German Pointeraner

German Pointeraner

General Information

Dog Name German Pointeraner
Scientific Name Canis lupus familiaris
Breed For Hunting
Extinct No
Country of Origin Germany

Physical And Size

Size Smallest


Intelligent Rank
Affection Level
Social Needs
Watchdog Ability



Stranger Friendly High
Child Friendly High
Cat Friendly High
Dog Friendly High
Office Friendly High
Apartment Friendly High
Senior Citizens Friendly High
Service Dog High
Search and Rescue Dog High
Biting Potential High

German Pointeraner is the combination of two looking breeds German Shorthaired Pointer and the Weimaraner. They are energetic breeds with nice looking expertise and do nicely in each land and water video games. In addition, they’re very clever, loyal, and affectionate in direction of their family members. It has a big physique coated with medium and straight coat texture.

These breeds are family-oriented and search extra time with their members of the family. Also, they need to become involved in several household video games and occasions to be nearer. They want day by day train with some strolling, working, and playtime so, it’s greatest for energetic homeowners. Moreover, they search for a robust proprietor who identified the right way to deal with them.

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Origin & History

Talking concerning the origin of German Pointeraner, it’s a mixed-breed from German Shorthaired Pointer and the Weimaraner. The German Shorthaired Pointer is understood from across the seventeenth century whereas Weimaraner is understood to exist from the nineteenth century.

As for German Pointeraner date of origin isn’t identified until this date nevertheless, it have to be after the nineteenth century after the identified existence of the Weimaraner. The new breed German Pointeraner has a variety of blended components of two totally different breeds and was bred for looking video games.

Picture of German Pointeraner mother and father German Shorthaired Pointer (left) and the Weimaraner (proper).
Image Source: Doggie Designer

Temperament, Behavior, Personality

Being a hybrid breed, German Pointeraner has blended components of two totally different mother and father. They are an brisk, loving, assured, and easy-going breed that makes an amazing companion. Additionally, they’re very alert and defend household and residential from strangers in addition to threats.

Their assured nature makes them prepared for any hazard to face head-on. These breeds are easygoing and don’t get nervous simply. However, being a pleasant canine they need somebody’s presence or they could develop separation anxiety.

They can get together with different pets if socialized correctly from childhood. Socialization additionally helps to make correct conduct in the event that they present any private traits. Provide them an atmosphere the place they become involved in household enjoyable in addition to a busy time for psychological stimulation. Keep them busy in day by day actions that assist to maintain them away from being mischief and damaging.


German Pointeraner is simple to coach as they’re desperate to please their grasp. It wants a agency and highly effective chief that reveals dedication and consistency of their coaching. As an clever breed, Pointeraner soaks up command and coaching simply that makes the session extra enjoyable for the canine and proprietor.

They would possibly present cussed or rebellious conduct throughout coaching. To stop it, socializing and treats helps to maintain them targeted. Start early coaching and make a base of coaching from their childhood.

German Pointeraner enjoying on the sphere.
Image Source: Doggie Designer

Is German Pointeraner Child-Friendly?

The German Pointeraner is a superb household canine that wants consideration and love from the household. They are playful, pleasant, and get together with any age group. They get together with kids nevertheless correct socialization is a should for each canines and youngsters.

In addition, throughout their playtime supervise them as Pointeraner can present aggression and hurt kids by chance. Also train your youngster to be round them in order that they received’t do one thing that irritates the dog-like pulling the ear, tail, or hair, and so forth.

Health Issues

Hip Dysplasia: Larger canines like German Pointeraner are more likely to take care of hip dysplasia. This well being concern passes down by the mother and father resulting from heredity. This concern happens through the rising stage that ends in hip joint loosening that brings a variety of ache in canines. There are totally different remedies like bodily remedy, joints dietary supplements, Joint fluid modifiers, and so forth. In addition, seek the advice of your vet for correct therapy on your canine.

Bloat: It is a critical situation the place your canine’s abdomen is crammed with fuel resulting from meals, fluid, or subsequent twists. This is a quite common but significant issue amongst canines that’s life-threatening. It can develop shortly anytime with none signs or warning so, at all times supervise what’s your canine is consuming.


  • German Pointeraner is the hybrid of German Shorthaired Pointer and the Weimaraner.
  • As of now, the German Pointeraners date of origin remains to be unknown.
  • The mum or dad of German Pointeraner acknowledged by American Kennel Club.


The German Pointeraner comes within the following colours:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Red


Height: The top of female and male German Pointeraner is 17-23 inches.

Weight: The weight of male German Pointeraner is 45-70 lbs whereas the feminine weighs round 45-60 lbs.


The common worth of the German Pointeraner is between 400-700 USD.

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