie is kind of scrumptious.
  • Tzatziki – In Greek tradition, Tzatziki sauce is often served with grilled meats or as a dip. How humorous would it not be to call your canine Tzatziki?

So what do you consider these Greek canine names? Do you will have any favorites?

If you want the concept of a singular canine identify with a world aptitude, take a look at our worldwide names for male dogs and female dogs. One means or one other, we’ll aid you discover the proper pup identify.

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