Feeding pets real food with active life force ingredients

Feeding pets real food with active life force ingredients

Feeding pets real food with active life force ingredients

High high quality, biologically accessible, healthful diets for canines and cats are one of the best path to optimum well being and longevity.

Historically, pet meals had been commercially ready with rendered and rejected meat by-products from the human meals trade, generally often known as the 4 D’s – lifeless, dying, diseased, or disabled. They additionally included nutritional vitamins, minerals, and low-grade milled grain bits containing a myriad of chemical compounds, all cooked at excessively excessive temperatures for sterilization functions. High carbohydrate components (corn, soy, and grains equivalent to wheat, barley, oats, rice) met AAFCO’s minimal protein necessities however lacked very important vitamins to advertise animal well being.

Over-processing and excessive temperatures harm vitamins

High temperatures diminish the energetic ranges of nutritional vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, degrade the dietary high quality of the protein and fat, and results in unnaturally low moisture content material. Over-processing breaks down and denatures proteins into amino acid fragments which can be troublesome to soak up and may result in meals allergic reactions and protein deficiency. This course of additionally destroys energetic dietary components equivalent to enzymes, that are required for correct digestion and assimilation of meals; and inactivates or destroys delicate nutritional vitamins equivalent to nutritional vitamins A, E, C, and a few of the B nutritional vitamins.

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The well being penalties of poor diets

Direct hyperlinks have been clinically validated between poor food regimen and pores and skin allergic reactions, arthritis, kidney, liver, lung illness and even most cancers. Following this conventional food regimen, each veterinarians and animals dad and mom noticed frequent and chronic problems with weight problems, itching, flaky, infected pores and skin, coats that had been brittle and coarse, hyperactivity or low vitality, digestive points, and immune-related issues and circumstances. When they started feeding a low-carb, high-protein, meat-based food regimen, they noticed their animals’ nagging well being points enhancing considerably, generally even absolutely resolving.

Preserving dietary worth

Gently-made, air-dried, and low temperature-cooked entire meals made with distinctive uncooked components shield dietary worth and vitality. This ends in a nutritionally superior, extra biologically accessible, extremely digestible meals that promotes and helps a wholesome immune system – the first constructing block of fine well being and longevity.  Nutrient bioavailability refers back to the proportion of vitamins that aren’t solely accessible within the intestine (intestines) however are literally absorbed into the physique to be used by the organs, cells and tissues. Because a extremely digestible meals supplies a better proportion of absorbed vitamins than a much less digestible meals, digestibility supplies one measure of a meals’s dietary worth and high quality.

Antioxidants and phytonutrients additionally important

  • Antioxidants, typically absent in conventional pet meals, are compounds that gradual or forestall oxidation and assist forestall initiation of the inflammatory course of. This inflammatory response is believed accountable for untimely growing old, organ degeneration and cell dying.
  • Phytonutrients, additionally devoid in most commercially accessible meals, are chemical compounds which can be produced by and assist in the efficiency of vegetation’ metabolic capabilities. When eaten, they’ve useful results on an animal’s physiology and metabolism. Phytonutrients are being clinically confirmed to positively have an effect on well being and well-being, scale back irritation, gradual degenerative illness, and play a important function within the prevention of most cancers.

A low carbohydrate, high protein, meat-based diet utilizing sustainably sourced uncooked components and Global Animal Partnership (GAP-rated) humanely raised proteins, is finally a return to the food regimen that nature designed for canines and cats, and thus represents their greatest path to optimum well being and longevity.

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