Does Your Dog’s Diet Need A Spring Cleaning?

Does Your Dog’s Diet Need A Spring Cleaning?

As we head into the hotter months, spring cleansing could also be on
your thoughts. Not solely is that this a good time to clean up your residing house, however
it’s additionally the best time to clean up your pet’s weight loss program as nicely! If you’re
contemplating making the swap to a clear pet food weight loss program this spring, learn on.

How the change of
season impacts your canine’s weight loss program

Dogs might have been domesticated for tens of hundreds of years,
however the change of the season nonetheless instinctually impacts their weight loss program. Believe it
or not, out of doors temperatures and daytime may cause metabolic and
hormonal modifications in your pup.

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  • Spring and
    summer time:
    When the times are longer throughout the spring and summer time, their
    mind sends alerts that encourage canines to have a smaller urge for food as a result of
    there may be extra time to eat all through the day and fewer have to metabolize physique
    fats to remain heat.
  • Fall and
    During the darker, colder months your canine’s mind alerts for
    them to extend their meals consumption in order that they’re higher in a position to metabolize
    fats to take care of their physique temperature.

In truth, throughout the winter months, canines want roughly 7.5%
extra energy for each 10-degree drop in temperature to make sure they’ve
ample physique fats. When spring comes round, your canine might want to slowly
scale back their calorie consumption again to their regular ranges.

Why you must begin a
clear pet food weight loss program within the spring

As your canine’s calorie consumption and urge for food begin to naturally
lower within the spring, this season makes for a good time to reassess their
total weight loss program.

Diet performs an enormous position in your pup’s general well being, which is why
you wish to be sure that they’re being provided a clear pet food weight loss program. If that is
your aim, sadly, kibble doesn’t fairly hit the mark:

  • Kibble is cooked at excessive temperatures that
    take away naturally occurring vitamins, which should be changed
  • Kibble makes use of powdered meat and synthetic colours
  • Kibble makes use of hard-to-pronounce preservatives so
    it might keep on the shop shelf for means too lengthy

Instead, you must search for a weight loss program that emphasizes high quality
components, reminiscent of 100% pure farm-raised proteins, fiber-packed backyard
veggies, and antioxidant-rich fruits. You’ll additionally wish to take into
consideration how these components are cooked. Ideally, you select one which
makes use of light cooking processes that maintains the standard and digestibility of
important amino acids from protein. This technique ensures our pets get extra of
the pure advantages from high-quality components.

The excellent news is that for those who’re dedicated to discovering a clear pet food weight loss program, Freshpet is a good selection. By making the swap to a clear pet food weight loss program consisting of Freshpet recipes, your canine will profit from:

  • Healthier pores and skin and coat
  • Better digestion
  • Weight administration
  • Allergy reduction
  • Maintenance of excessive vitality ranges nicely into
    their golden years

To be taught extra about the advantages of creating the swap to recent meals, check out this blog.

Take benefit of
seasonal veggies

A enjoyable technique to combine up a clear pet food weight loss program is by including recent,
seasonal veggies to their common meals. Fresh veggies are wealthy in nutritional vitamins,
minerals, fiber and antioxidants and the bulk are utterly pet protected! If
you wish to add some veggies to your canine’s clear weight loss program, contemplate these spring

  • Spinach: This leafy
    inexperienced is wealthy in nutritional vitamins and minerals reminiscent of vitamin E and magnesium
  • Green beans: These crunchy
    veggies are excessive in vitamin Ok and calcium.
  • Carrots: These vivid
    orange veggies are a great supply of vitamin A, vitamin K1, fiber, potassium,
    and antioxidants.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli is
    some of the helpful veggies to eat uncooked as they’re wealthy in nutritional vitamins like
    A, C, and E, in addition to dietary fiber and, surprisingly, protein.
  • Artichokes: All components of
    an artichoke are protected for canines to eat, which is nice as a result of it’s excessive in
    potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin C and folate, which is a B vitamin that
    has been proven to scale back the irritation that causes allergy symptoms and bronchial asthma.

For a full listing of human meals your canine can get pleasure from, check out this article.

Don’t neglect the water

Dogs will seemingly be extra lively throughout the spring – the improved
climate and longer days make it extra interesting to go on walks, hikes, or play
periods on the canine park! But with this elevated exercise comes elevated
water consumption necessities. Dogs must be ingesting extra water after instances of
strong exercise like going for a stroll or playtime. Your canine also needs to
instinctively drink extra water as we transition into the hotter seasons.

Switching to a clear pet food weight loss program that features refrigerated meals,
like Freshpet, will even enhance their general water consumption. This is as a result of
recent recipes are excessive in animal protein, which has excessive moisture ranges. You
can anticipate every recipe to have the identical moisture content material as recent, human-grade
meats which is between 70-75% moisture. This water consumption may be elevated
additional by including water-rich veggies to their meals!

We hope you now have all the data it is advisable make the
swap to a clear pet food weight loss program this spring!

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