Eastern Food Therapy: the benefits of balance

Eastern Food Therapy

Your canine doesn’t need to be limping to be out of steadiness. There’s such a factor as your canine having inner imbalances, which might be the results of a poor weight loss program and an unhealthy life-style. Eastern meals remedy (EFT) goals to repair inner imbalances, so your canine can change into its healthiest and happiest self.

What is Eastern Food Therapy (EFT)?

EFT has been used for 1000’s of years stemming from the idea that meals is medication. It is predicated upon the understanding that when an sickness happens it means that there’s an imbalance someplace within the physique. To convey the physique again into steadiness, EFT practitioners assess 5 major indicators; 1) a canine’s tongue, 2) eye readability, 3) behaviour, 4) character and 5) total well being; to find out the RIGHT pure weight loss program for them. 

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EFT practitioners know particular meals have totally different energies (heat, impartial and funky), which assist in balancing out sure bodily or psychological well being situations. 

Warm, Neutral and Cool … what’s your canine? 

Just like our meals have totally different energies or “temperatures” our canine do too. Your canine might be both heat, cool or impartial. 

Warm: Dogs with heat power are prone to have dry skin, recurring scorching spots and have an aggressive temperament. 

Cool: Dogs with cool power are extra inclined to catching viruses and frequent colds and usually tend to be lazy and torpid temperament. 

Neutral: A wholesome canine has impartial power and they’re pleased, athletic and alert. 

Dogs with heat or cool power are imbalanced and extra prone to get sick or develop a power sickness. If your canine falls into the nice and cozy or cool class, you’re in luck as a result of with the assistance of EFT you’ll be able to convey your canine again to a wholesome, impartial power by the RIGHT high quality entire meals.

The advantages of consuming the RIGHT “temperature” pet food

To create concord and produce the physique again into steadiness we feed a weight loss program that can counterbalance a canine temperature.

Give Cooling Food: Dogs with heat power want cooling power meals. Protein sources which have cool power are pork, rabbit and fish. 

Give Warming Food: Dogs with cool power have to eat heat power protein sources like rooster, lamb and eggs. 

What about Neutral?: If a canine is impartial or in steadiness then a impartial weight loss program reminiscent of beef or bison or an equal mix of warming and cooling meals will maintain them in steadiness.

Note: Once a canine is began on the proper “temperature” weight loss program for them, pet dad and mom will start to see their canine changing into extra energetic and energetic as their physique begins to naturally heal. 

The advantages to consuming based mostly on the ideas that EFT makes use of are infinite in your canine, however it will be troublesome and time-consuming to determine all there may be to learn about the proper “temperature” meals to offer your pup. Luckily, Side By Side has obtained your again. 

Side By Side’s line of Warming, Cooling and Neutral pet food is veterinary-formulated and made together with your canine’s well being in thoughts. Our pet food is made with entire meals, pure components, and it’s freeze-dried for max diet. Also, every “temperature” pet food is color-coded, so you’ll be able to really feel assured that you just’re feeding your canine the proper meals for them! 

How do I do know what temperature my canine is? 

Side by Side has a patented pet well being evaluation cell app with a brief questionnaire that can inform you the temperature of your canine in addition to precisely what meals is true in your canine. 

Find out your canine’s temperature and get them into steadiness at the moment utilizing Eastern Food Therapy! Start your canine’s well being journey with Side By Side!


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